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Okay, so the link above is actually to my friend Kari's LJ. But it's her birthday. And if her page were actually up and working, you'd be able to see what a wonderful, generous, and talented artist she was. Instead you'll have to scroll through her LJ to see the same thing. What you won't see is just what a giving, nice, and funny person she is in real life. Because that's what she is. Wonderful. And I'm so lucky to be able to call her a friend. So go visit her LJ and OOOH! and AAAH! over how wonderful she is. Go on! Then you can come back here and read the rest of this.

Have you ever had one of those ideas which strikes out of no where, doesn't make sense for a few months, then everything just falls into place? On of those ideas where you go "Nobody has done this before? But it's so perfect!" One of those ideas that makes your friends give you funny looks when you first tell them about it, but the more you explain it to them the more they agree that it should be done? I've had ideas like that.

The first idea that came to me like that was for One of Those Days, my Tasuki and Chichiri fanfic. Understand, the original idea for the fic was born in 1997. At this time, the only way you could see Fushigi Yuugi was through fansubs. The community was rather small, though growing. And I had read just about every Fushigi Yuugi fanfic there was. When I came up with the idea of putting Tasuki and Chichiri together, and then proposed it on the FYML, no one thought I could do it. I was the first to try. And I loved every minute of it. For one brief moment, I was the first. It was great.

I've since wandered away from the Fushigi Yuugi fandom. I don't think I've started a fanfic in that universe in something like three years. But I still remember how One of those days came about. Walking along campus thinking "You know, everyone assumes that Hiko was in love with Chichiri's fiance. What if the reason Hiko was so upset was because he loved Chichiri, and everyone just assmued..." That's where it started. With one little assumption. Although the idea to try and stick those two together didn't come about until months later. But it was spawned from that idea.

I haveing another one of these "What if?" idea. One of those that makes absolute perfect sense. I don't know if I'm the first to do it in the Digimon fandom though. I don't read a lot of Digimon fanfiction, mostly because I can't stand it. But Miome has. And while she's never read anything like what I'm attempting, we're have this feeling that someone has to have done it before. Lightning can't strike twice. I can't be the first again. It would be so unreal to me if I was.

Heck, I know it's not like One of Those Days. With that story, not even the basic idea had been done. I know that people regularly have the Digimon Emperor wander around in their stories. I've read stories where he's sleeping with Davis, where he's sleeping with Ken (0_o), one where he's going after Wormmon (ick), AU's where he's a seperate person, etc. So I know him being there has been done. I know that him a an alternate personality of Ken has been done.

I'm just going to try and do it better.

There's going to be a reason the Digimon Emperor is around. And no, it's not just to jump Davis's bones. Although that will be a part of it. Eventually. But it's more about popping the idea that the Digimon Emperor is evil because he's evil. I think I can do it. I've got one part written, another part started. I think this will work.

And now, I shall go write Digimon. Go me!

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You know, I've had several people ask me why I'm not a GM (a game master) for a role-playing game. I just smile and tell them "No, I'm not interested." They tell then say how great I am at creating stuff, how much they would love to be in a game I ran, etc. I always make excuses "I've never done it before" or "I can't think on my feet" or "I'm not really interested." In reality, the reason i don't want to GM is not because I couldn't do it. It's because the players wouldn't survive having me as a GM.

I have a very low tolerance for stupidity. Therefore I am part of the very limited school know as "sticky GM's." We've also been called "sadistic GM's" but that's not entirely accurate. We're not sadisistic all the time. Only when the players are blatantly stupid.

Player does something extremely stupid thereby screwing up the entire game and then wants you, as the GM, to fix it.
Tsaiko: Okay. I'll get you out of this mess. But here's a sticky for you.
Player: Why are you giving me this post-it note with what I just did on it?
Tsaiko: That's to remind me that I have to kill you off in a cruel, horrible, and humilating way before the end of this campaign.
Player: 0_o

And the more the player argued that they had done nothing wrong, the worse and more devious their demise would be. I don't tolerate stupidity well. But I am a firm beleiver that if you do something stupid, you have to deal with the consequences of your actions. Rule Number one: The GM is GOD. If you wouldn't normally piss off GOD, don't piss off the GM. If you don't normally argue with GOD, don't argue with the GM. If the GM says the situation is impossible to get out of, don't start blaming the GM for lack of imagination. After all, the GM didn't get you into the mess, they aren't going to get you out of it.

Now, let me give an example of what I would do as a GM in a certan sitaution. This is something that actually happened to someone while they were GM-ing. They told it to me and asked what I would do in the situation. Pingu, here's my answer.

