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On Friday, February 15, 2002 at 09:16 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Tsaiko? Yo Tsaiko? You still here and sane?
Don't you think you should, you know, be doing something?
Like what...?

So ummm... Happy St. Valentine's Day a day late. Link to my friend's LJ because she does some of the most awesome art ever (including an adorable Valentine's Day picture). Now if only she would re-open her webpage (nudge, nudge, hint, hint). Beautiful picture. Go look.

So I went to my interview with the State Dept. of Evironmental and Natural Resources. I think it went well. It was a long interview (almost two hours -_-;;) but I think I convinced the guy that not only was I qualified for the job (possibly over qualified) but that I was dependable, trustworthy, etc. I should know soon whether ot not I have the job. They're trying to get it filled quickly before the State does another hiring freeze like last year. Let me tell you, I was not happy when a good half of the geology jobs were unavailable the year I graduated.

We had TAAS on Wednesday night. We watched something called Kusatta Kyoshi no Hoteishiki which translates to "Cruel/Bad Teacher's Equation." According to the ONE site I found on Anipike, it's based off of a manga series (I WANT this manga series). I have one thing to say about this series. This series is crack for yaoi fangirl's brains. You can quite possibly set anyone with anyone else in the series. Everyone is gay. There's even a brother who has a secret thing going for his brother. And it has Atsushi, who I swear defines uke. It was fluffy and funny and made for girls as evidenced by the number of coos when the kittens showed up in the second episode (there's only two).

This is for all those who were there. Yes, my name real means "lily" which translates to "yuri." Yes, -ko is a standard feminine ending for Japanese names. Yes, I tend to be an overexuberant yaoi fangirl. No, I am not Yuriko from the series. -_-

I give gold stars to the guys who sat through the first episode and gave it a chance. I give gold medals to the guys who sat through two episodes of blantly hilarious gay fun. I was surprised at the number of people who not onlt stayed and watched the series, but liked it. So here's my celebration dance.


Dancing Kirby's! I don't think I did them exactly right, but oh well. Modified from White Cat's pitas page since she's already taken them off her page and I can't find a link to her archives to see exactly how she did them. I loved Kirby when I had my game boy. Not because it was particularly hard, but because it was Kirby! I also rented it for Nintendo Back when my Nintendo still worked. I loved that game. Seems Priya also remembers Kirby (you'll have to scroll down to one of her Feb 12th entires to find mention of it). Of course, I'm also the person who repeatedly beat Super Mario World for Gamboy simply because I thought the ending song was cool. I think I also beat Kirby alot of the same reason and because I thought the animation was cool. PS2 games have nothing on black and white pixelated dancing kirbies. I think I can feel my coolness dropping by the minute...

I'm also thinking of dropping the counter I've got on this page and picking up Nedstat. It seems to be much more comprehensive then just a counter, and yet still free. I especially like the free part. I like being emailed weekly with my stats, but it would be nice to see who is looking at my page most rather then just a number of people who are viewing it. I'll think about it over the weekend and then decide. Decisions, decisions...

Just went back to check my mailbox. Someone had given me a Harry Potter valentine. Looked inside, and it was Hermione! Cool. But then I got the insane urge to look at other people's Valentine's and find a Draco one. Bad Tsaiko, bad.

And finally, why do so many people think I'm weird for referring to myself in the third person? I do it in real life too, not just on line. On more than one occasion I have gotten odd looks and comments. I did it in the #acidreflux channel yesterday and also got odd comments (and odd looks, though I probably couldn't see those). I most often do it in this kind of context: "That's real nice Tsaiko. Would you like to try that with your HOUSE key instead of your Office key?" Yes, I am that sarcastic with myself. No, I don't see any problem with talking and answering myself...

So ummm... yeah. Back to your regular scheduled broadcasting.

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On Tuesday, February 12, 2002 at 08:51 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Yes, I have a LJ account. Most times I use it to inform my friends of updating this page. Only oocasionally do I post something up there that I don't post here (ie stupid tests results and such). And I like my color scheme and little icon. Bahamut from FF7 remains my favorite incarnation of the dragon.

So, things that happened to me this weekend. I got pissed at my mom Friday night. Was going to stay at her house but wound up driving back to my apartment and sleeping there. My mom called me twice trying to get me to drive back home. No. It was late and I was tired. Now understand that my mom and I have something in common. We both like to have the last word. So after telling my mom that, no, I was not coming back even though she knew she was wrong (something she said, not I), my mom hung up on me. Which made me very indignant because dammit, I WANTED THE LAST WORD!

With a couple of days distance between the incident and now, I can find this very amusing.

