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On Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 12:30 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

My paleontology plug of the day! Woot! They found a placental mammal (a mammal which gives birth to fully formed live young as opposed to laying eggs (monotremes) or having them finish development inside a pouch(marsupials)) from the time of the dinosaurs. Which means the split between the three groups of mammals happened much farther back than previously thought. Well. This certainly puts a damper on someone's day.

CNN and the BBC also have article on it. But I prefer National Geographic. Not to impugn CNN or the BBC, but I have seen them get geology and paleontology information drastically wrong before. National Geographic makes a very good attempt to get everything as correct as possible. Though why they have decided to randomly bold certain words within their articles is beyond me.

I'll hav to do a rant about one goes about sexing a T-rex or hadrosaur based only on bones some day. In fact, I need to do a rant about dinosaur sex (a subject which due to a paper on injuries to the bons of dinosaurs I know way too much about). It's quite amusing to here me rant about horny paleontologists with nothing better to do but come up with strange theories.

I have further proof today that I am a danger to myself. While attempting to answer the phone at work, I smashed the reciever into my face. More specifically, my nose. I answered the call, put the reciver down, then brought my hand up[ to check my nose. It came away bloody. So congrats on me, the first person ever to give herself a bloody nose while answering the phone.

I am so pathetic sometimes.

Lunar (who's pitas page URL I almost got wrong. Thank goodness is not an actual page) I think that's supposed to be Tsaiko-san. Not -can. Unless you picture me coming out of a trash can using the lid as a hat. I know! It's because I really Oscar the Grouch's long lost cousin or something. I wonder if my freiends would agree with that assessment? Probably not. I'm much to agreeable most times. Though I think I would like to be related to the inch worms that hang out with him. Inchy. Inchy. Inchy. And since I frequently use other people's list of links to get to blogs I read (since I still seem to be lacking a list of my own -_-) I can't really complaintoo much.

Speaking of Seasame Street and because I was telling this story recently, I have gotten kicked out of a Wal-Mart because of a Tickle Me Elmo. Well, not a Tickle Me Elmo. More like an entire row of Tickle Me Elmos. We'll say about twenty or so. Do you realize that if you set those buggers off right in a row they vibrate off the ends of the shelf and then proceed to bring down the entire display? They do. I was half way to the door when the Wal-Mart "Associate" (a term they use to replace the phrase "I work here because this place owns my soul") told me not to come back. Ever. I was back by the end of the next week.

The second time I almost got kicked out. Almsot but not quite. The "Associate" just told us if we weren't going to buy it, not to play with it. The "it" in this case were those little bean bag faces popular several years ago that woul dmake noise when you slammed them into the floor. Something like "That hurts" or "Quit it" or "OUCH!" Well, myself, my friend Katherine, Ken McAllister, and a few others (I don't remember who exactly was there) decided to gather up five or six each in our arms and drop them all at once. This produced a chorus of very rude comments. Wal-Mart was not amused, but we laughed all the way to the car.

But I digress...

Thorne I'd send you some love, but Catt has threatened bodily harm with a very sharp pointy thing to all who try. So you'll have to settle for amused liking sent your way. By the way, I've attempted to read your stories out on (must resist urge to call it pit of voles... must resist urge to register domain name and forward it to Notice I said attempted. I love the way you write (surreal and train of thought yet still able to follow and tell what's going on) but I just don't care enough about Cloud to get through it -_-. My fault, not yours. If you ever decide to write about someone else, I'll be more than happy to read it.

Tsaiko: Cloud, would you like me to write you with Sephiroth?
Cloud: *shrug*
Tsaiko: Aeris?
Cloud: *shrug*
Tsaiko: Tifa?
Cloud: *shrug*
Tsaiko: *deadpan* Red 13?
Cloud: *shrug*
Tsaiko: Dammit Cloud! You are the most indecisive SOB I have ever seen. Would you like me to take my foot here and shove it somewhere unpleasant?
Cloud: *shrug*

So... um... yeah, there's a reason I don't read/write Cloud. At least, not if I can help it. Stupid git. But I have the sudden urge to work some more on my yuri FF7 story. Should I ever get a chance to. Nothing says strange like a very drunk Yuffie.