The situation: You have a group of five adventures who come across a town. The town, they learn, is infected with a magical plague. The person they talk to suggests they go see the mayor of the town. What the GM is planning is a quest for them to help the town. What do are intrepid adventurers do? They proceed to burn the town down, kill the five hundred people in it, and then claim all the gold and experience for themselves. Then, they turn to the GM and ask "Where's the dungeon?" Good-bye carefully plotted out storyline.

Tsaiko's answer to their question: I would inform the players that the nearest other sity was a few days away. Maybe they would find a sign or something to direct them. Then they would start off. Except killing five hundred people= five hundred angry ghosts.

Congrats! These five players are now haunted, only in different ways. Player one gets paranoia. He keeps having his stuff stolen/moved around. And since they don't know about the ghosts yet, he's going to blame his fellow adventures who of course deny having touched his stuff. Player two gets schizophrenia. He sees and hears things that no one else can see or hear. Player three is cursed. Everything that possibly can go wrong, does go wrong. His luck stat plummets to unbelievably low levels. Player four begins suffering dementia. He can't concentrate or remember anything. Player five is the only one who knows what's going on. The problem? No one beleives him. He can see the what the ghosts are doing, but can't convince anyone that it's them. As a GM, I would make sure to cast lots of doubt and suspicion on him. Play with their minds.

Eventually, the players will figure out that something is wrong. Every day/week their various mental problmes get a little worse. I could be extra cruel and have them attacked while journeying to the town. Imagine trying to fight while hearing voices yelling "There! To your right! That guy's trying to kill you! Behind you" or while not able to concentrate on what you're doing or to go and use your weapon only to find it gone.

If these players decide that they need an exorcism, they better hope like Hell they don't make these plans known to the ghosts. Or worst, try to exorcise them themselves. No one in that party should have the strength to exorcise 500 ghosts. One ghost, but not five hundred. And if they get rid on one, all the others will be twice as bad. Same thing if they talk about getting rid of the ghosts. So the adventurers only option is to find a priest and have an exorcism. Fast.

Only, what priest is going to exorcise all those ghosts? all the honest priests are going to take on look at the ghosts, ask the adventurers why 500 ghosts are haunting them, then refuse to exorcise them. It's called punishment. So our adventurers have to rely on a corrupt priest> At this point, they would have two choices. A) they could go with a priest that charges a couple thousand gold per ghost. B) They could become the indentured servants to a corrupt priest who will keep the ghosts at bay, but threatens to have them return in the event he dies or they don't do what he says. Depending on what the adventurers choose, I would continue with the plot.

I love my ideas.

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You know, there's nothing that pisses me off more than someone who decides to host my fics without my permission on a site in a foreign language. Then lists my real name instead of my screen name. Then has the wrong contact information. And to top it all off, doesn't have the complete series. DAMMIT IF YOU ARE GOING TO STEAL MY FICS FOR YOU PAGE AND GIVE ME CREDIT, GET YOUR INFORMATION RIGHT. AND TAKE THE WHOLE SERIES.

I don't mind people hosting my fics. In fact, I am very flattered when they do. But I have very specific rules about it for a reason. People have tried to claim my stuff as their own before. Heck, one girl even rewrote on of my stories then claimed it as original. Then she had the nerve to ask if she could host my stories. I was very much not amused. You do not take one of my stories, change every third word, then claim it as your own. Not without inciting the wrath OF THE VERY PISSED OFF WRITER. Who is not above contacting your web hosting company and having them remove my stuff for you should you decide to get pissy about removing it yourself.

This is one of the reason why I decided long ago never to host or take anything unless it was by me or my cohort, Miome. Because it's too easy to start by saying "This person is so cool. They won't mind if I borrow this picture to make a web graphic" or "This person won't mind me putting their story up. In fact, they'll be flattered that I like their story." Heck yeah, they will mind. I mind. So I decided that if I didn't want my page to look really bare, then I was going to have to fill it with my own work.

I so want to put a link up to this person's site. I so want to put a link to the person's email. Have all you, my loyal fans, email her nasty little emails. WHAHAHAHA. But I won't. And I probably won't contact her about the site for a day or so. Because unlike some people on some mailing lists I know, I refuse to write email when I'm angry. It doesn't help anything and often just makes the situation worse. I can wait. And when I do email her, I'll be very polite and ask her to change my contact information and ask her when I gave permission for her to host my fic. There is a chance I gave her permission, but somehow, I doubt it.

