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On Thursday, September 29, 2005 at 08:08 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

There's nothing quite like waking up to a house with no power and realizing that you're going to have to get ready for work in the dark. At least I didn't have to take a icy cold shower. I've never been so thankful for a gas hot water heater in my life.

Showers by candle light! It could be the next bit trend.

Last night on my way home I saw something that made me just stare in absolute shock. Half way home from the community college I got stopped at a light behind a big Hummer. On the back of the Hummer, hanging from the towing hitch, was... I can only describe it as a red, plastic scrotum.

I stared. Is this some mysterious piece of equipment or decoration that I don't know about? Because honestly I don't know what it could be other than proof that this guy believes his Hummer is a giant penis extension. I laughed till my side hurt from the time I saw it till the time the guy turned off.

Seriously, WTF?

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On Wednesday, September 7, 2005 at 06:51 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

This entry is composed of two seperatre stories. One is of how I drove a guy out of my Intro. to Business class by writing a NC-17, PWP and the other is a Dairy Queen story. The first is for Maderr who reminded me I have indeed written porn during class and the other is for Skylark because she reminded me of my own time in retail hell.

Writing Porn During Class

My junior year of college I decided to get a Business Management minor. Now I'm sure that there were hard business classes at the University, but must have missed them all because I found my business classes to be ridiculously easy. I spent most of the time (with the exception of Accounting and my 400 level Marketing class) writing, reading, and in general not paying attention. I have a 95 or better average in all these classes. Being the anal retentive person that I am, I also showed up 15 to 20 minutes before class. Of course, I used this time to write as well.

I wrote Gundam Wing fanfiction before and during my Intro. to Business class. There were two stories I worked on. One was the (A)typical Gundam Wing fanic (which I still haven't managed to put up on my page). The other was a hardcore, NC-17 PWP involving Duo, Heero, and bondage. I swear if I could find the damn story I'd type it up and share it with you. Alas, I can't. But I remember very clearly what it was about (porn).

Intro. to Business was taught in one of those massive lecture halls, only without the tiered seating. Therefore the professor got up and taught to a sea of something like 300 heads and he could never tell what you were doing. People slept. People played Gameboy. People did their homework for other classes. No one cared that I was sitting there with a notebook writing about buttsex.

Except for the guy sitting next to me.

I always sat in the exact same seat when I'm in a class. One day about two weeks into the semester this nosy guy sat beside me. He noticed I was not paying attention in class and started reading over my shoulder. Well far be it from me to not be entertaining! I continued writing my hot, hot Duo/Heero porn.

Dude kept reading. He started out with the "Hey, I'm just glancing in your direction and something on your page caught my eye" look and swifty moved to the "I am not even being subtle I am leaning over and practically dislocating my neck in an attempt to read every word you are putting down on the page."

This kind of bothered me. Now I was rewarding someone for being nosy. That and I dislike it when people read what I'm writing while I'm writing it. Next class I moved seats, something I hate to do. Guy follows me. Subtle like brick this one is. Move again next class. Guy follows me again. Now I'm both amused and kind of creeped out. This guy is obviously hard up for smut. Or something. Next class period I decide to confront him.

"You know, I can give you the URL if you want to read more stuff that I write."

Maybe he thought I didn't notice him. Maybe he was embarrassed about being caught. Maybe he was so far in denial that his tiny brain couldn't handle the fact that some random person in his Business class knew he liked reading about gay sex. Whatever the reason the guy goes absolutely white. Then he gets up in the middle of the lecture and leaves. He wasn't subtle about that either. The professor actually paused in his lecture to watch him go. People turned in their seats to watch him go. Guy was walking as quickly as you can without actually running.

I have no idea if he ever came back to that class. All I know is he didn't ever read over my shoulder again.

Tale from the Dairy Queen

I worked for a Dairy Queen in the local Mall with my friend Kat for a good chunk of my senior year of HS. Kat was smart enough to get the Hell out of Dodge after Will the Stingy took over, but I'm a sucker for punishment and lasted until right before I went off to college. At Christmas time we would get a giant helium tank and fill up hundreds of balloons to give out to the screaming kiddies. We would also suck a whole lot of helium and make hot air balloons out of the sundae dishes to float around the store, but that's a whole other story.

Blowing up and tying balloons is a pain in the ass especially if you're doing hundreds of them like we did. We kept the balloons in two huge bunches tied just across the counter on either end of the store. That gave quick and easy access to them should we need to grab one for a kid. Every once in awhile we'd get some moron who thought "Hey, free balloons" and would grab some. If they grabbed one or two, fine. But if they started getting more we'd usually go over and make them stop.

I was at the cash register and Kat was helping another customer. Something caught my eye, but I had to wait until the lady who's order I was taking was done talking. Then I looked over.

All 35 balloons we had tied to one end of the counter were gone. All of them.

I was kind of pissed because that meant we had to blow up and retie those things. Asshole. I looked over at the lady who I'm ringing up. Something else catches my eye. I look over just in time to see Kat do a flying ninja leap over the counter. I have no idea how she cleared those things, but she did. The lady is staring. I'm staring. I've just been abadoned by myself at the Dairy Queen with a massive line backing up by my co-worker.

I plaster the biggest "I didn't see anything strange" grin on my face and get to helping customers.

Five minutes later Kat comes running back through the mall with all 35 of our balloons in tow. Seems she saw the lady who grabbed our balloons, decided she had had enough, jumped the counters and chased her down. When she finally got the woman's attention Kat was like "Excuse me? Why did take those?"

"Oh. I thought they were for anyone to take."

"Well, they weren't." She then snatched the balloons away from the lady and brought them back.

We had a good laugh at this idiot's expense. Then we scraped up all the change that had fallen under the counter and used it to buy us Taco Bell for dinner.

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On Tuesday, July 26, 2005 at 07:28 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

I knew it was going to happen. You just don't go on vacation for an entire week without having something go wrong. I knew it was too good. I was doomed. I figured I'd screw something up yesterday so I was extra careful to do everything right. Little did I know that fate was just waiting for me to fall into a false sense of security. Then... is struck.