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On Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 12:31 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Okay, I have exactly thirty minutes to type this entry before I have to go to a Business meeting. Also collectively known as "The Big Waste of Time" meetings. We don't actually get anything done. Oh no. What happens is management has decided that we should all "get to know each other and update each other" once a quarter. Which means we all sit and listen to management and play stupid "get to know you" games while those of us with real work get behind.

I will be so glad when I leave this company.

Twig the idea of darth Maul wearing a golden bikini at a Las Vegas floor show was just too priceless to not spread. It refused to die. Instead it crept into your brain, waiting, hibernating, until it could once more spew forth onto a unsupecting AIM screen. There it was join by the Emperor singing about superflouos nipples and Anakin complinaing about chafing.

For those of you who don't understand... it's probably better that way.

You know what's really addictive? The Infamous Worm Game. That's what's addictive. Very, very addictive. Though I seem to crash more often then I survive. My high score so far is 1575, though I average around 500. I suck at anything in which it is possible for me to die slowly and horrible. In fact, most times I invent new ways of dying when playing games. Sometimes it can be quite amusing. Most times it isn't. Stupid forgetting to sav at the last save point...

You know, I don't think I'll take over the world. I think Lunar's cat will beat me to it. Of course Lunar will be the cat's sidekick and lackey when she does take over. It's only fair to reward the person who cleans out your litter box daily. So instead I'll simply attempt to take over the internet. More specifically, blogs and pitas pages. To achieve this goal, everyone should link to me. That's right. All you people who get here through friends pages on LJ or Twig (who scarily enough accounts for a quarter of all my referrals)? LINK DIRECTLY TO ME! I COMMAND IT.

After all cat's may take over the world, but someone human should have the internet? So link to me and eventually I will be given the honor of being linked to by Technomancy. Then people will come to my humble pitas page by the thousands and I SHALL BE QUEEN!

Hey... it could happen.

Tsaiko's neat, nifty URL of the day is: Blakckmail File

On Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 12:35 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Have I put a link to the Blackmail file in here before? I'm not sure. But the last entry is my favorite.

[16:15] Pingu: Japan has the highest recorded rates of condom use.
[16:15] Tsaiko: Japan also has the highest number of umbrellas per person in the world.
[16:15] Tsaiko: Coincidence? God, I hope so...

So I'm still slightly sleep deprived and my mind will start wandering down the strangest paths with the least provacation. This has led to such things as how to play a gameboy should a baby swallow it (Just burp him! *beep*boop*zap* Doo-doo-do. "Damn. I think I just died.") and in the same vein of thought what would happen if a baby swallowed an etch-a-skecth (*shake*shake*SHAKE* BLURP! "That's the third shirt today!")

So if ever there was a time to catch me on AIM and get some weird stuff out of me, this would be it.

I have a bug bite on my neck. two actually. They're big and red and itch like the devil. I hate them. It looks like I have hickey's on the side of my neck. which is not the case. I'm pretty sure that hickey do not leaving big red welts on my neck that would drive me crazy. Having never had one before, I can't be certain. But I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

Final thing. Here is a link to an article from The Onion. Do not read while drinking. I'm not responsible for you spraying the screen. Why Do Porn Actors Have to Use Such Foul Language?

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On Monday, April 22, 2002 at 01:31 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Link provided because the thought of Gambit in anyone's head speaking random drunk Cajun French is vastly amusing to me. Especially since I get an image of him doing it while slowly sliding off his chair, under the table, and onto the floor. Probably while protesting the entire time that he is NOT drunk.

So it is official. Starting May 31st my job will go bye-bye and I will once again join the ranks of the unemployed. Escuse me a moment. I'M FREE! FREE, I TELL YOU. FREE! TAKE YOUR STUPID FILING AND YOUR DUMB ASS PHONE SYSTEM AND SHOVE IT, BECAUSE I DON'T WORK FOR YOU NO MORE! WOOT!

I'm sure you can all see how broken up I am about my impending job loss.

So one of my best friends from High School us getting married on May 25th. I looked at that date and thought "Wow, that seems awefully familiar." There was a reason for that. Animazement is that weekend. So guess who gets to put another couple hundred or so miles on her car in order to see her best friend get hitched? You guessed it. Me. This is the second year in a row something else has been scheduled on the weekend of Animazement (last year was my sister's graduation). But I will make it to Animazement most of Saturday. The wedding (and not weeding like I first typed) won't be until 4:00. But I get to be the person who makes sure people sign the guest book.