Now on to more cheerful news. I added a picture to my Fantasy Art page. It's the celestial tiger Byakko that can be seen in the title graphic for Yes, I am pimping my site like mad on my pitas page. Why do you ask? I have a few other picture on Miome's computer which I will also put up before the great move. Note to self: must start moving picture over to other site. Erg.

Worked on some Digimon Season 2 fanfics last night. One part done, part of the seonc part done. Checked my stats on the geocities page and found that my Shortest Digimon Fanfic Ever has over 150 hits. Good lord. Coming Out has over a hundred. Well, we can see what series is popular right now, can't we? Hopefully, I'll have the third part of the (A)typical Gundam Wing Fanfic typed up. I was going to put a part inbetween this part and the one before it, but decided not to. I want to get to actual plot, what little there is of it, soon.

Finally, I was doing my usually reading through blogs when I noticed that Ann of Takoyaki Journals has a link to me in her blog. :does the dance of joy: So hi!

That's three whole people who link to me. Twig and May. I would love to say that when I'm linked by fifty blogs, I won't be this bad about each new link. But I know better. I will be this bad.

I'm such a fangirl at heart.

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The above link was sent to me by a friend. I have no idea what it says. I have no sound on this computer. For all I know, the vampire is reciting a list sexual positions he's tried last night. But it looked amusing. What I watched of it...

I've larned that if I want people to visit this page, I need to update early and often. Well duh. But I do know I'm giving my little nedstats counter hissy fits. it keeps trying to predict how many people will visit my page. The thing is, I know what equations and models it's using to make that prediction. It's the exact same models and predictions used by businesses to predict how much product they'll need to make for the upcoming months. What this poor little program doesn't take into account is that the number of visitors is based on if I update and how early in the day I update. Poor little program. It never has a chance of being correct.

While searching around the web, I came across an author that I used to really love. Madam Hydra write some one of the creepiest and bestest Duo's ever. So if you're into Gunda Wing, go check her place out. She also has Ranma 1/2, Weiss Kreuz, Saiyuki, Kenshin, FFVII, and FFIX stuff. I would be interested in reading her blogs but... she doesn't seem to update them much. Oh well. She's got an LJ so I'll just add her to my friends list.

Let's see... what else was I going to write about... Oh. All my good, old rants are up on All 19 of them (good lord, I'm wordy). Every in the #acidreflux seems to really like them. So yeah! As soon as Miome writes the Perl script to change all the colors of my pages to the new colors I'll have more up. After talking to her, I found out the Perl script will also fix the little boo-boo I did on the pages already up. Gah. The links are supposed to be the lighter color before you click on them. Not after. Tsaiko no baka.

You know, nothing screams "Trust ME!" like someone with an AIM screen name lzjkvzbnmfd. Yesterday, a person IM'ed me using a screen name very similar to that. One achieved with the random button pushing method. It was a link title "My sister and the Family Dog." I didn't even bother clicking on it. I simply just blocked the person. Do I know for sure it was porn? No. But I can make an educated guess. It's rare I get AIM porn. Unlike one of my friends who said her job was "Porn Star" in her profile. you wouldn't believe the number of people who IM'ed her over that -_-;;

Someone has left a Word Book II on my desk. It's one of those books that has a list of how to spell some of the most commonly used words in the English language. There was no note, no mention of the book, and no one has come to reclaim it. It just sits here, on my desk. Staring at me. I get the distinct feeling someone, somewhere is trying to tell me something.

I just wish I knew who had left it on my desk.

In a completely random train of thought, I always thought the dictionaries were the stupidest books ever. In order too look up how to spell a word, you have to already know how to speel the word. While this is great for words like "hyperbole" where you can kind of sound out the syllables and find it easily, it confuses the hell out of you if your looking for a word like "rendezvous." Every spend fifteen minutes looking over in the "ro-" or "ra-" sections of the dictionary for a word that could be found in the "re-"section? And if it's not pronounced close to how it's spelled, how do you recognize the word when you see it? Because I can remember not knowing rendezvous when I first saw it.

Here's some help if you have no idea what the word I'm using is. I guarantee you've heard it before if you use the English nature with any kind of frequency.

In the course of writing this entry, I've used the "Word Book II" three times. I think I may keep this thing.

Final note. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go plunge the squid from my toilet." Thanks again for the compliment Kalzar. ^_^. And never wish that you can use phrases like the previous one. Because life has a way of snickering behind your back nad making you regret that wish.