In my office, I am the official coffee maker. Never mind that I don't actually drink coffee. I make it. Everyone in the office says I make great coffee so I must be doing something right. I make two pots of coffee. One is regular coffee for the boss's husband and a co-worker. The other pot is some type of flavored coffee for the boss and another co-worker. Between the four of them they drink two pots of coffee. I make the regular coffee first because boss's husband refuses to drink any "contaminated" coffee. After making it, I pour the coffee into a thermos and make the second pot, which sits on the burner of the coffee maker.

Today I start the first pot of coffee. I get out the filter, put it in, dump in six scoops of regular coffee, fill the pitcher to the line, pour in the water, and watch the brewed coffee start draining into the coffee pot. Then I go to do a few other duties I have in the morning. Ten minutes later the coffee is done. I start the second pot. I get out the filter, put it in, dump in six scoops of flavored coffee, fill the pitcher to the line, pour in the water, and go back to my desk.

Can you figure out what step I forgot in that whole process?

If you said "Remove full coffee pot and put an empty one in its place" you get a cookie.

What really gets me is I didn't notice. I went back to my desk as if nothing were wrong. My boss went into the kitchen and realized what had happened. There was coffee on the counter, coffee in the drawers, coffee on the floor, coffee every where. She kept saying the phrase "You tried to fit 10 lbs of potatoes into a 5 lb sack. She was close. I was trying to fit two pots of coffee into one coffee pot.

It took me 30 minutes to clean everything up. My boss was laughing the entire time.

She then announced what had happened to everyone in the office during the morning meeting.

I am so never living this down.

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On Tuesday, July 5, 2005 at 07:31 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

My living space is being invaded by aliens of the six legged kind. Specifically, ants. I am waging a war on the little suckers and I don't think I'm winning. It's hard to tell because I just used a quarter can of Raid on them and the invaders are still in the process of dying. However, I have thought the war won before only to discover another battle just over the horizon.

Let us go back to the beginning...

About two weeks ago I noticed a few ants in the kitchen. We've had problem with ants before in the townhouse. To say that this place was not well built would be an understatement. There are gaps every where. I've captured and released so many spiders that it's not even funny. We have flea problems not because we don't de-flea the cats or vaccuum regularly but because there are gaps all over the place for them to come back in. So when I saw the ants I wasn't too surprised. They weren't able to climb the cat mat and get into the food bowls. Instead they were eating the pieces of food the cats liked to drop on the floor and forget about.

I went and got some ant traps and put them out. Tsaiko: 1, Ants: 0. Or so I thought.

For one thing, these ant traps were designed for big huge ants. The ants we have are so tiny that half the time they couldn't get into the traps. Why go through all that trouble for food when there was all this cat food lying around on the floor? No matter how many times I swept, the cats kept feeding the ants. The only way I got the ants to actually go into the damn traps was by putting them directly in the path of one of their trails. It reduced their numbers, but didn't get rid of them.

Revised status- Tsaiko: 1, Ants: 1 (because I was getting rid of some of them)

Then, quite suddenly, the ants figured out how to climb the cats mats. Now they were getting into the food dishes. The cats were not pleased with this. I was not pleased with this.

Tsaiko: 1, Ants: 2.

Time to solve the problem of the little buggers even getting in in the first place. They seemed to be coming in through a place where the wall paper bubbled up. Solution? Paste down the wall paper and they wouldn't have any more access. I went to work with a knife and some modge-podge to fill in cracks and get the wall paper down. The glue that was keeping it down had lost all stickiness due to the extreme humidity of our weather. I wound up have to cut a section of wall paper to get enough access to paste it down. Eventually everything was pasted down and filled in.

Tsaiko: 2, Ants: 2.

However, the in process of getting the wall paper down the hole I cut provided the ants an alternate way of entering.

Tsaiko: 2, Ants: 3.

Well we'll just fix that with wood putty. Hah! So I moved the cat dishes away from the area and spackled enough wood putty into the crack that NOTHING was getting through. The ants trapped inside went nuts because suddenly their escape route was cut off. I proceeded to suck them up with the vaccuum cleaner.

Tsaiko: 3, Ants: 3.

Little did I know that there was another crack around the window near where I'd moved the cat dishes. I saw a few ants coming out towards the food dishes. Time for some more wood putty. I coated the area around the window, and filled in the cracks. That seemed to stop that. Life was good.

This morning I came downstairs to find thousands of ants crawling all over the cats dishes and the floor. It was a tide of little black specs. I screached in outrage and promptly dumped all the cat food into the trashcan, rinsed out the bowls, and moved them into the living room far away from the kitchen. I then ran the vaccuum cleaner and sucked the ants up all the while laughing maniacally and randomly shouting "Invade my house, will you?"

Tsaiko: 4, Ants 4.

No more. Today I did what I should have done at the beginning. I went out and bought the largest can of ant killed Raid makes and I coated the area they were coming in from with ant spray. TAKE THAT. No more ants in my house. THEY ARE NOT WELCOME.

Tsaiko: 5, Ants: 4.

We shall see if there needs to be any more done to get rid of the ants. In the mean time, I am jumping at every sensation afraid that their vast armies have found me and are seeking retribution for their slain comrades by crawling up my arms.

The ants are not to be trusted. They are coming. I (and my huge ass can of Raid) are ready.

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On Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 06:51 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Normally I would make an entry in my LJ for this sort fo thing, but I want this sucker to be picked up by search engines. The more people who read this, the better. Come on search engines, do your thing.

Top 10 Things You Should do on Your Resume

1. Put your full legal name: This is the single most important thing you can do to your resume. You would not beleive the number of people who don't put their names on their resume. "But I want it to be confidential?" Yeah, it will be so confidential no one will call you for the job. Bite the buller, run the risk, and put your full name down. Yes, that means your first and last name. No one wants to guess if "Robert" is your first or last name. If you go by a nickname, put it in "quotes" or (parenthesis) after your first name. Your legal first name. The one that comes on whatever nifty document you have to carry around to prove who you are.