Wedding Guest: EEP!

After all if I'm missing Animazement for it, someone should suffer.

So I went out to lunch with LightHawk and my roomie (no, her name isn't Miome. It's "my roomie." Just like my name isn't really Tsaiko. It's "Mary's sister.") I ordered Pot Roast and potatos. Out came my pot roast and with it came not french fries, not baked potatos, not new potatos, but a violated potato. You heard me right. A violated potato. I didn't know you could do that to a potato (or if you could, that it was legal in the state of North Carolina). Obviously I was mistaken. It was some sort of baked bread like substance that the waitress assured me at one time had been potato. I didn't beleive her. After my roomie ate a bit of it, neither did she. So the violated poato sat there, slightly nibbled, on my plate until the waitress had mercy upon me and took it away.

No, there is no point to this story.

After lunch, LightHawk, my roomie, and I were discussing Road Runner's new bandwidth restrictions. Basically, soon RR will start charging people for using over a certain amount of bandwidth per month. So we were discussing what this would mean, should we still get RR, when they were going to implement this, etc. Suddenly, I say "Your allocated bandwidth for this month is: 20 K. WOW! You can dowload a whole picture." This lead to various comments about mp3's and avi files. Especially since most anime downloaded off the internet is in avi format. So we started in about how you could download a one fram per month. "WOW! This is so exciting! Heero's eyebrow twitched. I can't wait for next month. Maybe his finger will move."

Then my roomie made the following comment: "Can you imagine someone watching Eva? I don't understand this anime! 01 has been holding Kowaru for five years!"

Okay, I finished now.

And LH. I stand corrected. There's 16 words (although I'm not sure some of these count). Here they are:

  1. FAQIR - Variation of FAKIR, a Hindu ascetic.
  2. FAQIRS - Plural of FAQIR.
  3. QAID - A variation of caid, a Muslim leader.
  4. QAIDS - Plural of Qaid.
  5. QANAT - A system of underground tunnels and wells in the Middle East.
  6. QANATS - Plural of QANAT.
  7. QAT - Variation of kat, an evergreen shrub.
  8. QATS - Plural of QAT.
  9. QINDAR - Variation of QINTAR, a monetary unit of Albania.
  10. QINDARS - Plural of QINDAR.
  11. QINDARKAS - The plural of QINDARKA.
  12. QINTAR - See above.
  13. QINTARS - Plural of QINTAR.
  14. QOPH - A letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
  15. QOPHS - Plural of QOPH.
  16. QWERTY - A standard typewriter keyboard.
  17. QWERTYS - The plural of QWERTY, see above.
  18. SHEQEL - An ancient unit of weight and money.
  19. SHEQALIM - The plural of SHEQEL, see above.
  20. TRANQ - Variation of trank (i.e. tranquilizer).
  21. TRANQS - Plural of TRANQ.

Tsaiko's neat, nifty URL of the day is: Megumi Hayashibara Toons

On Friday, April 19, 2002 at 12:29 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

You know, the voice actress who did the voice of Ranma and various other anime characters? Well, the above link is to a bunch of translated manga shorts about Megumi Hayashibara's exploits and how she became a voice actresss. I especially like the orange story. Very cute.

So, I've finally started making AIM contact with Twig and I've discovered that I agree with Lunar. Twig is Hella cool. Since I've started IM-ing with her we've covered such important topics as why only Math Majors get A's, the taste of smurfs, why bringing demons in for show and tell would rock (Demon: SLURP! Johnny:Oh my god, it killed Kenny!), the smell of a AG College campus in spring, and the trials of job hunting. And I almost forgot. PREHENSILE BOOBS!

And yes, for all those who wonder I am on AIM. My screen name is easy as Hell to guess. No, it's not Tsaiko. Just like my email is not Please don't try and contact me at that. The nice asian guy who has that email addres get s very preturbed when my email goes to him. Instead look to your right ----> and see what my email address really is. Now figure out my screen name. I'd put it up here, but I get enough porn IM's as it is. This is why Tsaiko shouldn't have put that she was a yaoi writer in her profile -_-.