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Look at it this way Twig, anything you put down can't possibly be as bad as what the morons in the link have done. I too remeber tha pain that is typing up your resume. The trick is not to lie. Oh no. It's to exaggerate beyond all reason. Remember, hyperbole is your friend. An example taken from my old resume about the Dairy Queen. And no, I feel no worry about posting this up here. If I'm being hired on the basis that I once worked at the Dariy Queen, then shoot me and put me out of my misery. Dates and locations have been changed anyway. Just in case:

Worker at ----------- Dairy Queen, --------, NC September 199- to August 199-, 12 hrs/wk. -- What this really means is I only vaguely remember starting there during my senior year. I know exactly when I quit. I have no earthly idea how many hours a week I actually worked. I think I got this figure from a random number generator.

I worked behind the counter making ice cream products, and running the cash registers.-- My job was to make Blizzards and ring up customers. I was a cashier. Period. That's all I did. But that's never good enough for a resume. oh no. You have to actually make it seem like you weren't just another worker hired to be a fast food drone.

Did some arranging of employee schedules-- Repeatedly had to reschedule myself and other people because my manager never could figure out that when I said "I can't work from 8am to 5pm weekdays because of school" I really meant "I can't work 8am to 5pm because of school." You'd be amazed at how difficult it is for some people to understand this.

Dealt with any customer problems while on duty.-- Means whenever no one else wanted to deal with some idiot who thought this was "Burger King" and everything was "your way right a way" I got to do so.

Opened/closed store-- Opened one time because my manager forgot to show up. During closing, my job was to reach my hand into the ice cream machine and clean it. There's nothing like having your entire arm stuck into a narrow hole filled with half-melted, watery ice cream. Eww.

Trained new employees-- Trained my replacement. Made sure to snickers lots behind their back.

Deposited receipts.-- Once. But it implied, as one resume guide put it, "a higher level of responsibility than other duties." So I stuck it in.

As bad as the resume writing process is, writing cover letters is worse. They tell you to tailo your resume to each individual job. Yeah right. You can get away with a standard resume and no one will notice. But you can't do that with cover letters. No. The resume is supposed to be nice and impersonal, but the cover letter is supposed to reflect your true nature and individuality. I'm sorry, but my true nature when job hunting is desperate. Yet somehow I doubt they're going to hire me if my cover letter reads like this:


Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go apply for a job.

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On Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 12:35 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Looky, looky! I have my own domain name with a webpage up. Sure, it's a crappy filler page until I can come up with something more substantial. But the sheer fact that's it's a webpage counts for something, right? Right?

Well, yesterday broke the record for number of people to visit this page. A whole 39 hits in one day. I expect more when I get my webpage up and running. You see, I'm going to include a page of rants. Yes soon classics like the Possessed Toaster Rant or the Why do Mecha have Codpieces Rant will be up and formatted for you're viewing pleasure. no more of this going through my archives to find that perfect rant. Oh no. Soon such entertainment will be but a mouse click away from your eyes.


In other news, thanks to all the people who asked about the apartment. It's mostly fine except for the lingering odor of damp. Damp has it's own particular smell. A strange blend of cold and mold and dankness and mildew. In other words, damp. We're working on way of getting rid of the smell. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I think that's about all for now. Hort entry, but I'm trying to format my webpage/ I'm HTML-ing at a prodigious rate. You better be grateful. ^_^

Now, I am off.

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I have no sound on this computer. So I don't know how blaringly loud the thing above linkis. I do know that the lyrics are wrong and funny. My network of people sending me this stuff is growing. WHAHAHAHAHA!

I would really like to know which apartment god I pissed off. And what exactly I can do to appease them. Manga? Anime? PS2 games? Offerings of slightly charred meat and undercooked frozen vegetables? Neutral beige carpet and white walls? My frist born child? Something? Anything?

Let me explain...

So my roomie and I got up bright and early Sunday morning (early being around 8:00am) to finish playing ICO. If you have never played ICO, go do so and you too will be spouting such wonder fun lines as: "Get on the square, chick. The square. *jerk the girl around by the arm until she is on the square* See this square right here? The one that moves when you stand on it and opens the door? Stand RIGHT HERE. Don't move. I SAID DON'T MOVE. Stop following me. Stop following me. I didn't call you, so STOP FOLLOWING ME. DAMMIT CHICK, GET YOUR TAIL BACK ON THAT SQUARE SO I CAN DO THIS PUZZLE! *jerk, jerk, yank, yank* STAND RIGHT HERE YOU MORON!"

So my roomie and I were on the last part of the game. You know, that one stretch right before you fight HER where there are no couches, ie no save points. We were happily playing through that part in the living room, almost to the end. Our 8 hour quest (because that's about how long it took us to complete the game) was coming to and end.