2. Include at least two ways of contacting you on your resume. You would again think that this would be obvious. You'd be wrong. I am in awe over the number of resumes that have the person's name, but no way to call them. How do you think people are going to ask you to interview? The psychic hotline? "But I put my cell number on the cover letter!" So what? You cover letter was eaten. or not passed on. Or tossed in the trash. Put it on the resume. Why should you include two forms of contact? Because guarenteed as soon as you include your cell phone number you'll drop it in the toilet. Include your address, and you'll have to suddenl move. Let's not even talk about people putting their company emails as their contact email. Go to hotmail, yahoo, or any of the dozens of free email services and get a permanent email address. Not one that will change everytime you get fired.

3. Use black and white only. Colors are not your friends. This is a professional document, not a piece of modern art. Besides, it doesn't give you any kind of advantage if the person immediately prints out the document on a printer that only has black ink. In fact, if you've used a light enough color, it will only make your resume that much harder to read. People don't like making an effort to do their jobs. Into the trash it will go.

4. Make your resume look good on paper and on the screen. If your resume looks good printed out because you've abused the tables in MS Word, assume that it will be viewed on a computer screen with all the table lines visible. If you're resume looks great on the screen, but over runs the margins on actual piece of paper or includes nifty graphics, assume it will be printed out using a printer with only black ink. "But it's hard to make it look good both printed out and on the screen." Guess what? No one said this whole job hunting thing was easy.

5. Dates are important. Always, always, always include dates on your resume. Yes, we will have to know when you graduated from college, got your MBA, left one job for another, etc. DO NOT LEAVE DATES OFF. It just makes you look like you're hiding something. If you have a gap in your employment history, you can explain it. You are an idiot to think that people will not ask. And speaking of dates...

6. Your work history is the most important part of your resume and should be listed in chronological order with the most recent job at the top. Do not take two pages extolling your virtues and then cram your work histroy at the bottom of page two in as small amount of space as possible. Your accomplishments are nothing if they are not associated with a job. Put what you did under the job you did it at. It's not that hard and it's what people are really looking at your resume for. Also anyone who told you that you don't have to have your most recent job first and work backwards? They lied.

7. When you are listing the companies you worked at include the company name, location, and the dates you worked there. I know I'm repeating myself, but I'll include it in another bullet if I have to get to it across. Put the dates you worked at a company down. Also, include the company's name. "Confidential" or "A major aerospace company" are not the company's name. You will have to reveal who you work for. If you are afraid that someone from your company might come across your resume on the job boards, do not post it to the jobs boards. No one is going to hire or call you in for an interview without knowing the last company(ies) you worked for. Put down the location of the office/branch your worked at. Do you know how many offices IBM has? Hundreds if not thousands. If you do not put down that you worked for the one if Fishkill, NY no one else will know either.

8. Your education is important. Some companies will not hire unless you have a degree, no matter how menial the job. You worked hard for that degree, whatever it is. Be proud. While you're at it, put down the school you got it from and once more, I cannot stress this enough, the year you got it. More and more companies are verifying degrees. You will have to cough up this information. Even if you have, say, a degree in Geology and you are applying for a receptionist position, put your education down. If the degree is relavent to the job you're applying for, put it at the top of your resume. If it's not, put it towards the bottom.

9. Bullets and brevity are your friends. Your resume is not the next great American novel. No one wants to wade through giant block paragraphs to find out what you did. Use bulleted lists whenever possible. Don't just outline the duties of your job in a paragraph. You're not writing a job description. What did you achieve? "I inputted over 100 entries a day with minimal error" is an achievement. A promotion is an achievement. A raise is an achievement. Added responsibilities are an achievement. Keep it brief and keep in relavent.

10. Write your resume as if it will be looked at by someone who has no idea about what you do. Ever hear the advice "Write a resume different resume for each job your apply for"? Every ignore it? You're not alone. Most people do. That's because no one ever bothered to explain why you need to do that. I'm going to let you in on the big secret. Once you know this, writing your resume should be easier.

Are you ready?

The person who first looks at your resume is not the person who will hire you.

Your resume will often be looked at by Human Resources before anyone else. Human resource people know about human resources. They do not know engineering, sales, finance, stock splits, consulting, geology, physics, computers, or anything else that does not deal with HR. Often they get the basic duties for a job and what the the person needs to do the job from someone else. Then they write the job description and post it to the web, magazines, newspapers, etc. Then they play the word match game.

If the job says "Must have knowledge of geographic information systems" then do not put GIS on your resume. The people in HR are not going to know that GIS = geographic information systems. If the job says "Must have four years experience GAAP" do not think "Well, all accountants at my level have GAAP skills. They'll look at my title and know I have it." They won't. Put it on there somewhere. This is what they mean when they say write your a resume for each job. What they are really saying is "put all the nifty key words in there so that your resume makes it past the initial screeners to the people who are going to actually hire you." If they want MS Word in there, and you have MS Word experience, then put MS Word on your resume exactly as they have it.

This has been a public service announcement from someone who has had to look at way too many resumes.

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On Saturday, June 4, 2005 at 02:11 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Today I am going to tell you the story of the crab yaoi.

In college, Miome, Cneko and I were flipping through channels when we came upon a National Geographic special on this type of crab that lives on Christmas Island. Crabs are generally aquatic, but on Christmas Island you have land crabs. I think we were watching the special because it had two boys in it who were helping film. One was about 12 and was terribly cute in a "I so want to muss you hair" kind of way. The other was about 14/15 and was cute in a "Oh my god, you are so jailbait and I'm a pervert for noticing" kind of way. So we decided to watch.

One of the things about these crabs is that they move in huge migrations across the island to the sea to spawn. This means crabs get everywhere. In houses. In businesses. Squished on roads. Everywhere. They are all driven towards the sea in order to mate.

However, before they mate, the males have to establish who gets to mate with who. They do this by battling with each other for territory. The bigger and nastier you are, the more territory you have and the more females you mate with. These fights can be pretty brutal with crabs losing body parts or getting their shells cracked and then getting eaten by other animals.