So after the hits I started getting for my website, I decided to get a tracker for my pitas page. But I wanted to keep my old trackers (good ol' Nedstats. Have a cookie!) So the Extreme Counter that is now to the right is there just to see what kind of hits this thing gets. So far I've gotten two for "dance of the hours," one for "listen free englsih story" (which notifies me to pay attention to what I'm typing), one for the "Japanese fan dance" (whatever that might be), and finally one for "tare pandas."

I foresee much amusement from this tracker.

The new trackers also allows me to see who is linking to my pitas page. Because I am, after all, a nosy little git. And I like to read what people are saying about me. And, in the past, it's helped me track down idiots who were hosting my stories WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION!

Not that I'm bitter or anything...

Final note: I seem to finally be getting over my cold. YEAH! So as long as we don't get any more electrical storms, I will be able to type stuff up this weekend and do updates. Thanks Kalil for getting that page of the Digimon story to me. Double thanks for letting me scribble part of it in your notebook. Need to start putting together all the parts to it. Until then!

Tsaiko's neat, nifty URL of the day is: The Alternate Dictionary

On Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 12:36 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Strange Hits and SPAM from Hell

Scarily enough, it seems my Fantasy Pictures page is the number one hit for dorm room fantasy pictures. No, I'm not kidding. Clicking on the link will prove it. Somehow, I doubt the people typing that phrase into the search engine are finding what they're looking for on my fantasy pictures page. After some searching, I finally tracked down why I'm getting hits. It seems I mentioned that this water unicorn was colored on my dorm room floor.

Ah yes, it is referrer time in the good old realm of the web. It seems that once again I present you with the excuse of sheer boredom and wade through the referals on geocities. While the above example is good, it's still not as good as this hit i want a digimon i want to go to the digital world but i can't because people say that the digital word is fake so what should i do. What surprises me is not that my fanfic Coming Out is sixth for this hit. It's got lots of words which make it more likely to pick up stories than anything else. What surprises me is that someone typed this into a search engine and expected it to give them an answer. There are some sad, strange people out there.

The Plot of the Evil Overlord Wannabe my Acid Reflux fanfic continues to net some of the strangest hits. Including "yoohoo ingredients". Alas, you have to go to page three to find the link. But still, WTF? It did get number four for acid reflux god which I hope didn't mean someone was looking for the God of Acid Reflux. Sorry, this is not Terry Pratchett. And a very respectable number three for overlord of the universe. When any of you people actually become Overlord of the Universe, I'll be sure to sue you for a share. After all, my story was probably what inspired you.

I am more than a little disturbed that Kimoki's Art is number three for tasuki lemons and number five for trunks naked pictures. Maybe this is a hint Kari? Though whether it's a hint for you to draw Tasuki with a bunch of lemons or a naked pair of swim trunks, I'm not sure.

And now for something completely different. SPAM. SPAMMERS never fail to amuse me. For not only do they think I need to increase my penis size 200% (I'm female), reduce my morage rates by 45% (I live in an apartment), that I need to loss wiehgt fast (I don't), and that I have the time/money to take a vacation (I won't), but they also beleive my sex life just isn't as varied as it should be. These lovely people (who I hope rot in Hell in a pit of pain and torture) think that I need to see "Wild, hot, college babes," a "Hot Orgy Fiesta," and my personal favorite some guy's "Sister and the Family Dog."

No thank you.

This is still not as good as the "Wild and Horny Sheep" email. I had to actually look at that to verify that it was a SPAM. Did I mention I have some very odd friends? I have some very odd friends.

I guess this is what we have to live with on the internet. Strange referals, stranger SPAM, and the petty annoyances that make up life. It's the price we pay for being connected. You get connected to all the weirdos, wackos, and idiots as well as the smart, intelligent, slightly odd people you want to be connected too. We are the World Wide Web.

But personally, if I ever meet any of these people, I think I'll just point and laugh.

