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On Thursday, October 4, 2001 at 12:56 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

A few cool looking comic. Makes lots of fun of fans. I like. In fact, I think i have a copy of the first issue printed somehwere. Or maybe I read it at a con. I don't know. Hmmm...

This week started out really good. it stopped being good. But today I was actually happy for the first time in about three days. For three years I helped the dept. of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences (MEAS) out during Open House. Basically, I was the dinosaur person. I would haul a bunch of skulls, teeth, claws, random bones out of the paleo lab and show the highschool kids (and younger) that came what paleontology was all about. I loved it. So many fossils and stuff. Though I would have liked it much better if it weren't held early Sat. morning.

Anyways, while at one of these things I picked up this T-Rex jaw and was showing it to people. This thing ia about two to three feet long and has embedded in it six inch long teeth. Impressive. Well, one of the ladies from the college of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (PAMS) which MEAS belongs to snapped a picture. The college liked it so much, they wanted to use in in their publication. Problem? They lost the original and the negatives.

So I get a phone call earlier this week (before everything went to Hell in a handbasket) asking if I would mind having the University photographer re-take the pictures. I said sure. And that's what I spent my lunchbreak doing. Having pictures taken of myself and large, tooth filled fossils. It was great. I loved every minute of it.

I had forgotten how much I missed paleontology. Not the finding the fossils. Or identifying them. Or even preparing them. Though I have worked at doing all three and it is fun. But my true love is simply holding them, knowing as much as I can about them, and then telling other. Not teaching them, because I hate teaching. I hate the tests, and the quizes, and the attendance. I hate the way it can kill almost anyone's love of any subject.

But talking about them to anyone who will listen? Yes, I love that. I miss that more than I thought possible.

I wish I could go back to the paleo lab. Forget about the rest of college. I just loved standing there, listening to the grad students, argueing with them when I could. I love the sound of the turtle tanks, the smell of reptiles and plaster. I miss the trombone case no one claims, and the sight of rows upon rows of casts and fossils.

Most of all, I miss hearing the echoes of agesgone past. The smell of sulphur swamps. The bellows of a herd of titanosaurs. The tang of rust from the earth first ran red. The site of mammals three, four times the size of their descendants. Ammonites. Dinosaurs. Brontotheres, Ferns and horsetails. Lycopterids and angiosperms. Listen to their bones and you can hears the echoes of the ages.

Thank you, PAMS and your missing photograph. You've reminded me why I love paleontology so much.

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On Monday, October 1, 2001 at 07:40 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

this is an absolutely wonderful comic. Beautiful artwork. Only I recommend reading the prologue then skiiping to chapter three. You;ll be confused, but not as confused as if you actually read the first two chapters.

This weekend I went home to visit my mom since my younger sister was coming home from college. I got asked to go do various fun things, but no, I had already promised to go home. So I turned them down. So Friday after work when rushhour had abaded I went home. My cats were there to greet me when I got home, but my mom was not. So I went inside and started watching TV. There was nothing on, but my cats were nice and warm and fuzzy.

About 9:15-9:30 my mom gets home. We talk a little while and watch "Pasadena" together. It's nice. Then I want to go to bed. Usually this involves me sleeping on the couch in the livingroom since my bed is at my apartment. this is really annoying because the neighbors have installed a light which shines all night long. But I've learned to ignore it. Sometimes. Then there are sometimes when it keeps me awake all night long and I get no kind of sleep. This is aided by the fact that my mom likes to watch late shows in her room whichis right next to the livingroom. I need lots of sleep, but that never seems to matter to her.

But I had a plan. My sister wasn't home yet and her bed was open. So I stated that I since Mary wasn't home, I was going to sleep in her bed. So what does my mom do? She calls my sister to ask if I can sleep in her bed. Keep in mind, this is the same woman who let my sister start switching our when I left for college so she could have the bigger room. But now she has to call to ask if I can use my sister's bed when she's not even there? Excuse me if I'm a bit perturbed.

My sister is working till midnight, but her roommate gives me permission to use Mary's bed. I honestly beleive that if Stephanie hadn't been there, I would have had to sleep on the couch. So I get into bed, go to sleep, and sleep well. I get up the next morning to watch cartoons. the entire time my mom keeps reminding that she doesn't know when Mary will be back and that I need to make up her bed before she gets back. Annoying, but justified. I make the bed during a commercial break.

My sister comes home while I watching Digimon. She proceeds to stand in between me and the TV and talk in a loud voice to my mom.Okay, fine. I understand she's just got back from college. My friend comes to pick me up and we go to see another friend in Angier. Good. I need some time away from my family. Soem time to relax and hang out.

Not going to happen.

for one thing my friend drives like a maniac. She gets two feet from people's bumpers while we are f@#$-ing going 90 mph! This whole time she's also fiddling with the radio or talking on her cel phone or doing both at the same time. I was tense the entire time we were on the highway. I thought I was going to die. Finally, we get off the main highway and onto some back roads. Luckily, since we're following my other friend's written directions, she has to slow down and take it easy. Which is good for my nerves.