Now imagine this scene if you will. There is a guy in his late forties or early fifties dressed as the quintiseential British naturalish (shorts, shirt, little dome hat) only in white instead of khaki because he is, after all, in the tropics. As crabs are battling furiously around him, he's giving you this narration on their mating habits. The older teen is the one behind the camera. As the guy is describing how fierce the battles are, the teen focuses in on two fighting crabs.

The teen comes back out and focuses in on another pair of crabs. Only these two obviously larger male crabs aren't fighting. They are mating. Hardcore going at it like they will never get a chance to mate again in their lives. Miome, Cneko and I are dying laughing at this point. From behind the camera you hear this young, Australion voice asking "And what are those crabs doing?" You can practically see the shit eating grin on the kid's face. The older guy stutters, turns kind of red, and says "Well, sometimes the fighting urge and the mating urge get confused."

Tsaiko: I don't know... those crabs don't look confused to me.

Hence the term "crab yaoi" was born. It didn't help that at the time all three of us were into the Fushigi Yuugi fandom and Tamahome's constellation was Cancer (the crab). Somehow, it just made it all that more funny to say.

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On Monday, May 23, 2005 at 06:49 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Same bat time, same bat channel. It's time once again for another round of Those Crazy Referrers. I have a wide range of WTF? hits for you today. So sit back and keep all beverages away from your screen. This is going to be interesting.

let's see some tits: Sorry, not on this page. You'll have to go somewhere else to tits. Although, you do get points for being direct about what you want.

penis arcview OR arcgis: I can't even begin to imagine 1) why anyone would make a GIS map of their penis and 2) if they did, why anyone would be searching for it. Can you imagine what the different layers must be? "This is the gonad layer and this is the layer showing all the veins in the penis."

And since we're on the topic of penises, we also have people looking for the sulking true penis and Shoi's personal favorite PENIS TRIED TO GO TO BOOHBAH ZONE. I'm not going to even speculate on what they think the "Boohbah zone" is. In related news, we also have someone wondering how to get pregnant when the guy is fixed. Oh honey, you have come to the wrong place looking for that advice. And finally, as if that was not bad enough, we had someone who was interested in both geology and self-pleasure looking for graphite lube for masturbation.

Thank goodness, the penis hits are done with. I would like to say those are all the hits for sex, but you you all should know better by name.

wufei whack bottom: This search is in some language I don't recognize. I include this one because the phrase "whack bottom" has me in hysterical laughter every time I read it. The fact that Wufei might also be involved is just an added bonus.

STORIES ABOUT Sora and KAIRI HAVING: I think what amuses me most about this is the fact that someone found the shift key right inthe middle of the search string and then promptly lost it again.

birthday card smut: Birthday card and Thankyou note OTP!

tinkerbell lemon fanfic: Everytime someone crosses her with Peter Pan, a fairy dies. Or at least is really sore in the morning.

boredom (yaoi fanfic): Talk about what I don't want in my yaoi fanfic. Then again, I also don't want random stories that don't go anywhere, but obviously that's just me.

tai and kari brothers fanfic: Now here's someone who is doomed to disappointment. I doubt this person will ever find what they are looking for. Why is that? Because last time I checked Kari was female and therefore not Tai's brother. Then again, this is the Digimon fandom. Stranger things have been written.

Speaking of strange things...

beware the almighty power of my toaster: Only if you'll beware the almighty power of yaoi! Why are all the cool email addresses always taken?

happy squirrels and bunnies: Right back at you dude.

car travel will meowing cat: Once again, we have a search egine hit so inscrutable that I have no idea even where to begin my comment.

coloring germs: Just what ever child needs! And of course, Bubonic Plague has to be done in black. It's traditional.

jew and the peach color: What about them?

marsupial molassas: Because kangaroo cuts the sweetness so well.

That's all we have this time. Be sure to tune in next (Week? Month? Who knows when I'll update this again.) Until then, good bye co-worker. Enjoy.

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On Tuesday, May 10, 2005 at 08:24 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

So it's official. I'll be in Boston, MA the third week in July with my lovely girlfriend and my mom, my sister, and a friend of my sister. Miome is less than thrilled. Probably because I come home crying or screaming from being around my family more often than not. This would be why I like my family is small (ie, less than three days and less than one day even better) doses. However, vacations are different. My mom tends to be much more relaxed on a vacation. Also, it helps that vacations do not require shopping or me being around my extended family.

Now, it appears that Miome and I will have a room to ourselves, while my mom, my sister and the friend my sister is bringing will have the other room. What I find so very amusing is that my mom has mentioned that there will be two beds in our room every single time I've seen her. Most times more than once.

Mom: You do know that there will be two beds in your room.
Tsaiko: Yes, Mom. I know.
Mom: No one will have to share a bed with you.
Tsaiko: I'm not that bad. I don't even kick people in my sleep any more.
Mom: Isn't it great we were able to get rooms with two beds?
Tsaiko: Mom, I am aware that you are still getting use to this whole me having a girlfriend thing, but you are not fooling anyone with your mentioning the whole two beds thing every single time I see you.

Of course, I don't say the last thing. I wanted to, but I didn't. At least she's not trying to get me to buy another damn black skirt.

The other big thing is that I will once again be doing my mad stint at the TAAS table during Animazement. I basically sit there for hours with my laptop and my crazy signs. Speaking of which, I need to make more. My ones from last year are still servicable, but I like variety. Definitely keeping the one with the FMA symbol on it, and possibly the one with the Crest of Courage and Crest of Kindness. Also I need to fix Trowa bear's mask so people will recognize him. That means a trip to my mom's house to pick it up and putting it back together.

This is assuming there's going to be a TAAS table and that I'll be allowed to sit at it. I assume that I can. I've been asked earlier to volunteer but I haven't heard anything since. Oh well. I'll just assume I am until told otherwise. It's not like they're going to tell me "No, you can't sit here." Heck, I practually know everyone who runs the event.