Tsaiko's neat, nifty URL of the day is: Strings of Fate

On Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 09:20 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Have I mentioned that you need to read this comic? Yes? And you still haven't gone and done so? THEN GO FORTH AND READ THE COMIC. Seriously, Strings of Fate os getting to the really nerve wracking, nail biting part. As for the first part... I still say you can comfortably skip the first two chapters and go straight to chapter three as long as you read the prologue. In fact, I recommend it. Greatly cuts down on the confusion.

In other news Acid Reflux is back up. Seems Em let the domain name expire for awhile. But it's been re-registered and should be updated soon. So a yeah on that count as well.

Twig the fight scene animation is that bad? Good lord. And Lilack agrees. That's never good. No wonder they kept showing off their animation in the Saiyuki Movie. They were trying to make up for what they did in the series. Although, I have to admit I don't really watch series for their stunning fight scenes. My requirements to whether I'l watch an anime are 1) decent animation and 2) plot. More animes fail on the second count, and not the first. Though the animation from Rose of Versailles made me cringe. But I overcame that fault in order to be sucked into the plot.

Mmmmmm... plot. Bishounen are a plus to. Mmmmm... bishounen.

And now, per request by my roomie, I present the Demon Matt story. Yes it's Digimon. Yes, it's AU. No, I don't care.

************* <- dancing tribble line

Matt was different from most of the other demons. They sensed this in a strange, unconscious way. With everyone else it was always grab as much as you can, get away with as much as you're able. Someone in your way? Make them move. Use force, use guile, blatantly lie to them if you had to. The only thing that mattered was getting on top. Once there, the only thing that mattered was staying there.

Not with him. Demons walked softly around him. They used speaking voices instead of shouts. Nudges and pleas instead of brute force. Arguments grounded to a halt as presence, leaving other demons with the vaguely nauseating urge to apologize. It wasn't that Matt was any less ruthless than the other demon. Or less threatening. Or less set on getting his way.

It was the fact that Matt brooded. Brooding was not one of there's. Anger, yes. Hate, most definitely. Pain and lust and jealousy and callousness and a whole host of other demons, why yes those were Hell's. But nothing so ignoble as brooding. The demons simply didn't know how to cope with it. So they gave Matt wide berth when he fell into one of his moods.

You see, Matt remembered what it was like to fall.

It took him several centuries to figure out that there was not one, single demon around at that time that remembered. Even Him, the Boss, the Dark Lord himself, couldn't. In a moment of extreme foolhardiness, after several rounds of what the demon known as Matt could only hope was alcohol, he'd asked the Boss about it. He spoke about the boredom, the frustration, and all the reasons He had revolted and left Heaven. But in the end, even He couldn't remember the sensation of falling.

But Matt could.

Sometimes, even after all the millennia, Matt still had nightmares about falling. He would never admit it. Such a weakness would be instantly used against him. But it still woke him in a tangle of sheets, cold sweat covering skin and wings. Usually it was triggered by something. A recent event that caused him to remember.

But for the life of him, Matt couldn't figure out why the nightmare had returned to plague him over the last few weeks

Falling rain. The scent of the ocean and pounding waves sitting heavy in the air. Or was it the rush of blood in his ears, the scent of blood on his hands? And Pain. He had never known Pain before this. But he knew it now, a world's worth of pain. He found he didn't like it.

Pain blossomed at the base of his spine, and vertebrae grew and defused. A tail. He had seen them on some of the other creatures: goats and pigs, donkeys and rats. There were others, but he couldn't remember them. He could also feel something happening to his wings. The crack of bones rearranging themselves in ways he hadn't contemplated before now. The pulling and tearing of skin to accommodate muscles that hadn't existed.

He could see snow out of the corner of his eye. But how could it be raining and snowing? A brief glance showed not snow, but feathers cascading softly in a pile around him. The wind picked them up sending feathers, his feathers, beautiful and white and no longer his, swirling in a great cloud.

Lost. He had never been lost, never known loss before. Now he knew and his throat was ripped raw with his screams of denial…

Matt sat up straight in bed, clawing at the bed sheets that threatened to hold him down. CRACK! The demon clutched at the bruise now adorning his forehead. He'd once again, forgotten about the pipes that ran directly over his bed. One of these days he was going to call the contractor who had built his domicile and complain to him. Really chew that rotten bastard out.