In the end, the problem was solved and my mom and I made up. We're on speaking terms again. The odd thing about my mom is when she feels guilty, she wants to spend money on me to make it better. I hate taking advantage of this impulse of hers. Because then she'll complain about how self sacrificing she is and how much she's on a budget. Erg. Nothing gaurenteed to annoy me more. there are days when I'll be glad I'll be able to support myself. Though I really wanted to tell her something this weekend. But with the fight and all it will have to wait. Sigh.

And I wanted to talk with my friends from HS about stuff. But Kat had a friend down with her from Virginia (Dan who was mighty cute), and Brian showed up. Brian is an odd situation for me. He was in band with me, played trumpet in fact, and sat right next to me. He was one of the people who use to make fun of me in ninth and tenth grade. He and his friends. And so when he started hanging out with Kat and consequently me, I was leery. Still am. I remember old pain very well. It doesn't fade for me like it seem to do with some people. He makes an effort to not humiliate me as much. But I can see the urge there, lurking behind his eyes and in his words. I've learned to fight back, but that's with people who I share a common ground. I don't with him. And the knowledge leaves me wary and vunerable.

Besides that, my friend Crystal is engaged. I don't know when the ceremony will be. She asked me to play my trumpet, an instrument which I have sadly negelected for many years. I miss it greatly. I just declined. I don't need to have another layer of stress having a solo at my friend's wedding would cause me. I have mixed feelings about the wedding. I'm happy that she's happy, but I'm not sure it will last. There's a lot of factors coming in to play that make me doubt. But I trust her to know the situation better then I, because she's in it and I haven't even met the guy. So here's hoping.

You know, the only reason I feel free to talk about this stuff here is the knowledge that my friends from HS don't read my webpages. At least, not that I can figure out. If they did, I think I'd just go hide somewhere. But I'd get over it. Eventually. I think. Every time I go home and hang out with them, I feel the gap between them and I grow wider. We just don't share anything in common any more. My likes and theirs are growing more and more apart. They're still my friends, but sometimes the distance weighs on my soul.

In happier news, I have a job interview tomorrow with the State. Yeah! They're about to go on a another hiring freeze, but I managed to get my application in under the deadline. Let's hear it for turning stuff in early. Yeah! I have sort of directions to the place, but I think I can find it. It's for a Ground Water tech. job. So looks like I'm going to be pulling out the whole hydrology book and studying. Want to make it seem like I actually know what I'm talking about. I want this job. I want to use my degree in geology.

This is going to be a busy week for me outside of work.Lot's of stuff to do, never enough time to do it. Things I have got to do for people on-line:

  1. Re-send the chobits picture to Twig
  2. Proof read Lord Stone's wonderful story.
  3. Proof read Dan of AR's Roxy story.
  4. Try to remember if I ever commented on Eslington's story. Did he even send me the one with cat people in it?

Now, to go work...

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On Friday, February 8, 2002 at 02:46 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Okay, I am such a follower of trends. Just call me Miss Sheep. Baaaa! So take the test, learn a whole bunch about me, and then wonder. So I've noticed my hits have gone up from around 8 a day to about 15-20 a day. I say this is directly because of the link on Twig's pitas page. I know it is. You can't deny it. Which means I since new people are actually coming to my pitas page, it means I might get more links to it. Which both thrills and frightens me. But that's a whole 'nother post

Speaking of Twig, I got your email. (Tsaiko takes a moment out of writing to poing! around the room, being the fangirl that she is.)Yes, this list about the different levels of mages is very much helpful. Trying to derive it from your fics was hard, but I'm glad I'm not too far off.

Note to self: Need to go back and double check the story (which has now been proofread and errors fixed, Tsaiko no baka) and make sure nothing conflicts. This is going to play havoc with where I was taking the plot but I think I can work around it. Ah, the joys of writing for a series still in progress. You never know when your assumptions and writing are suddenly going to be made invalid and AU. But that's half the fun. Bwhahahaha.

Anyways... I'll resend the chobits picture. I had a feeling it didn't attach well because hotmail burped on it. Erg. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that Sunday. Going away for the weekend with no computer.

And just when I thought I was a big fangirl (I warned you I would put it in here Miome). I find out that my roomie has all the emails she's ever gotten from Twig or Lunar are saved in a folder marked "Squeeeee!" We are so hopeless, yes we are.

I think in the past three days I've plotted out at least five rants I could do on my pitas page. And now, I find I don't want to do them. Damn my short attention span. Damn my short paragraphs. Damn my... ooooh. Pretty, shiny...