And then, approximately thirty gallons of water began to flow from the ceiling light and into our kitchen.

All I can say is thank god for kitty litter. You see, the kitty litter we buy comes in these wonderful 30lb plastic tubs. Five of them plus a large kitchen trashcan will catch about 30 gallons of water. This with accomplished with the help of various pots and pans to catch the stray drips, and a few towels to keep as much of the water away from our carpet as possible. Meanwhile, a stray river of water had found it's way to the lightbulb in my closet. So one empty planter served to catch that water.

My roomie calls maintanene why I do bucket ballet. This is where you continuously position various buckets and pans where new drips start and then do the fun manuever of dumping out water when they fills. Laughs and hijincks for the whole family! I also took the time to un-plug everything electris with the exception of the fridge, because at this point water was dripping everywhere. Finally, we get a call back. The repair guy is already on it. But not in our apartment. He's in the one above us. It seems that the water heater in the apartment above us broke, and the people who lived there called maintanence in and then left.

The maintanence guy shut the water off. Then came downstairs and switch the power off to the kitchen. And my roomie's bedroom. And the bathroom. Every use the bathroom by candlelight? An interesting experience, I assure you. So the maintanence guy comes in with the SUPER SUC-O-MATIC 2000 and gets all the water off the floor, carpet, etc. Then he dumps all the buckets our (and let me tell you, those things were not light either). He got everything looking nice, and then left. The entire time my roomie and I are finishing up ICO (WE BEAT IT!).

As for the stream in my closet... it's growing. I can see the stain in the ceiling and it is definitely bigger that when this whole mess started yesterday. I'm going to have to call maintanence in and have them replace it. Which means I need to clean up my closet. Which means I've got to do laundry. Sigh.

What is it about our apartments that this kind of things happens? This is the FOURTH TIME! Not the fourth time in this apartment. We'd be idiots if we stayed in an apartment where this happened four times. Our last apartment, the lemon of the entire complex, had this happen twice. A pipe burst in the ceiling of our bathroom and leaked through the vent. Leaving a very colorful array of mold and cold, slimey water dripping on you if you used the toilet. This happened TWICE. Which is why we are no longer at that apartment complex.

Then when we were moving into this apartment complex, a pipe burst and collapsed the ceiling of the apartment we were going to move into. They found us another apartment. Now, the water heater breaks and it's back to Niagra indoors. Only less spectacular. If it was more spectacular, we'd be able to seel tickets.

Is this a common thing for apartments? Do I have this to look forward to until I can afford a house? Having to always wonder if I'm going to be taking an unexpected shower why trying to get a midnight snack? Oh the horror! Oh the humanity (and not the humidity like I first typed out)!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go burn incense to appease the apartment water gods.

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On Friday, March 22, 2002 at 10:28 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

I forgot to post this in the last entry. A challenge in rhyme. I am such a nerd.

Onto the internet and into your heart
Come the evil and darkness to take you apart
They steal all your words, crafty and sly
Here roam the rhymes, the rhymes to vent by!

They tear at your soul, dance in your head
Make all those you hate feel envy and dread
It seems they occur when things go awry
Here roam the rhymes, the rhymes to vent by!

Sometimes you don't know where they will go
Sometimes you don't know why they speak so
Sometimes you wish they just wouldn't show
But they don't seem to care when you say "No"!

They creep out your fingers, slip out your tongue
They slash at your colleagues until they feel stung
And sometimes it seems like they'll just never die
Here roam the rhymes, the rhymes to vent by!

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On Friday, March 22, 2002 at 09:37 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

With such wonderful shirts as "I USED TO LISTEN TO N'SYNC WHEN THEY WERE UNDERGROUND" and "I GOT KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL WEARING THIS FUCKING T-SHIRT!" I mean, you've got to love that. And my personal favorite "WWJD (for a Klondike Bar?)" Nothing says love like a T-shirt specifically designed to piss people off. At least in my book. Hmmm... I really might have to get this one. Wearing it around on a University Campus who's main draws are Engineering and Computer Science will be fun.

Twig, you need to have a spray warning on that summary of X. I took a big gulp of water before reading it and my monitor almost got a shower. My company would not have been happy. And that would have been fun to explain. "Well, you see, I was reading this one girl's blog and she was talking about the series called X. What's it about? Well to start off with everyone is gay. They're trying to bring about the end of the world. No, I don't think I'd call Kamui the Anti-christ. He's not cool enough after that whole talking to the head thing from the movie. No, I mean like a decapitated head..." You get the idea.