Those of you who will be at Animazement will easily be able to spot me. Look for the wacky signs, the laptop, and Trowa bear. Feel free to come up and talk to me. I don't bite. I'll be doing a whole lot of writing and a whole lot of typing. Which means come the Monday after, I should have a bunch to put up on my website. That will be my update for May. Perrrrrfect.

Finally, I have recieved the last of my birthday gifts. I have a absolutely gorgeous unicorn poster which has now been framed. Thank you Jag!. My sister was in town for Mother's day, so I get a pretty new watch. And finally, the last of the pattern books Miome got came in. Squee.

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On Sunday, May 1, 2005 at 07:43 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

My day yesterday started off around 7am. That's when I dragged myself out of bed (which is late for me since I'm usually up before 6:30am). Went downstairs. Got on computer. Checked email/LJ. Went back upstairs. Showered. Hugged Miome who had a wedding to attend in SC. Then I was off to the museum for my weekly volunteering!

My devious plant to make people clean up my work space after they use it has been successful. See people will leave their crap all my table if it looks a) messy already or b) like I haven't been doing anything there for awhile (even if I come in every week). So my first step was to clean up and neaten everything on and around my table. Then, I put a few diagrams of crocodile anatomy from an intro. disection lab book up. This is doubly helpful because I'm trying to ID some piece of what I think might be croc skull. This week I came in, and there was only a little bit of easily moved crap on my table! Score!

Seriously, I understand that I'm only a volunteer and I only come in on the weekends so nobody sees me working down in collections. I also have a big nice table that I keep relatively clean. People with more time to volunteer and more important projects (like some of the graduate students) than me. They are going to need to use my table. That's fine. However, I clean up my table and put everything back for a reason. It's because I need the space to spread out the huge boxes of fossils I'm trying to ID. It is not there for them to put their crap on and leave it for me to clean up or move when I need to work. Especially when I know that part of the reason they are doing it is because they can't be bothered to keep their own damn tables clean.

But yesterday I didn't have to worry about that. It was clean! The only problem I had was in trying to clear out some of the fossils that have been giving me trouble when it comes to ID-ing them. I decided to try and work on all the fish ones (vertebrae mostly and a took that is driving me up the wall). Every time I ID'ed one I got to yell "FISH BITS!" at the top of my lungs in collections. It echoes. And since no one else was there, I didn't make too much of a fool of myself doing it. Life is good. And it would be better if I could figure out what the heck that tooth is.

After volunteering, I had to go to the Post Office to pick up a package that couldn't be delivered on Friday. The reason it couldn't be delivered? Rain. Now keep in mind the Post Office has never not delivered a package because of rain before. Usually they put in between the screen door and wooden door, and when I get home I get to set up damp books in front of the heating vents to try and dry them out. This time they actually got it right. So it was off to the post office in the middle of absolutely no where to pick up my package. I now have coloring books and a gay fantasy novel. I have already colored one picture in the coloring books and will probably do another before the end of the day. There is nothing so relaxing as revisiting your childhood.

After picking up my package, I went back home to wait for my mom. Who was, per usual, 30 minutes late. We went out ot lunch at a fairly nice restraunt. This summer the family vacation is going to be up to Boston, MA for a week. This includes myself, my mom, my sister, a friend of hers (not her fiance who I like sometimes and want to kick in the head others), and Miome. We're going to be flying up there (which ought to be interesting since Miome's never flown before and the last time I flew was a few years before 9/11). Miome and I will have our own room. Miome's kindof antsy about spending an entire week with my family, but I think the seperate room (and lack of my sister's fiance) will help things immensely.

After lunch and discussing several other things, it was off to the nursery. This was what I wanted for my birthday. Plants! I got all the plants for the back garden I'm putting in in a dark red, varigated red/white, or white color. Even the foilage plants have dark red in their leaves. For the front pots I got two beautiful peach colored impatients and a white double petal impatient. Basically, the white one looks a lot like a minature rose bush. I also have a climbing plant to go through the trellis I've put around the AC unit to help screen it. That got put in a pot because our homeowner's association has rules about planting perrenials and trees. Rules which everyone violates because I see more ivy, azaleas, and dogwood trees planted than anything.

After putting the plants on my backporch, my mom and I went to Barnes & Nobles. I got Ursula LeGuin's "Left hand of Darkness" which I've been wanting to reread for quite some time. By this time I had been up on my feet hours. We stopped long enough to pick up dinner for me for later that night, and then my mom head home. I went ahead and ate dinner and then... PLANTS! I got the potted plants in their pots. The rest will have to wait until Miome and I get some border brick to put it in. While digging through our tiny storage room on our back deck, I found a few bricks that the previous people had left behind. So I used that to kind of give myself an idea of what I wanted. It worked well.

All the other plants are still sitting on the back porch getting watered curtesy of the rain. I was told it was supposed to be sunny today. I'm still waiting. If it's not sunny soon I'm going to hurt someone. I can't leave those plants out on my back porch for a week until I can put them in. So it's got to be today.

That's okay. Miome had to stay the night in SC because of weather. We can get it done this afternoon. Then I will have a productive, busy weekend.

Life is good.

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On Thursday, April 14, 2005 at 07:28 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Make sure you click on the flag for your language of choice in order to find out what the page is about. That means slicking on the half American flag/half British flag in order to see it in English. Trust me, this site is worth the extra step.

My poor cat. Last night I realized I really needed to change the cats litter box instead of just scooping the poop out. So I get up, head to the kitchen, get out a couple of grocery bags (I double bag the little to prevent litter accidents), and dump the litter into the bags. Suddenly, Nadia comes around the corner and see what I'm doing. I swear her eyes got huge. I didn't think anything at the time until Nadia started meowing and kept getting closer to the now empty litter box.

Then it dawned on me. Nadia had to use the litter box. It was like a cleaning service locking the bathroom in order to clean the stalls and leaving a bunch of people waiting outside doing the potty dance. Now that I'm aware of the problem I'm doing my best to get the litter box in working order ASAP. I pour the litter in and Nadia practically jumps into the box before I finish pouring. Instead of putting the top on (we had to get a top otherwise the cats kicked the litter everywhere and left litter sculptures on the floor) I decide to wait until she was done.