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On Tuesday, February 5, 2002 at 09:33 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

I'm a gryphon. Okay... I'll by that. Maybe. I see that some people are discovery the wonderful goodness that is Vagrant Story. Yeah! My friend Cneko got the game and couldn't figure out the fighting system. I started it, became addicted, got half way through, and then could never beat the one timed run through the Iron Maiden (I think that's where it was). So my roomie took over. Then she started from the beginning. I now think Miome is on her third? fourth? run through. Something like that. Anyways, I just watch her beat the crap out of stuff while making inappropriate comments.

Sydney: "So this is a Riskbreaker. Most men complacently accept 'knowledge' as 'truth'. They are sheep... I like sheep." Anyways...

Twig the box puzzles annoy me as well. Miome (my roomie) and I basically used the strategy guide to do them all. When Cneko was doing them she coined my favorite phrase. "Die foul box! I send thee to Hell! And then I shall haul thy brethen around." My roomie's bane are the jumps. She tries eight or nine times to make them, then calls me from what I'm doing. One try, I get it. God I love that game.

And now for something completely different. More adventures in cooking! I'm happy to say that the French Onion Soup was not a loss. Very sweet but good with some blue cheese and salt in it. So Miome and I decided to toast some bread to go with our soup. We turn the oven on, pop the bread in, and are talking until it's done. It's time for the bread to come out, so my roomie grabs two oven mitts and attempts to take it out. She almost burns a finger, jerks back, and sticks the finger under cold water.

Now here's where things get interesting. When my roomie jerked her hand back she dropped the oven mitt she was holding into the oven and onto the hot coils. So of course it catches on fire. Nice bright orange flames about three inches high. I stare at it for a few seconds in shock, ask if Miome is okay, then promptly ask the stupidest question ever.

Tsaiko: Do you think I should turn the oven off?

Duh! Proof that Tsaiko does not do well in stressful situations. Miome made some affirmative noise then told me to shut the oven. I guess she thought that it would smother the fire. It didn't. Smoke started leaking out of the oven. So I turn around and open the drawer. Tongs! We have tongs? Grab the tongs, open the oven, and grab the burning oven mitt. Then I tun to the sink and plunge it into the water. Beat it down for a few seconds to put out all of the fire. Fire's out, crisis over.

At which point my roomie and I look at each other and promptly fall out laughing.

So now there is a wonderful picture waiting to be developed of me holding the burnt oven mitt triumphantly over the sink with the pair of tongs. When we get it developed I will scan and post this thing. I also swear up and down we are not usually this bad in the kitchen. Really. This is not normal behavior for us.

Now if you excuse me, I have to go burn some chicken nuggets in the microwave ^_^.

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On Monday, February 4, 2002 at 10:22 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

I'm a wind spirit,! Surprise, surprise. Didn't see that one coming a mile away or anything. Nope. Not at all.

I noticed a few people talking about how intimidated they are meeting their favorite writers. I have no idea if I have this intimidating on-line presence. I doubt it. And once you email or meet me, you find out just how non-intimidating I really am. (You like my stuff? Really? Yeah! *boing* *boing*). I, on the other hand, am easily intimidated (All the people who know me in real life can stop laughing now. Really. Stop laughing. It ain't funny.) by one thing. Contacting someone I don't know over the phone or through email. Email is not as bad. I get really stressed and paranoid and panicky but I can usually deal with it. I rarely get panic attacks, but they do come occasionally. Which is why I almost never email authors I really like. It doesn't mean I don't love these author's work. It's because of my deeply rooted psychological problems. And because, well, it makes for a very stressed out Tsaiko which is never good.

But over the phone... never good for me. I have panic attacks every time. Like hyperventalating, heart pounding, I am frozen with fear attacks. I started having one this weekend (my roomie knows why) but I think I would have kicked myself out of it. Eventually. Yet when faced with dealing with the phone I somehow manage to find some store of courage and push my panic aside long enough to make the call. I fear the time when I can't do that. When I just sit at my desk and shake and can't force myself to pick up the phone. Because that will be the day when I will have to seek professional help. Which is something I refuse to do now because dammit! I'm stubborn and I'll deal with it as long as I can. Needless to say I don't like making appointments for anything.

For me, Hell is being handed a list of eighty people and being told to call them and ask them for information -_-;. Yet somehow I manage to do it. And for some reason, somebody calling me and me having to talk to them does not produce the reaction.