So one of the coolest guys I know just sent me a list of Either/Or tests. You know, the kind where they put up a word or phrase and you have to guess "Is this a mutant vegetable or a Chinese cold?" Only weirder. So here's the list:
Either a Porn Star or a My Little Pony
Either a Yo-Yo Trick or a Masturbation Term
Either a Vice President or a Pokemon
Either a Marvel Characters of a Perfume
Either a Pasta or a Opera Composer

I sucked on all but two. I got every single one of the VP/Pokmon ones right. I would like to say this is because of my great knowledge in American History. Which I do have. But I think I can contribute this more to my great knowledge of Pokemon. Go Saturday morning cartoons! The other one I did well in was the Pasta/Opera Composer. Ah, my musical geekness comes forth. Because my knowledge can't be because I love pasta dishes. No. Of course not ^_^.

I am kind of saddened to know that I didn't get more of the Marvel Comic ones right. As for the Porn Star/My Little Pony one.... ^_^;;; Although what's really scary is not too long ago in someone's blog, I came across a very good point. They were talking about My Little Pony slash/yuri. I'm going to have to paraphrase here but they put it something like this "For awhile their were only female ponies. I mean, what did you think they did all day? Frolic around and make daisy chains?" I had never thought about it in quite that way before. I wish I could find the blog again. I thought it might be this blog or maybe this one with the nifty My Little Pony layout. But I can't find a trace of the statement in either archive. Oh well.

And somehow, the knowledge that My Little Pony's are doing inappropriate stuff still freaks me out less than Transformer yaoi. My biggest protest still stands"THEY'RE MACHINES! THEY CAN FEEL NAKED! THEY CAN'T TAKE SHOWERS! THEY ARE ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS!"

And now, instead of just a few random fics, there is a Transformer yaoi webring.

My brain hurts.

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On Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 12:46 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Why is it that if you are female, in your teens to early twenties, and you go to the doctor, it is automatically assumed that you must be pregnant?

Now don't get me wrong. I am well aware that is neccessary, most times very neccessary, for the health of the mother and the baby, should there be one, for the doctors to know whether or not I am pregnant. But there is caution and then there is the point at which you just royally piss me off. Asking me four time is enough. Asking me MORE THAN THAT IS GUARENTEED TO GET A VERY UGLY ANSWER FROM ME.

I have not been to the doctor in quite awhile. But I can remember the procedure. First off, the nurse asks in the presence of a parent, if you are pregant. Then the nurse asks if you are sure. Then the nurse takes you away from your parent and asks. Then the nurse asks if you are sure. Then either the nurse of the doctor will ask if you are pregnant, sometimes repeatedly. Lots of assurances are made to you "It's okay honey, we won't tell anyone. You can trust me."

At this point, I get very mad and for a very good reason. I am at the doctor's office because I am ill. Most times the symptoms of my illness cannot be observed in any way. I have to tell you that I feel nasea, pain, etc. That requires the doctor to trust me. By insisting on asking a question repeatedly, the doctor/nurse demonstrates to me that they are not willing to listen to me and take what I am telling them into account. This could very easily lead to misdiagnoses in which I would suffer. So I take this "we have to be sure" attitude very seriously, because I think it's dangerous.

The thing is even when I tell them I am 100%-sure-I-am-not-pregnant-because-I-am-not-sexually-active-and-the- closest-I-have-ever-come-to-sperm-is-sweeping-the-used- condoms-out-of-the-back-of-the-bus-DAMMIT!, I have still had doctor's ask me if I am sure.

I have and a lot of people try to justify these doctor's attitudes. I get lots of "They are trying to be sure" and "They don't want a malpractice suite on thirr hands." Fine. I can understand and appreciate that. But at what point did it become the doctor's responsibility if the patient lies about their condition? The doctor can only make a diagnosis based on what he is told. There is an implied doctor/patient trust that has to exist. And asking repeatedly still doesn't guarentee that the patient is going to suddenly start telling the truth.

I had one person tell me that saying "No" over and over again doesn't hurt me in anyway. To which I reply "Bull it doesn't." With every time the question is repeated, I lose some of my confidence in the people who may be responsible for saving my life. I suddenly don't know if what I'm telling them will even be accepted as the truth. Would you put your life into the hands of someone who didn't trust you? Who you were trying to tell what was wrong with you, and they wouldn't listen? I wouldn't. So in a way, them repeating the question does effect me. And it does do me harm.