Poor cat was too well trained to do it anywhere but in the litter box. At least they're well trained.

A few nights ago I had a dream about the Digimon Emperor. This is nothing knew. I often dream about anime characters. Just like in other dreams, I don't dream in animation, I dream like they are real people. So the Digimon Emperor was very real looking (and very fine).

However, he was also very fucked up. It became known around school that the Digimon Emperor had a crush on me (I think I was supposed to be in something like sixth grade as was he). So how does the Digimon Emperor express his crush on me? He writes this incredibly disturbing S&M story involving me and TK. That's right, not him, but a story with me and TK. Then he send it in the mail to me. Not knowing what it was I open it at my grandparent's house, start reading, and then desperately hope no one in my family catches me reading it. At the same time, I can't stop reading it because when you're about 12 you start becoming fascinated with anything sexual. At least, that's how I was in those days before the internet.

The next day at school I have to act like everything's normal even though I know about the letter the Digimon Emperor sent me (which I think I stuffed in my backpack so no one at the house would accidentally found it). The worse part? He spent the entire time smirking at me. He know I was trying not to think about it. Other people were even commenting and talking about how much he was looking at me.

I don't even want to know what my subconsious was trying to tell me with that gem. I think I almost prefer the dream with kinky disturbing sex betwen Ken and the Digimon Emperor. At least I got a story out of that. I don't even want the plot from this one. And as soon as I say that, I wonder how Davis would react to a situation like that and my mind is off.


Finally, some of you know that I've been watching music videos in the morning lately. There's a new song by Jet. I don't know what it is. The video consists of the band in an animated forest clearing with small cute woodland creatures. Oh yeah, and a snarly beast that with glowing red eyes and sharp teeth and claws. All you see is it's teeth, claws and eyes. The rest is all darkness. By the end of the video all the little woodland creatures are dead/eaten by the beast and all that's left are little tuffs of fur and stray feathers. The song itself is relatively smooth and while not upbeat, is not depressing. Which makes the video even more disturbing.

So what do my different aspects think of this? Well the Unicorn keeps asking me if the furry animals are going to be okay and then has a fit when he realizes, just like the all the other times we've seen the video, they are not going to make it to the end. The Wolf just has this shit eating grin on his face the entire time. That doesn't surprise me, since my mind orginally gave him the form of the wolf creature from the Neverending story back when I was still trying to cope with that part of my personality and not doing a good job of it. Meanwhile, the Dragon keeps wanting them to focus more on the lead singer since he looks pretty hot.

Sigh... at least my mind is never dull.

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On Tuesday, April 5, 2005 at 08:28 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

My life is essentially boring. That's okay. I like boring. However, I also like to be entertaining. So below is a list of 18 thoughts I had during the day. Enjoy.

  1. I was entering a CEO of a Japanese company into the database. His first name was Shuuichi. The image of Shuuichi from Gravitation running the multi-million dollar had me snickering. I'm glad none of my co-workers noticed. No amount of explaining would have actually explained.
  2. Everytime I have to enter a company who's headquarters is in the Shinjuku section of Tokyo, I laugh. This is all Shoi's fault.
  3. The guy with the last name of "Slutz" probably had a hard life. That didn't stop be from laughing inside when I read his name. I hope for his sake it's pronounced "Slootz."
  4. Sometimes, I wish I could start singing "Cheeseburger in Paradise" at the top of my lungs in my office. I don't know why. I guess sitting in front of a computer all day makes everyone a little loopy. My way of coping is obviously singing Jimmy Buffett at the top of my lungs.
  5. Foreign addresses are the niftiest and most aggravating part of my job. I like foreign addresses because they are so different from American addresses. They even put letters in the zip code. I find this fascinating. They're also the most aggravating because the database I work with was designed for American addresses. You ever try to accurately put in a Japanese street address (an oxymoron unto itself) into a database designed for American ones? The only reason I don't go insane is because I actually understand the parts of a Japanese address. The ones from Singapore and Malaysia still drive me batty though.
  6. Seeing the name "Hajime" always makes me think Peace Maker Kuragame, which is odd since I've only seen like two episodes of the series.
  7. I wonder about the intelligence of the last few people to input stuff into the database. How can someone not know that "Mike Fox", "Michael Fox", and "Michael J Fox" are all the same person? Especially when they all work for the same company? And especially when they are all the Marketing Manager? I mean seriously, how many Michael Fox's can there be in the world?
  8. Dried cranberries can be ground into the carpet if you accidentally roll over them with you chair. It's kind of disgusting.
  9. Years ago my ex-boyfriend told me this stupid story about an RPG game he participated in. I don't remember most of the story just that the punchline consisted of one of the character's saying in a whiny voice "But not in Hokkaido!" Years later, every time I see Hokkaido, I hear a whiny voice declaring "But not in Hokkaido!" and I wish I could remember the story so I knew why.
  10. You know you're addicted when you go to type in a URL that you need to go to to do your work, and instead you start typing
  11. I crave rootbeer. I can't have rootbeer because I gained back some of the 12 pounds I managed to somehow lose. That doesn't mean I can't crave it. Mmmm... rootbeer.
  12. Watering the plants is always interesting. When I first started, I watered them once a week with a full bottle of water. The problem was the peace plant started getting a little droopy. So I went to watering them twice a week with a 1/2 bottle each time. Now I'm up to watering them with 3/4 a bottle twice a week. Soon I'm going to need a machete to cut my way through the foilage to get within two feet of the pot in order to water them.
  13. I wish I could read fanfics at work. Somehow I don't think my generally conservative office would be very accepting of yaoi.
  14. Although I don't know. My boss has her computer set up so that when she gets new mail is says "You have new mail, Mistress" in a sexy male voice. One time she accidentally cranked the volume up all the way and her computer announced this loudly to the entire office.
  15. Feeding the paper shredder paper is one of the highlights of my day. Wanton destrution that I'm allowed to do.
  16. Everytime I see the name "Barton" I can't help but think of Trowa. My Gundam Wing roots are showing.
  17. Speaking of roots, my hair is going gray. This is not a big announcement. I've been getting gray hairs since I was 20 and will continue to get gray hairs. One of my co-workers, a guy who is about my age, had a gray hair today. You would have thought the end of the world had come. I made sure to enjoy pointing and laughing at him.
  18. There was a thought here. It's gone now.