But that's not what I meant to talk about (really, it's not). I meant to talk about the adventures in cooking my roomate and I wen through this weekend. So I present to you...
Tsaiko's Instructions on how NOT to make French Onion Soup

  1. Start at 4:00, having carefully calculated that the recipe should be done between 5:30 and 6:00. Watch as the recipe laughs at your calculations.
  2. For starters, you need to use a cookbook with vague instructions such as "cook the onions gently." How the heck do you cook onions gently? I don't know. Or stuff like "turn down the heat" without every telling you how high to turn the heat in the first place. This will confuse you and make you want to hurl said cookbook out a third story window and into a bonfire. Great place to start.
  3. Your cookbook should also have strange ingredients that you've never heard of and can't find at the grocery store. What is vegetable stock? I don't know. And how the heck do you get stock from vegetables? Another mystery. Substitue beef stock and hope for the best.
  4. Decide that the meansurements given by the cookbook are off. The four large onions we got must have been twice as large as the ones used by the authors because we cut up three and filled our medium saucepan to the brim. Of course, I'm making the assumption the authors attempted this recipe in the first place, which is doubtfull all thing considering.
  5. How to cook: Start the onions. The cookbook says that it will take about 45-60 minutes to cook into a nice mahogany brown color. It lies. You cook the onions for 60 minutes. Transparent. So you up the heat. Cook for another 60 minutes. Kinda yellowish. Up the heat again. At this point, forget about cooking gently. Violate the damn suckers by nuking them in the microwave if you have to. Just get them done.
  6. At this point be sure to send your roomate out to get you dinner, because guess what? Assuming these onions ever turn brown, you still have to simmer them in the broth for another thirty minutes.
  7. Eat the dinner your roomate bought. It should be about 7:00 at this time. Your onions should be a very dark yellow but no where near the desired colors of brown or mahogany. Decide they are close enough and dump them into the beef stock. Set beef stock to simmer for thirty minutes.
  8. Thirty minutes later, guess what? The beef stock is not simmering. Up the heat and let that sucker BOIL.
  9. At 8:00 your soup is ready. Your apartment (or house) should now smell like onions for the next week or so. Your soup should look nothing like what's pictured. Take the whole pot and stick in the fridge.

If you follow these simple instructions, you wind up like me. With a pot of soup that may or may not be edible sitting in your fridge and four hours of your life wasted. And I wonder why I eat out so much...

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On Friday, February 1, 2002 at 01:28 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

The Challenge

Lord Jeram issued a challenge to me yesterday which I gladly accepted. The rules? We each would write the first line then had to complete a short story in the time alotted (ten minutes in this case). No spellchecking on this, or rereading. Just plain what came into my head and out on the page. Here is my result, the first line is Jeram's:

A small purple mouse looked up at the puppet and said, "Oh, I suppose you expect me to eat the entire thing now."

"Well," said the puppet, "you did start nibbling on the shoe. It's only fair that you start what you finish and finish what you start."

The mouse looked at the half eaten treat before him. "Stil, it is an awefully big shoe. More a loafer than the sandal I first mistook it for. And besides, I'm full. Perhaps I could finish it another time?"

"What is this?" cried the pirate figure. he was known around the room for always putting his wooden leg in where it didn't belong. "Yer not going to stop eating that shoe before you finsih it, are ye? When I sailed the seven seas such an action would have resulted in walking the plank down to Davie Jone's locker."

"Oh," replied the purple mouse in a small voice. "Is it really such a horrible crime to leave food on your plate? Or floor as the case maybe?"

"Yes," replied the duchess, a stiff old matron that had sat through one too many tea parties. "A true gentlemen would no that wasted food is a terrible faux pas."

"I didn't know," replied the mouse, feeling shame for the first time. "It didn't look quite so big when I started and was hungry."

"I think that I should be the only one with a say in such matters," Stated the puppet. "Considering it is my shoe in question after all."

The Duchess huffed, swirling around in a arch of ribboned skirts as she returned to her place within the toy chest. The pirate was similarly annoyed by the puppet's affrontry and returned to his place on the dresser.

"I'm terribly sorry, Mr. Puppet, I suppose I could finish the shoe off it you wuold like..." The puppet cut him off before he could finish.

"Don't bother. You would have to eat both shoes so they would match and I quite doubt you could do that with out getting noticeably bigger. Besides, the sun is coming up. And the children will wake soon. So return to your covetted place on the bedspread and leave me in peace."

The purple mouse did so, scurrying up the pathcwork quilt just as the sun broke through the window. The children of the playroom never knew about the breach in toy etiquette that had just occured.

I have to admit this was loads of fun to write. No thinking, no plotting, no worrying about word choice. Just me and the story and the words. What really surprises me is that I can write a complete story in ten minutes. I didn't know I could do that!

I tend to be a very slow writer. Abysmally slow. As in it can take me upwards of five years to finish a short story. Or a chapter to a series. And heaven only knows how long it will take me to complete a series... Mostly this is because I work on many different things at once. I have way too many ideas in a given day. I also have a short attention span. I jump from one thing to the next, adding a paragraph here ot a page there until it's done. That's just the way I write.