Not because it would do any good or get anything in house fixed or changed. The contractor was a demon after all. Even in the most carefully laid out plans, it was the contractor's job to screw something up. But Matt knew that by calling and screaming at everyone he could, whether or not they had anything to do with the problem, it would increase the general misery and hatred in Hell. Which was, after all, the point.

Matt made a note to add it to his to-do list for the day.

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On Monday, April 15, 2002 at 09:50 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

So I read lots of different blogs. Sometimes, because I know the people. Sometimes because I like their fanfiction. And sometimes, because lots of people have links to them and I'm all like "Hey, there's got to be a reason people are reading about this person's life." Which is how I started reading Leareth's pitas page. So now I'm finally getting around to reading her fanfiction. Okay, so I haven't actually read her fanfiction. I'm just assuming it's good.

I am so lazy -_-.

So I've got some mad typing up to do this week. Things like the third part of the (A)typical Gundam Wing Fanfic and the first part of a new Digimon fanfic. Both of which are completed, but in hand written form. That's the one thing I don't like about writing my stuff out by hand. I wind up having to type it up. I can't just slap it up and say "There. It's done." Which sometimes is a good thing given the large number of grammatical erros and spelling mistakes that wind up in my stories ever after I've run spellcheck and had three people read through it multiple times. So annoying.

TAAS Anime Festival was this past Saturday. I enjoyed myself immensely. I spent most of the time sitting at the informantion table outside talking and writing. We had interesting conversation about Transformers yaoi (inclduing such questions as, "If you were going to do a Transformers porn movie, what would be the plot?"), old 80's cartoons, Dirk the Daring, mouse penises (don't ask), and various other inappropriate topics. Everytime something got to strange, I would make the statement "Okay, back to my smut." I was working on the Digimon story at the time.

Needless to say, I didn't watch much anime. Only two series to be exact. The first one it Fruits Basket, which I've seen lots of references to in various blogs. I only got to watch two episodes of it, but I already want to see more. So I'll bug Cneko into giving me the epidoes she's burned to CD. Besides it will give me a better idea of why she's such a rabid Kyo-kun fangirl.

The other thing I watched was the Saiyuki movie. I have one thing to say. I want a refund on the hour and a half of my life I wasted on it. I'm sure, had I actually seen any of the series before watching the movie, I would have greatly enjoyed it. But I haven't. Instead I got subjected to and hour and a half of "Look aren't out characters cool? And the animation! Can't we do great animation?" Needless to say, I was not impressed. There's was lots of nakedness and lots of onscure references to the characters past and very little plot.

I think I'll just wait to watch the series before I make any judgements.

Tsaiko's neat, nifty URL of the day is: Hamlet: The Manga

On Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 01:33 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Hamlet done by the cast of Slayers in manga form. The drawing is excellent, the plot hilarious. Overall an A+. I'm only half way through it, but so far this thing is wonderful. And now, for a very short announcement.



That is all...

Tsaiko's neat, nifty URL of the day is: Neil Gaiman's Journal

On Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 01:30 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

I would like to take this opportunity to say that Neil Gaiman is cool. I mean very, very cool. Read his entires about slash, then fanfiction, then about copyright. Shoul dbe the April 10th and 8th entries.

Has anyone ever noticed how hard it is to remove permanent marker? I've been scrubbing at this copy card for about ten minutes. It's only now coming off. Here's a hint to everyone out there in pitas land. If you write something in permanent marker, make sure you really want it to stay there.


Today has been a royal pain. But I have decided not to talk about it. Why? Because. That's why. :P Instead I shall regale you with the peep story. For those poor souls who don't know what a "peep" is I suggest you go to the Peep Research page. Heck, if you already know what a peep is go to this page. It's funny as Hell. The fact that peeps don't dissolve in HCl frightens me to no end.

*scrub**scrub* Why does permanent marker always stain your fingers, but never seems to come off the seurface your trying to clean? Stupid black fingers...

Before you say "Everyone knows what a peep is!" know that I have had to ship a box of the little marshmellow suckers to England for a friend because the people she knew over there had no idea what she was talking about and she wanted to prove to them peeps really existed.

*scrub**scrub* I am never going to do this again.