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    On Sunday, March 27, 2005 at 07:01 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

    My link of the day is in celebration of Easter. Because really, what's the point of beaing heathen if you don't make fun of someone who is religious?

    Yesterday I got to watch to of my friends get married to each other. The day started off with Miome and I being lazy bums. We had bought the wedding gift earlier this month. Since I paid for it, Miome bought the paper and was going to wrap it. Morning of the wedding and it's still not wrapped. Miome also needed to stop by Target and get hose. I took a shower and when I was done, Miome took her shower. I then decided to look up directions to the wedding since I knew it was going to be out of town.

    Mapquest said the wedding site was about 2.5 hours from where we were. We would need to leave at 11am to get to a 2pm wedding and leave enough time for lunch. It was now a little after 9:30am. Less than one and a half hours to go to the store, wrap the present, and get dressed.

    Let the race begin!

    First thing Miome did when she got downstairs and I informed her of when we were leaving was wrap the present. The problem with this present is that the place we bought it from put it in a box with a handle. Somehow, Miome managed to wrap around the handle. This is good because when I wrap presents people often snicker and ask what five year old helped with the wrapping. Needless to say, I keep the people created gift bags in business. Once the present was done, Miome left ot find pantyhose and I started making the ribbon bow. You all remember this entry. I also couldn't find the tape which had somehow mysteriously disappeared since Miome used it.

    Miome returned, the tape was found, and she started making the card. She had some stamps and a few pretty brush markers. She stamped out a heart made of intertwining flowers and "Congratulations." Then she colored in the flowers to compliment the wrapping paper. So next was going and getting dressed. We had gone shopping a few weeks ago to find Miome a new dress to wear to the wedding. That is a story unto itself. I just figured I'd wear my blue dress. Only problem? There was a stain on. Oops. Back-up dress it is! I grab my dark purple dress and head to the bathroom.

    I get into the dress, put on make-up, and went looking for my amethyst and silver necklace/earrings set. This is a set I bought in Taos, NM when I went to field camp. It's delicate and beautiful. I love this set. Found it and went to put it on. Then I promptly dropped one of the earrings down the sink. Okay. No problem. It's caught on the plug. I can see it. All I need is a pair of needlenose pliers and I'll just fish it out. I go and get the pliers and go to fish it out.

    Instead the plug comes out and the earring falls down the drain. Panic. Absolute panic. I was having fits because I'd just lost my earring down the drain, I had a wedding to leave for in 45 minutes, and MY EARRING WAS GONE. I had a small fit. Miome was still not dressed and that just added to my panic. I hate being late and am obsessive about it. I'm almost in hysterics at this point. There is no way to replace that earring. I even destroyed a coat hanger trying to form a hook to fish it out. That didn't work. In the middle of having a fit, I opened the cabinet and looked under the sink. There was a U in the pipe. I poked the pipe a few times and noticed the only thing holding it on were two large washer.

    "Miome? Do you think our landlord would mind if I took the sink apart?" She suggested I take my dress off first. So I did and took my sink apart. The U part of the pipe was filled with scummy water. So what did I do? Naturally, I started pouring out the water into the sink. The sink that no longer had a complete pipe.

    Hey, no one ever said I was the smooth under pressure.

    After mopping up the water that had gone straight through the sink and under my cabinet, I poured the remaining water in the pipe into the tub. SCORE! My ring. It got coated with a liberal dose of Bactine to kill the germs. We were now go to go except for the fact that it was not 11am and we should already be leaving. Crap. Insert mad dash to get back into dress, find shoes, find purse, find keys and get out the door. We left fifteen minutes later.

    Travel was pretty good. We only had to do a U-turn three times. We also had to stop in Warsaw in order to get a sewing kit because guess what? One of the buttons on my dress popped off. Now I'm sure that Warsaw is a very nice place. Miome was actually born there. However, there are bars on windows all through this down and more dilapidated houses than I've ever seen. "You were born here? That's nice. Drive faster."

    While she was driving, I was attempting to sew a button onto myself. You see, even though my dress looks like a simple dress with a matching overjacket. However, it's actually one piece. So I'm sewing a button to myself, while trying to help Miome drive, and not stab myself with the damn needle. And it wasn't like I could just pretend there wasn't a button missing. It was right smack in the middle of the dress. I am happy to say that I managed to get it back on and that it stayed on throughout the wedding. Unlike another button that popped off, but that was after the wedding. Those buttons are getting replaced before I ave to wear that dress again.

    We finally manage to find the road we're supposed to turn on. Farms and small houses are going by. Where the heck are we? Then, salvation! A sign that says "Mike's Farms." That's where we need to be. We do another U-turn having missed the entrance driveway. The first thing we see... is a donkey. "There is an ass," I point out. Miome replies with "I thought that was reserved for the Bachelor party." We drive into the place and park. It's 15 minutes before 2pm.

    There are children everywhere. I mean everywhere. It's the day before Easter and this place was having a massive Easter egg hunt. Miome and I got out of the car and looked very out of place. All the kids were dressed in shorts and we are in dresses. Someone wandering by said "Oh, they must be here for the wedding." At least we have the right place. Then we spot someone we know in the parking lot. All is well. Except for having to repeatedly inform people that the building we were in was for a private ceremony, and no, they could not just come in and stare.

    I found out about how the random lady knew about the wedding. See, the best man was in a kilt as was the groom. The bride had a length of tartan pinned to the back of her dress. The maid of honor was wearing a dark purple medieval style dress. There was a bagpipe player there as well. When they started showing up at the place, people kept asking them "Are you hear to do a performance?" No, they were there to do a wedding. I get the feeling they got asked this a whole lot.