So it was beyond fun to not worry about having to do something like that. A stretching of the creative muscles. Fun!

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On Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 11:00 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

There's also Vol. 2 and Vol. 3. VEry, very funny. A must read if you've ever played RPG video (or computer) games. Also I want to wish Twig happy birthday. Happy Birthday! I really need to have my link list in my blog. It was thirty entries long before I found my latest batch of blogs (another 20 or so). It would prevent me from having to link hop everywhere. But it such a pain to put together. Ahhh, I'll do it tomorrow. Maybe...

Do I actually read all these blogs everyday? Yes. Because I have a confession to make. You see, I am addicted to blogs. No, don't try to assure me otherwise. I know I am. If someone has linked to your blog in a rant or even in that giant list of I have probably clicked on the link and read (or possibly skimmed) through some of your blog entries. I try and read the long ones. I really do but I have a very short attention spans and am easily... ooooh. What's this person gotta say? *Click* I can't help it. Comment on something happening in someone else's blog, and I immediately want to see what they said.

There is a reason why I'm such a voracious reader of people's blogs. You see, I'm a writer. What do you mean and? That's a perfectly good and ample explanation. Wait! Don't leave. Okay, okay I'll explain it. You see as a writer I don't want to write about characters, I want to write about people. Not real life, but the people in my head. I want the people in my head to be real to the people who are reading about them. If my readers were walking down the street and suddenly met Joi or Freedom or Tara or Kojiro (who's story I really need to finish one day) I want them to not think anything was up. Okay, so meeting a six foot tall kitsune might alert them that something strange was going on, but that's beside the point...

So what does this have to do with blogs? I'm getting to it. About the time that I decided thsat this writing thing was fun and a great hobby, I deicded that if I'm going to do it I'm going to do it well. So most of my early stories revolved around some character based off of me that eventually evolved into another person. But this wasn't good enough for me. I wanted it to seem like many different people with completely different personalities inhabited my worlds. In order to write about people different than me, I have to actually observe real life people. See how they act, how they react, how they interact.

Which caused my stories to be populated by people who act differently than me. My worlds (at least character wise) became more realistic. They now had depth where before they were lacking. Then came an even bigger challenge: write characters that thought and had different value then me. Since the of how people acted seemed to work really well, I decided that I needed to observe how people thought. This was a task easier said then done.

There's really no easy to way to root around with a stick in someone else's mind. You can observe their actions, you can make guesses on what they were thinking, but you can't actually see their thoughts. Unless you're in a comic. Then you have thought bubbles. But I digress. What you can do is make friends, gain their trust, ask them what they think, and get glimpses into their pyshes. All the while meeting some really nifty people (yes, you know who you are ^_^). But this takes years and some people never really open up.

You can also read Author's notes and books and watch TV and movies and listen to music. This gives me glimses, little bits of what's going on. After awhile bits and peieces of what struck me about this stuff winds up in my writing. Whole scenes in my stories would have been written completely differently if I had been listening to one song instead of another. That kinda thing. But this is all circumstantial evidence. While my people expanded by bits and peices, I kept getting the feeling I was missing something.

Then I discovered blogs and Livejournals and pitas pages. Suddenly, it all became clearer. Here was a way to find out about people's thoughts and lives and prejudices and styles of writing without ever having to know then. It's great! It's wonderful! It lets me know what people think of as important enough to share with the rest of the world. It's like a drug. Somedays I just can't stop.

So has this improved my writing style any? Errr... no yet. I'm still trying to process all the information these blogs give me everyday. It's kinda like the internet in that way. Too much, too fast, and it will be awhile (if ever) before my brain can digest it all. But I'm noticing it, slowly creeping into my writing. My thoughts. My scenes. Worrying about bills, doing laundry, all the little mundane stuff that makes the characters real. It will come. One day...

But for right now, you'll have to excuse me. I need to see if Talya has killed another vaccuum.

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On Monday, January 28, 2002 at 02:36 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Okay lots of interesting stuff on the internet this morning. Goodie, goodie. First off the above link was the one I was telling you about Kalil. I've been told there's a sequel which is even better. I haven't watched it yet. But I've been assured the it's really goood. If you read this Cneko or Em I recommend watching it. Consider it revenge for having to listen to all of you talk about the zombie movie festival. And remember "I can smell your brains!"

Lots of people have much fun with the search terms that show up in their site logs. Heck, I'm amused by some of the hits I get on Tsaiko's World. The wonderful people over at Rinkworks are also vastly amused by them. Read their Site Journal to find out more. Which always begs the question "Who looks up these odd ball searches anyways?"