So we get to Jen's apartment, go get some lunch, start looking at pictures, reminiscing, and gossiping. I was having fun. Now the friend I went with has this bad habit of never calling unless she's having a problem with her relationship. Which was the case this time. In fact, it was one of thie things that I heard about on the ride to Jen's apartment. We got on the topic of relationships, which has been a touchy topic for me lately.

there is this guy I like. He sees me as a friend. Fine, not the first time that's happened. The problem is, he really likes a friend of mine and comes to me for advice. I want him to be happy, but I know from my friend that he's wasting his time. But she has no idea I like him. She makes fun of him all the time in my prescence. So I don't want to defend him to her for fear of ridicule, and I can't tell him I like him because I am a devout coward.

So I'm trying to explain my situation to my friend. She basically tells me how worse her relationship is/was. Fine, I don't want to get into a "mine is bigger/better/worse than yours" fight. But eventually the topic turns to sex, which being an educated virgin, I can hold me own. But it leads to meeting guys. And theat's when I realize just how little my friends really no me.

They're advice on how to meet guys? "Go to clubs, have a few, dance, exchange phone numbers with strangers." Understand, I don't drink. I don't like loud music because it gives me migraines. I don't like wearing tight clothes, or breathing cigarette smoke, or being around people that our drunk. I am a very private person. I do not like giving out my phone number to just anyone. Especially if they're the kind of person who hangs out in clubs. So I tell them this, or at least try to explain it to them. They simply tell me that I don't do it enough.

This really annoyed me. So I let drop something that completely floored them. I write porn. I thought they were going to have a heartattack they were were so surprised. I write lots and lots of porn which I put on the internet. I felt this wonderful cruel, vicious pleasure as the sputtered.


But I didn't. I rode with Crystal home. Of course, she decided to stop and see her Aunt on the way. Nevermind that I had told my mom to expect me around 5:00 so we could go to dinner. And while I understand that she hadn't seen this Aunt in several years because of her father, she could have waited for another time. Instead I had to sit in a cramped house filled with cigarette smoke, feeling like an outsider while Crystal and her Aunt/Aunt's fmaily bashed her father. Then I felt like a heel when after about an hour I finally made her leave.

Needless to say I was not happy when I got home. I was late. I was hungry. I had a headache. My clothes stank of cigarettes. All I wanted was to eat. My mom was asleep, so I woke her up and asked her about dinner. My sister wanted to go to Rocky Mount which is 35 minutes from where we are. Fine. I go ask her where she wants to eat. She makes me decide. I decide, but I need another sweater because the only one I brought now stinks. She lends me a sweater and I go to change into my other shirt.

Only to find that despite the fact that I kept it off the floor and in a closed room, the cats have somehow managed to use my one clean shirt as a litter box. I snapped. I could not take it anymore. i wanted to go back to my apartment I could not stand to be around my family any longer. I wanted to go where people actually knew me for who I was and not who they thought I was or who I had to pretend to be. So I gather all my stuff otgether, and told my mom that right after dinner i was goint back to the apartment.

so what does my mom do? She decides that then is the perfect time to put my laundry in the wash. Not during the entire day when I was gone. Not friday night when I had just gotten there. But right before dinner. Fine. We went to dinner which was rather enjoyable. But it meant we got home around 10:00. Especially since my mom decided to chat with my grandfather (who came to dinner with us) for awhile. It's an hour drive to my apartment. And my clothes hadn't been put in the dryer. My mom tries to use this to get me to stay the night.

I literally picked up my stuff, told her I would get my clothes some other time, and got in the car. My car had less than a quarter tank, and was riding on E most of the way home. I refused to stop. My car ran on prayers those last few miles. I wanted to get to my apartment.

I wanted to get to my true home.

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On Wednesday, September 26, 2001 at 01:41 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

I've been on the #acidreflux channel of IRC alot lately. Kemayo is one of the people who frequents both the IRc channel and the message boards. Neither or which i feel like linking to right now. So there. But he got mentioned in tenshi no Korin's Livejournal which for me was kind of shocking. Someone I know getting mentioned in one of my favorite yaoi authoress's livejournal.

I've also been sick. Very sick. As in I'm at home right now instead of work. With a fever and chills. And a keyboard who's arrow keys are not working. Crap.

I have been on an Ani kick lately. So the 29th part is almost done. there will have to be a 29.5 part because once again Tsaiko has miscounted. I also found my character design notecards. So I hope to have some character bios up on the site. Hopefully soon.

Kari has finally moved into her new apartment and has her computer fixed. I have to remember to draw and send her a letter to her new address. Yeah, I can remember this. Right. With her computer fixed she can update her livejournal more than once a month. Nudge, nudge, hint, hint.

I am still without a computer in my room or a computer that reads wps files. Which is a pain since I have Ani 30-32 written. Just not in a file format that I can get at. And I am NOT re-writing these things. Double crap.

Do pickles smell when they go bad? Because I just dropped a large chunk of pickles on my roommie's floor and now I can't find it. Where are you pickle? Please show up against our nice beige carpet. Please?

Triple crap.

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On Monday, September 24, 2001 at 05:30 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

I am sick. So incredibly sick. So you guys are getting a fragment for my original yaoi story. I write other entries later.