    The groom was slightly late getting there, but as I said "The groom can afford to be late. It's not like the wedding will start without him." The ceremony itself was beautiful. The inside room was absolutely lovely. While they were arranging it for the reception (held in the same room) picture were taken outside. About that time the tractors fromthe Easter hayride came around, but they weren't in the picture. I tend to think they would have added something had the four giant tractor been in the background. I got to chat with friends, and then, the reception.

    The food was really good finger foods. The music was loud, but not so loud that you felt like clutching your ears to make sure they weren't bleeding.Lighthawk gave his toast. It went well, he was nervous, but he didn't mess it up too badly. The first dance between the newly married couple almost had me in tears because the bride sang the entire Japanese love song to her new husband. We danced, ate, made fools of ourselves, and just generally had a good time and celebrated.

    We finally got home about 8pm last night. My sink was put back together this morning. The earrings is safely back in it's plastic pouch. Life is good.

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    On Monday, March 21, 2005 at 07:31 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

    Today I was waiting at the light to head to the grocery store before work when I heard a boomer. You've all heard one of these I'm sure. A car with the bass cranked up so loud that you can hear the BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-DA-BOOM from four lanes of traffic away. It got slowly louder and the stopped. Meaning that this one was stuck in the same lanes of traffic I was. BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-DA-BOOM. There was someone who was going to be completely deaf by the age of 25.

    The light turned green and I began to make my left turn. BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-DA-BOOM. The bass gets progressively louder. From behind me a black sports car comes flying by. It was the sterotypical suped up car with flashy rims, tinted window, a few decals, a spoiler that was a hazard to low flying plane, and a muffler big enough to launch a space shuttle. This guy whips around me in the middle of the intersection and cuts in front of my. No problem. I've got to turn two drive ways down anyway to get into the grocery store.

    By this time the bass beat is beginning to sound familiar. I can't quite place the song because the bass is turned up so high it's more a physical presence than a song, but it does ring a bell in the back of my head. I notice the boomer is turning into the grocery store as well. The car flies through the parking lot (because you know, those parking spots will run away if you don't get their fast enough) and whips into a spot. I park a few spots away. By now I am wracking my brain trying to figure out where I know the song from. Really, what the Hell song would I know that someone would crank up to max in their car?

    I get out of my car. The bass is still going. Guy opens his door to get out. He's tall, muscled, close cropped hair, has a tattoo on his arm, is wearing a wife-beater and looks like he could kill you will a toothpick. Kind of like a gansta wannabe or a marine gone horribly wrong. I'm staring in open mouthed shock. Not because of the way the guy looks. I've seen a lot of guys that look like him. No, I'm staring as the guy reaches over and shut his car off because when he opened, I finally placed the song.

    Shania Twain's "Man! I feel like a woman."

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    On Sunday, March 13, 2005 at 02:36 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

    Some people ask me what it's like to write. How do you choose the tense? The perspective? The tone? The mood? I usually don't. The story does that for me and my job is to write. I get a lot of confusion and some disappointment when I answer like that, but it's true.

    I know I've mentioned that I think in animals. There's a literary term for humanizing inanimate objects, but I don't remember what it is. I do that with stories as well. Some stories are just there to be written, all words and no real drive, while some stories have personalities. Their personalities can be completely independent of the subject/mood of the story themselves, or they can compliment it.

    Pooka stories are the worse. They sidle up to you, all playful toss of the head and prancing hooves. At first you think the story is a horse. Playful and eager and ready for you to write. Then you notice the strange sheen in its eyes, and you realize that you were wrong. At least you didn't get on a ride before you figured it out.

    So you open a word document or flip to a blank sheet. You grab two fists full of main and grit your teeth because you know the next hour, two, four are going to be rough. Then you swing your leg over the pooka's back and hold on.

    The next few hours are filled with frantic writing. There's note in the margins or framed in brackets or dashes on your screen. It's hard writing that doesn't let up. You forgo eating, sleeping, and using the bathroom only when you absolutely have to. People get ignored. You don't have time when you're trying to hold on.

    Finally the story lets you go, bucks you off into a briar patch when its good and ready for you to be done, and prances off laughter in its whinnies. You pick yourself up and look at what you've written. It needs to be completely rewritten, polished and turned into something that's more prose than notes, but it's done. So goes pooka stories.

    Other stories are like the bunnies everyone describes. They are there in numbers, but don't have a whole lot of substance. You write them, bits and drabbles of paragraphs, that never seem to go anywhere. But that's okay. They are there for you to play with and put aside. Nothing serious.

    The only problem is they breed. You put a few aside, turn around, and you've got dozens of the suckers. Then you find out that someone has a damn sniper rifle loaded with bunnies. So you'll be calmly minding your own business when WHAM this bunny comes out of nowhere and smacks you up side the head.

    Still other stories are like eagles. They swoop down on you, completely unexpected, sinking claws and beaks into your brain. You stagger with the weight of it. It hurts to write, hurts to think, but the story won't let you go. Your fingers scrabble over the keys, your hands shake on the page, but you can't stop.

    At the end, when the story lets you go, you're heads aches and your breathing hard like you've just run a marathon. So you stumble off to bed and work on the story later. Because right now, you feel too drained to care.

    One type of stories, the rarest, remind me of some sort of ancient animal like a deer. Old, with a broken antler, and moss streaking its coat green, and one eye rheumy with age. Those stories walk slowly, like they can feel every joint move, and approach you. These stories ask.

    So you get up and place your hand against the story's side, and you walk with it. Each word is deliberate, like building a cathedral out of words and phrases. At the end, when the story is done, you bid the deer farewell. He bows down, slow and careful, before walking away. Event though the story is done, you feel hollow instead of fulfilled. Like you've witnessed something you might never see again.

    There are dozens of other types of stories. Cats: approachable and taunting by turns, that will turn on you and stalk away if you don't get everything exactly right. Butterflies: delicate and flashy, simple and beautiful to write. There are wolves and lean hunting hounds, frantic and flighty squirrels and lean weasels.

    Each story is unique. Sometimes, the experience of writing each story is unique. The trick is to figure out how the story needs to be written.

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