Talya posted a very disturbing true story in her blog today. It seems that Sahari's Yaoi shrine has racked up over $1,500 in bandwidth charges. The reason? Sites directly linking to her pictures and using her bandwidth instead of hosting them on their own sites thereby using Sahari's resources instead of paying for their own. She states that most of the sites appear to be Korean with passwords. She's working with her hosting compnay to stop it, but still owes them for the bandwidth charges. She has a paypal account set up to take donations. She's gotten $1,100 of the costs covered. Go to her website for further details. Warning: She's got all the graphics on her page password protected. So watch out for the endless stream of pop-up windows.

Okay, what else was I going to say... Twig I'm looking forward to the letter. And you obviously type much more cohertently drunk than most people I know.

Personally, I don't need alcohol. I have cold medicine. Which, I've been told, makes me high as a kite. I wouldn't know. I don't remember much fifteen minutes after taking it. But my friends all assure me I'm hilarious. And my smut loving friends all pray I'll feel the need to write while on it. Because I tend to write major porn on cold medicine. Which, of course, I don't remember writing. So I get on my computer, see a new file, and go "Saber.rtf? What's this?" *click* PORN, that's what it is. Which makes my life interesting if nothing else.

Went to see Brotherhood of the Wolf this weekend. Very good movie. Any movie which has ninja Iroqouis Indians in it has to be good. Subtitles are nice and big. Camera work, wonderful. A little too much blood for my taste, and I could have done without the whole bordello scene (please, lady, put a shirt on. No, I don't care that you're a prostitute. Put. A. Shirt. ON!).

Things that amuse the people around me:
Tsaiko: Ah, isn't it cute?
Tsaiko: Would you like a walnut?
Tsaiko: Such a cute, furry, litte woodland creature...

That is all.

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On Friday, January 25, 2002 at 04:08 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Do you know what relief is? Yesterday, it was a small black and brown torteshell cat named Nadia.

I came home from a very stressful day at work. I worked from the time I got into the office, to the time I left and everything had to be done RIGHT THEN. So when I got home from work all I wanted to do was curl up with my kitties. I got into my apartment only to find Kira mewing at me at the door. She demanded to be rubbed, and followed me everywhere. Not this is kinda odd behavior from her. Usually Nadia is the one who greets me at the door. So I start calling Nadia's name. No answer. So I start looking for her.

By this time Kira's agitation is starting to get to me. I am absolutely positive that she is not just asleep. I start opening doors, closets, cabinets, etc. calling for her. I thought she might be hurt or sick and hiding. Finally, I had to face the facts. Nadia was not in the apartment. Which meant she had to be outside. Which meant she had to have been outside all day.

So I throw on my jacket, and start calling her. I paged miome in case she had taken Nadia to the vet for some reason (I was not rational at this time). The whole time Kira keeps winding her way between my feet and meowing. Finally, after walking around the parking lot and apartments, I go inside and wait. Kira then does something she has never done. Gets in my lap to be rubbed and petted.

Miome gets home. By this time I'm in tears. We figure out that Nadia probably got out when she came back in to tell me how warm it was inside. The door had bounced back open behind her. She did her own brief search of the apartment, then went outside and circled the building. Finally, she came back. I decided to put some food out in case she came back up, then we were going to walk through te entire apartment complex to see if we could locate her. Put my coat back on, went out the door...

And there was Nadia, climbing down out of the cedar tree and onto our porch. I grabbed her, hugged her, petted her, told her what a good kitty she was. Miome opened the door. Nadia raced inside, and straight to her food dish. She didn't eat, she was just checking to see if I'd put any treats in there -_-;. Then Kira sniffed her, and Nadia started playing with some string on the floor. Like nothing had ever happened. I was so happy I was crying (some more) and checking her over. She wasn't hurt. Little booger wasn't even damp. So I have my kitty back, we're going to instal a spring to make the door shut (or keep it from bouncing back open) and all has a happy ending.

And looking back on it I wonder if Kira was saying, in her kitty language, "My sister is gone! Find her!" or if she was saying "Don't get rid of me! I'ma good kitty!"

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On Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 10:22 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Tsaiko's (mostly) Spoiler Free Summary of Lord of the Rings

Gandolf is cool. He bangs his head against that iron chandelier thingie. I would have banged my head against that thing. And then snooped around in other people's stuff. So yep, Gandolf is cool.

If everyone greets each other by hugging them, my little yaoi crazed mind is going to overdose.

Don't ever still anything from a wizard. Yes, even fireworks. Twips.

Gandolf gets mad points for looking impressive in bilbo's doorway and managing not to get his hair caught on fire by the chandlier thing.

Gandolf deomstrates exactly why you need to keep your library card up to date. So that when you need to look through dusty, moldy scrolls to find out about something that's been forgotten, you can.