And if harm is done to me because some idiot doesn't want to tell her doctor she's pregnant, I will come back and haunt her sorry @ss.

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On Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 01:38 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

On average 13 percent of the daily visits are made before 9:37. Based on the number of visitors of 5 today so far, today your site may have 39 page views (+/- 3).

Sometimes I love my counter. It's so optimistic. Althought now it tells me it's likely that only 18 people will visit my pitas page. Bugger. I guess it depends on when I update the thing and post notice of it over on Live Journal. I should make those lazy people who only check my site when I make some comment about it in LJ check my site once a day. But I won't.

Paleontology news today. Or at least stuff I know about that will show exactly what paleontologists are sometimes interested in. Specifically, parrots. In Terrestrial Paleontology one of the things we had to do was track the lineage of a certain animal.

Some people chose a very complex subset, like humans. The human family tree looks like an oak that someone took a shot gun to. It's very messy and complex and contains a lot "We think this might go here" kind of thing. So this guy had to do a butt load of work and found lots of contradictory material. Others chose something like the echidna (spiny anteater). This was difficult because not everyone knew what one was and the mammalian fossil records in Australia in in places, non-existant. Another not good choice.

I decided to choose a less complicated animal. Or so I thought. I decided to choose parrots. I mean parrots are highly complex, social birds. And since I know from my dinosaur studies that birds didn't crop up until the Jurassic at the earliest and didn't have all modern bird feature until after the Cretaceous (I think), I figured parrots were going to have a very short family tree probably cropping up in the Oligocene or later. For those of you who were lost by the previous statements, I recommend going to this explanation of the geologic time scale. Also, they are a well known animal that lots of people enjoy. This usually translates to lots of research. After all, everyone wants to know where Polly came from (okay, not everyone just us geeks). So parrots seemed like an ideal choice, much better than humans or echidnas.

I was so completely wrong.

You see, doing the fmaily tree about parrots was much easier and much more difficult. Simply put, NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE HECK THEY CAME FROM. It's like someone just plopped the parrots down and said, here you go. Know one writes about where they came from. The arguements about how macaws are related to lorikeets are related to cockatiels are loarge complex things with more cladistic diagrams that I ever want to see in my life. But no one knows where the buggers originated other than "We think they may be descended from pigeons." And they don't even know where parrots first evolved from!

This caused me, research loving Tsaiko, to have hissy fits. This paper took me months to research and another month to write. I was digging up references from the 1800's to try and put this thing together. I discovered stuff about the fossilized Cretaceous parrot beak that i never wanted to know. I learned that the oldest positive remains of parrots come not from Africa or Australia, but from Britain and Nebraska. The most detailed evolutionary information I could find was about the Kea and the Kaka and the Kakapo, all New Zealand parrots. By the end of the semester, I hated the birds. I hated the paper. I hated the it all.

I got an A in the class ^_^.

Nearly a year has passed and in the space of a week I see two articles which catch my eye. The Kakapo seems to be laying eggs in record numbers. This is good for the species. I think it's neat that it's the only nocturnal, flightless parrot as well as the heaviest. The other article which caught my eye was this one on the genetics of the dodo. Why the interest? Because the dodo is a member of the pigeon family, the same family that is thought to have spawned the parrots. So I think it's neat that more information about such a fragmented family tree is showing up.

And I can't complain too much. Doing that blasted paper was the inspiration for the Macaw Story, which is a fanfic based on Twig's really nifty universe. So all things considered, I can't complain too hard.

Oh what the Hell. Yes I can. That paper still bit, and I hated doing it. And if you ever need to do a paper on the evolution of parrots, email me. I'll send you all my references and wish you luck.

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A most horrible Mary Sue story with divine (or at least good) justice in the end. Thanks to Aki for the link. I guess I should make it known in my journal that I really don't update this thing on the weekends. But I won't. Because I like watching the stats on my stats page change. ^_^

Stolen Paychecks
A real-life adventure brought to you by the moron who stole my check

Not that I am bitter or anything, but that was my $626.14. So this grand adventure began on Friday. Payday. Where I get my small red inked check from Hell... I mean the University. My roomie was driving because she was over in my part of campus and picked me up for lunch. We're car pooling. Saving the environment and such. We'll call her car Place 1. As in the first place my check was seen by me after I picked it up from payroll. Which was after lunch when I opened it in my roomie's car abd put it on my clipboard. The clip board went back with me to my desk where it sat until 4:55pm.