Anyway, one of my co-workers has brought in a box of purple peeps. She kept asking if I would like one. So finally, I told her about my mother and the peeps. You see, my Mom would buy me a box of the things every year for easter. Every year I would complain and throw the things out un opened. Finally I decided to put a stop to this. So I took about two or three of the little buggers and arranged them on a plate. Then I stuck them in the microwave for around three minutes. They blew up to the size of baseballs. My sister and I cheered. Then one of them started to melt and caught on fire. It was quickly exstinguished.

For some reason, my mom never bought peeps after that.

*scrub**scrub* I've decided that the first person who gives me a permanent marker for my birthday DIES.

I'm still looking for the hilarious comic Karidawg did about the pitfalls of microwaving peeps. It was great. I know exactly where it is. In my room at my mom's house. Forty-five minutes away -_-;;


Is it just me, or do people over at LJ seem to be updating their journals less frequently? I think the novelty of having a place to rant and rave is wearing off. It was cool before but now people have places to go, things to do, jobs to work at. Of course, there's always a fresh nebies wave to suppliment the journals that are slowly being negelected. But still, it's a little sad. But not as sad as me taking 409 to this permanent marker.

*scrub**scrub* Ow. I think I just hurt myself getting this marker off...

I finally IM-ed Twig yesterday afternoon. I've been meaning to for awhile, but never got a chance. She seemed surprised that I was on AIM. I don't give out my screen name much. as I've probably said before, too many porn messages. Though I would love to also keep them out of my inbox as well. Yesterday, the two classics were "Good, Clean Porn" and "Hardcore F^cking Sheep." I can only imagine the good clean porn involved soap or a bathtub in some fashion. As for the second example... I had to check to make sure it was indeed SPAM. You see, I have some really weird friends on the net and I can never be too sure what they'll send me next.

Short entry. That's about all from me today.

*scrub**scrub* And next time you need to use permanent marker, make sure you check the spelling before you write anything out.

After all, think of the peeps...

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On Tuesday, April 9, 2002 at 12:59 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

It's true. On May 1st between 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. So everyone storm your local Baskin Robbins and get free stuff. This has been my public service announcement of the day.

So life goes on. I found out around 10:30 last night that my grandfather was at the hospital. Seems he was suffering from irregular heart beats so they took him in. He was going to be transported to the VA Hospital today. I think he'll be fine. My grandfather is a tough old man in his seventies. But I can't get rid of the nagging feeling my mother was hiding something from me in the phone call. She didn't sound worried. That bothers me. She sounded too much... in control after having her only remaining parent in the hospital. I hope that that observation is just my imagination.

Everyone remember a few weeks ago when I kept mentioning a guy named Pingu? The guy that introduced me to Project Gutenberg? Well, it appears he has his very own pitas page now! Yeah! And Pingu, since I know you read this, I'll work on getting the Team hentai picture drawn soon. But I may take a few days to teach myself how to do penguins. Interested in my sketches to use as picture on your pitas page? Let me know. I assume you know html and such. If you need some ideas on how what you can do with your pitas page I recommend looking at A Dream that was Rome, Basic Black, and Narcissistic Anima for complex layouts and chiaroscuro, Which way is up?, and lime rain for simple layouts. Or you can keep the standard pitas page layout. Good luck!

Okay, I found a place that is sucking up huge amounts of my idle time at work. I have lots of idle time at work. I watch the phone not ring. That would be Dumb Facts, a site run by the same people who run Dumb Laws and Dumb Bumper Stickers. Great places for when you want a laugh and have lots of time on your hands.

Terrible Kim a friend of my friend Kari Dawg has an absolutely hilarious review of the Japanese film (porn?) called KEKKO KAMEN - LIVE ACTION!!. What's really scary is that I told someone I knew about it, and they explained that there were three live action versions and an animated version. Good lord. And heed the warning. Don't click on the pictures in a public lab. Though I now have a very real interest in seeing this. I think it would be perfect for a B-grade movie night. And this woman definitely has the female equivalent of the yaoi "glowing cones of light." :laughs:

What else... what else... Oh. I love Tanya Huff. I can't remember if I said this yesterday. Yesterday's pitas page is a little fuzzy in my memory. And I'm kind of afraid to go back and read it. I hope it was coherent. Anyway, I got to read the first book in one of her series, "Sing the Four Quarters." And now I'm rereading "No Quarter." All I can say is, boy this book sure makes a lot more sense now. And Tanya Huff is one of those writers that does western Yaoi. Don't ask me to explain that statement, it would hurt your brain. Okay, probably not. But it would hurt my brain. She's is on that exceptionally short list which so far includes Mercedes Lackey, and Anne McCaffery before she denied what we knew the all-male green riders were doing after mating flights.