From his perch high within the branches of a fire maple, Hayashi watched the kitsune village. The carved wood of a bow hung loosely in one hand. A arrow fletched with pale goose feathers was nocked on the string, but not drawn back. Yellow-green eyes watched the buildings through the leaves shivering in the wind.

He was angry. Correction, he was beyond angry. Hayashi was filled with a deep seated burning rage. A need for vengeance so great it blocked out everything else. It wrapped around his chest, squeezing so hard it hurt to breath. It?s not grief. It can?t be grief. I can?t afford grieve. Not yet. Not until I make him pay for what?s he done. Not until I destroy my brother?s killer.

As if summoned by his thoughts a dark-haired kitsune stepped through a doorway. Hayashi recognized him immediately. Never mind that almost all of the Black Fox Clan were dark haired. Never mind that the tiger-half was over a hundred feet from his target. Even at twice the distance, Hayashi would be able to recognize that kitsune. A look, a turn, a gesture, the way he ran his hand through his hair, the measured pace of his stride. All served to betray his identity to Hayashi.


Ignoring the confusing surge of emotion the name invoked, Hayashi rose from a crouch. The branch was rough beneath his feet, and his clawed toes dug into the wood. They provided stability as he carefully drew the arrow back on his bow. This is it. Once I release the arrow there is no going back. I will kill him, or die trying.

His arms quivered slightly as he held the bow drawn for much longer than seemed possible. Even in his rage, Hayashi hesitated to bring both humiliation and death to Kojiro. Sudden laughter from the village caused his cat ears to twitch. He?s laughing. The bastard killed my brother, and he?s laughing as if everything is still okay. How dare he.

With deadly speed, the arrow flew over the protective wall towards its target.

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On Thursday, September 20, 2001 at 05:01 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Today's URL comes courtesy of Delphina, shown and sent to me by my friend Cneko. I'll agree with Delphina's public service anouncement. Now onto why I didn't get a fragment up and what my day has been like.

Would the real Mike Johnson please stand up?

It seemed like such a simple task.Call up a certain company, and get either the fax number or email address for one Mike Johnson. You see, one of the events my company sets up had to be moved to a new location. The reason? The factory that was hosting the event only had enough room for 30 people. 76 were signed up. I emailed everyone we had an email address for, and faxed out those I had fax numbers for. Then I was to call up the other companies and get a fax number or email address for those attending the event to inform them of the change.

I got one for everyone but Mike Johnson. Why? It seems that the company has five people working for it named Mike Johnson. Five people. Three of whom work in NC. So I spent most of today on the phone trying to track down the Mike Johnson who was going to the event. There were four contact people who i could call to try and find Mike Johnson. Most of the time I got voice mail whereupon I would leave a message explaining my purpose. Once, I got a live person. He directed me to Mike Johnson. The wrong Mike Johnson.

After confirming that yes indeed, he was the wrong Mike Johnson, he gave me a number to another Mike Johnson. Which gave me a secretary. Who directed me back to the wrong Mike Johnson. After playing phone tag for awhile I cam upon a brilliant idea. I would fax the information to the company with a note saying that it was to be given to the Mike Johnson attending the event. Great idea. Brilliant idea.

Bad idea. The company had four fax numbers. So I sent it to all four fax numbers. Which produced many calls from the company in the form of "Which Mike Johnson is this supposed to go to?" or "We don't have a Mike Jonson at this branch?" So Mike Johnson, if you are out there and really do exist, I hope you go straight to Hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

But next time you fill out a form, knowing there are more than one of you at the company, please take pity on us poor temp workers and put your f^cking middle initial down. Thank you.

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On Wednesday, September 19, 2001 at 08:41 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Everytime I'm about to start ranting about how ashamed I am to be an American, I read something like article above. And I smile and get a warm fuzzy inside. Especially when I realize that it's a Canadian writing that. That's it. no more Canadian jokes for me.

At least until I see Dan co-author for Acid Reflux again.

This might be a short entry. However, I'll be working on a story fragment to post later on today or early tommorrow. I was going to do a new layout. With new pictures that I worked very hard on. Pictures that have fragments of one of my poems Will you join me in the dance? in them. Did I mention I'm not above self-promotion? Because I'm not. However, the pictures have not been uploaded to the free hosting site that will allow outside linkage to pictures. Damn you, geocities. Damn you. Therefore, the new layout for my pitas page will have to wait awhile.

Some things just really tickme off. People using the WTC terrorist attack to try and get me to open their SPAM is one of them. How low can you go. I've donated what I could and done what I could. Do not send me SPAM trying to get me to do more or to go to your porn site. That is just tacky.

Speaking of tacky, here's something I heard on the radio. A lady called in who works for United Arilines asking for people to keep the airlines in their prayers. Seems that some idiot called in and asked if he could be upgraded to first class since, and I quote, "you (United Airlines) were responsible for killing all those people." The lady said she told him no, hung up the phone, and cried.

It's people like that that give America a bad name. Everytime you see something like that, be the smart one, the level head, and tell these people exactly where they can go and what they can do with their upgrades. Thank you.

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