A dark evil force is rising. You think?

Dear screen writers, please stop taunting me with hints about Frodo and Sam's relationship. That's just not right.

Gandolf's master: A walking advertisement for Chlorox Bleach.

I never knew that Wizard's duels were just like bar room brawls. Only they never actually touch each other.

Frodo honey, here's a hint. If the ring wants to be found and your hiding from the things that want to find it, DON'T PUT IT ON!

Now see, a real Ring Wraith would have at least tried to jump onto the little boat. What's the matter? Afraid of the hobbits?

Alcohol by the pint for Hobbits. Would that be something like alcohol by the gallon for people?

Don't let the Hobbits speak.

Strider, go take a bath.

Ring Wraiths screams translate to: "Feathers! Not feathers again! This is the third time this trick has been played on us and dammit, we still fell for it."

And here's where they journey. And journey some more. I think they're heading somewhere. Looking for elves. Yeah, that's right. Elves.

Remember, only you can prevent Hobbit fires.

Run, little men, run!

Arwen, stop taunting the Ring Wraiths.

Arwen, nevermind. You kick @ss. Taunt the Ring Wraiths all you want.

I'm going to laugh if that moth gets eaten.

Once again proving that there is no task too big, no danger too great that it cannot be solved with a feathered plot device.

You know, for some event that was supposedly was lost and forgotten there seems to be an aweful lot of artifacts lying around from it.

Arwen, does daddy dearest know and approve of your little love intrest? Given his whole viewpoint on that particular line in general, I think not.

Gimli, honey, if the ring were that easy to destroy I think we would have already done it by now. Too late. Congrats! You've just made a complete fool of yourself.

Legolas honey, sit down and shut up. I doubt Strider wanted that information volunteered.

Everybody, welcome to the not-so-secret secret meeting!

And now the Fellowship shall journey, and journey, and journey some more.

Gandolf, how the heck did you get your wizard staff back?

The Birds! The Birds!

Gandolf, you twip. If the dude has one pass watched, what makes you think he doesn't have other passes watched. Use some logic.

Legolas can walk on top of the snow. Not plow through it, but walk on top of it. Legolas, I'd kiss you if I could. Heck, I'd do more than kiss you if I could.

Don't let the Hobbits throw anything.

Wow, this movie has everything. Evena tentacle monster. Wait a minute. I've seen this situation before in fanfics. RUN LEGOLAS! RUN!

They're dead, Jim.

While you at it, don't let the Hobbits touch anything.

Here's a hint guys. If twenty thousand goblins are suddenly scared, don't wait around to see of what. RUN!

I swear, you guys are the luckiest S.O.B.'s there are. Ever. Period.

Gimli: "Not the beard! Let me fall into the neverending pit of darkness, elf. Just don't mess with the beard!"

Since when did Lothlorien become that creepy? Stop using it as a toxic dump or something.

Galadriel is on her own special brand of crack.

Frodo, here's a hint. The ring is YOURS. So stop trying to give it away to everyone you meet!

Husbandry: For when normal orcs just aren't good enough.

Boy, these people must have nothing better to do than make statues.

Frodo, Galadriel warned you someone wanted the ring. You think you know who it is. Then it behooves you to NOT WANDER OFF INTO THE WOODS WITH HIM SO HE CAN MAKE A GRAB FOR IT.

Strider kicks @ss. As does Legolas.

Arrows bad. Next time, dodge them. Oh wait, I guess there won't be a next time.

Dear screenwriters, if Sam and Frodo aren't more than "friends" I swear I will eat the boat they're in. Stop it, it ain't funny. Hobbits should not be doing that in my head.

And Twig, all my extra luck to your friend Dave. Getting robbed is never fun. Losing a novel to the robbers makes it twice as bad.

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On Friday, January 18, 2002 at 01:39 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

It appears that pitas, in all it's infinite wisdom, has eaten an entire week worth of posts. They are not on the archive page, and they do not show up when I enter the URL for them. I am *NOT* amused. So if anyone has a copy of my page from Dec. 31 to Jan. 17th in their cache, I would greatly appreciate a copy. Because it appears that pitas had royally screwed up.

And now for something completely different/ First off a quote from the movie Amadeus. Understand that I had to watch this movie a minimum of twice a year each year I attended highschool. Why? Because whenever the band teacher needed a break they would truck out this film. I swear I use to be able to quote it. I can still identify Mozart songs by when they were played in the movie. It's sad. But there was one quote that really stuck in my mind from the movie. It was said by Old Salieri remembering one of Mozart's pieces:

"Extraordinary! On the page it looked nothing. The beginning simple, almost comic. Just a pulse - bassoons and basset horns - like a rusty squeezebox. Then suddenly - high above it - an oboe, a single note, hanging there unwavering, till a clarinet took over and sweetened it into a phrase of such delight! This was no composition by a performing monkey! This was a music I'd never heard. Filled with such longing, such unfulfillable longing, it had me trembling. It seemed to me that I was hearing a voice of God."