Denial. It's not just a river in Egypt.

Tanya Huff holds a special place in my heart because she was the absolute first exposure to the idea that two guys sleeping with each other was not all just about sex. I can remember first reading "The Fire's Stone" back in ninth grade? I think it was around that time. It really disturbed and bothered me back them. Yet i kept rereading the book. I was trying to figure out the emotions and motivations of the characters. The more I read it, the more I decided it had to be a fluke. Then I read Mercedes Lackey's "Magic's Price" series.

I think that's when it dawned on me that the idea of of two guys truly loving each other wasn't a fluke. I think that's when I decided that I could wirte about it. Ah, memory lane.

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On Monday, April 8, 2002 at 09:51 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Link obtained from Ragabash. Very funny listing if only because I so wish I could use some of these in stories. Can't you imagine it? Someone last line in a Star Wars fanfic could be something like 1550. "I know what this is - it's a telescope! You hold it up to your eye and turn this..." (It was a lightsaber) Good for an some laughs while wasting time at work.

Gah. I hate daylight savings time. It always plays holy Hell with my sleep schedule. My sleep schedule does not adjust well. For example, I spent six weeks camping in the New Mexico/Colorado deserts. My sleep schedule never changed. I woke up at 5:00am every morning (about 7:00 am in NC) and went to bed at 9:00pm every night (about 11:00pm). So I can look forward to at least a couple of weeks of erratic sleeping. *looks back and changes the typo* And not two weeks of erotic sleeping like I first typed.

Yes, my brain is fried. Why do you ask?

I had Friday off last week, which is why there was no update. What did I do on my day off? I CLEANED. So my apartment is once again livable. Maintanence was supposed to fix the giant stain in my closet from when Niagra Falls migrated into our kitchen on Friday. They never showed. I even put my kitties in my roomie's when I left to have lunch with my mom. If they show up today and let my cats out, I will go HURT them. I've been telling my mom about some of the rants, reciting parts of them back at her. She thinks they're hilarious. My sister doesn't find them as humorous, but I've noticed my sister's sense of humor has all but disappeared. I wonder when the large red wood tree took up residence up her @ss.

I wonder if my mom or sister realizes I've been doing rants for years. Long before I got this thing and started typing them out. My friends can attest to this. Most times I'll start on something, and for over an hour I can't stop making fun of it. People have physcially hurt themselves listening to my rants. I use to think I didn't do them too often. Then I went back through and pulled out all the rants I thought were noteworthy. Good lord, I do them alot. More than I thought possible.

My novel is coming along. I'm up to exactly 9,500 words on it (approximately 15 pages, single spaced). All I can say is... good lord. How do people write about one world/set of characters for so long? I'd plan the thing out, but I know from experience that when I plan stuff out I lose interst in it.So I'm writing a lot of this on the fly. But I have discovered a topic that people could write entire series about and never run out of stuff to say. Gender. Not sex, because that's been done. But gender alone especially gender beding and defining is a very nifty topic for stories. I have so much fun with that concept. It's great.

My roommate noticed that i have gotten in the habit of saying "Blarg." I know where I picked this up. Technomancy, specfically D. I think. Anyway, I've been saying it in my head for awhile. Just hadn't realized it had migrated into my speech...

Twig getting companies to call you back is an absolute PAIN. My favorite is when they tell you "We'll let you know/make a decision in two days." Then, after three days when you call them back, they say "We haven't decided yet." ARGH! Or they'll never call you back again leaving you hanging wondering if the company just dried up and blew away. But keep in mind that your resume is there to get you a job. It's there to get you an interview. So don't show and tell everything. Just get them interested enough so they'll call you in for an interview. A resume is like a peep show: use it draw people in so you can do the whole strip tease.

*reads back over what she said* Right. I'm ending this now before my mind produces anything stranger. G'day.

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