The reason I loved this quote was because while he was saying these words, the piece in question was being played. You could hear the rusty squeezebox sound of the bassons and basset horns. You could hear that first tentative note of the oboe, high and sweet and trembling, before it gained confidence and descended down from heaven. Then the clarinet. Richer and more sure of itself, repeating thr refrain until the two sounds danced around each other and became the melody.

The reason I remembered this is because Nangke (see featured link) mentioned that she had 18 versions of Pachelbel's Canon in D minor on her computer. I love that song. My keyboard had a version on it that I could listen to for hours. Sweet and sad and longing. Such a simple background melody of descending notes then slowly ascending back upwards. Forming a perfect backdrop to the complex melody that weaves in and out of the notes. I love that song, and I wish I had words to do it justice. Like Salieri had words to do Mozart's piece justice.

That's the only thing I don't like about writing. There are certain things that using just words can't do justice to. Movies in your head. Images. Songs. Beautiful music that echoes through the world and resounds in your head and you have neither the talent nor the understanding to share it with others. Words become in adequate then. But they're all I have.

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On Friday, January 18, 2002 at 09:14 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

I'm back. Finally. For all of you who didn't know, I was very sick on Wednesday and Thursday. To paraphrase the wonderful people over at Technomancy, it was late and I was tired. Which is why I spent a good part of early Wednesday morning asleep on my bathroom floor. You see, I had already jumped out of bed and run to the toilet only to dry heave about four times. Since I hadn't been sleeping well, this got old really fast. So I told my stomach "Look, when you decide whether or not your actually going to send back whatever it is that's messing you up, wake me up. Because I'm going back to sleep." Which I did.

This is where my roomie found me when she tried to take a shower on Wednesday morning. Asleep on the bathroom floor. It's not all that bad a place to sleep. A little cold, but the comforter took care of that. It was hard, and i wish I had used taken both my pillows to sleep on, but otherwise okay. If you're ever at my apartment, and for whatever reason beds, couch, and floor are taken, the bathroom is a nice option.

For some reason even though I had slept on the bathroom floor, I decided that I was okay to go to work. Big mistake. Within an hour I had thrown up three times. Once all over the women's bathroom, thus making it completely unusable to anyone else in the building. So my roomie, who is the most wonderful person ever, drove me home, made sure I had stuff I could eat, and checked in on my too make sure I hadn't died on our couch. No matter how much I wanted to. Die that is. I was a very sick person. The next day, I was running a fever, so I didn't go into work. My roomie made sure I ate. I love my roomie.

But now I'm better. Back to my usual writing, making ecchi comments self. Thanks to all the people who wrote asking me if I was all right. Apologies to Jeram who came down for three days from Maryland. I saw him the first day, but fate conspired against me seeing him any other day. Sorry, but I seriously doubt you wanted to be around me as I prayed to the porcelain god.

b>Warning! Extreme fangirl mode initiated: Twig mentioned me on her pitas page while I was sick. HAPPY! HAPPY! And she's updated her website with knew stories set in the Knights and Pawns Universe. HAPPY! HAPPY! I'm not sure why she mentioned me. I haven't mentioned her lately in my pitas page (which is a terrible mistake on my part).Though anyone who spends any amount of time around me knows that I gush about her wonderful writing whenever I get a chance. I even have gotten certain people addicted to her Evangelion stuff. And to Lunar's stuff. Oh wait, I mentioned her in the beginning of my Mercedes Lackey rant. But I should mention her more often.

I am going to take this as a sign. Because I have sitting on my roomie harddrive (because I still don't have a computer. Sigh.) one story set in the Knights and Pawns Universe. I didn't think it would go anywhere. But now the first part is done at 13 single spaced pages, the second has started, and I really need to get up the courage to email Twig and ask her if I can post it. Because I kinda borrowed her universe without her permission. I hope she doesn't mind. It would be a fanfic, but I didn't use any of her characters. I made my own up. Erg. Must not get nervous. Stomach already hates me...

I also need to send her the colored picture from Chobits. You see, if pople put random scans up sometimes I will grab and color them. So I need to send her that. Because even though I'm not sure I got any of the colors right, it looks cool and the shading is good. Also need to finish adding details to the dino picture that Kari drew. And according to the Acid Reflux page, I can expect to be coloring comic this weekend. Which means I'll be very busy. But in a good way.

At this point, life is good.

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