Imagine 4:55pm in an office on Friday. The place is deserted. Eerily silent. Tumbleweeds roll down the hallways. No really. The compnay who cleans our office is not getting their contract renewed. I predict that by June (when the contract runs out) people will be fighting tooth and nail for toilet paper. I plan on brining lots of popcorn to enjoy while watching. And a roll of toilet paper from home.

So I'm sitting by myself at my desk. I take my paycheck out of the clipboard. Normally I would just take the whole clipboard with me in the car. But then I have a bad habit of forgetting about it on Monday in my car. That's a problem because my clipboard also holds my time sheet. So my paycheck is now free and I put in on my desk with my brush on top of it so i won't forget to take it home. Then, for some reason unknown to me, I put my brush in my pocket and pick up my paycheck. Then I get ready to do lock-up. We shall call my desk and the front desk Place 2. As in the second place I remember seeing my check before it went away.

Lock-up at my building requires me to tote around a clipboard and set of keys around in circles and up stairs in order to ensure that everything is shut off and locked. So in order to pick up the clipboard, I had to put down the check. Either at my desk or the front desk. I locked up, left the building, got into my car, and my little reminder voice started ping! "Hey, Tsaiko. Aren't you missing something? Like say, your paycheck? Which of course, made me realize that yes, my paycheck was still laying where I'd left it on the desk. I weighed my options and decided "No one else was in the building. And I'm usually the first one in on Monday. So I'll get it then"

I was wrong. so very wrong. Because unbeknownst to me, the paycheck gnomes were at work stelaing away my hard earned money. Either that, or one of the cleaning staff picked it up.

Flash forward to Monday morning. I come in, and can't find my check. I am frantically looking through my desk, the front desk, everywhere. There is no piece of paper unturned. I look under stuff, in stuff, I even look through stuff I haven't touched in months. Nothing. My co-workers see me and ask what I'm doing. I tell them I've lost my paycheck. At this point my co-workers start standing around watching me searching my desk. Then, they start telling me exactly how to search my desk.

Now I know that office work can be boring. But really people, is it so boring that you feel the need to avoid work by directing someone on how to search their desk? Then two of my co-workers start argueing what the best way for me to search my desk is. I frantically go outside and search my car, knowing it's not there. Then I email my roomie and search her car when we go to lunch. Nothing. My check is gone.

As soon as I figured out my check was gone, I called payroll and had them put a "stop payment" on it. Well, first I called the temp. agency, then got directed to payroll, then got directed to the worng person, then got redirected to the right person. I gave her the information and told her I would be in around lunch time. Then I had a small fit. A tired and stressed Tsaiko is not a pretty thing.

I went in today to fill out the paper work. I would like to say that University payroll service was very nice about the whole thing. I filled out the paperwork, had it notarized, told them I wanted the check sent to my house. Everything went fine. Then the lady informed me that if the check turned up before they re-printed the new one to give them a call. I just gave her a look.

I already look enough like an idiot by losing my paycheck. I have put myself through Hell over losing this much money. If I find the damn thing, I'm going to rip it up and put it into a trash can before I'll let my pride take another blow like that.

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Wheee! I continuation of the story from before. All comments can be left at the link above.

"If I did, I would be a much richer woman than I am now," the noblewoman replied. "Sadly, while I have possession of this map the lady who gave it to me did not explain how to use it."

Treval looked up at that. The fire had burned down to low embers, throwing more shadow than light into the room. Flickering light danced across the map before them picking up each tiny imperfection in the rich vellum. "The Lady who gave this to you… was she not the Wyvern?"

The noble woman laughed then, rich and honest.

"Oh lord. That is a riot. If she is the Wyvern then this world is in greater trouble than anyone can imagine. No. The lady, and mind you that is not a title for she doesn't deserve such, was a traveling quack. A charlatan and a fraud who had no shame about bilking unsuspecting crowds out of their money." The noblewoman shook her head, sending strands of pale hair slithering over her shoulder. "She was no Cartographer."

"If she…" Treval swallowed, almost afraid to voice the doubts the crowded his mind. He wanted the map to be real, not the product of a scheme to fleece the masses with false promises. "If she was such a fraud, what makes you think this is real?"

"I had the same doubts myself, minstrel," the noblewoman said with a smile. "But here's a question for you to answer: how much would people pay for a map such as this?"

"More money than I'll ever see in a life time," Treval answered without thought. A map, which guaranteed that things not only, stayed in place, but also showed you where they were? Wars had been fought over FireSoul's maps, the small winding roads he laid to rest being of vital importance. How much was a map that laid a whole countryside to rest worth to the myriad of dictators that still tried to hold onto power in the shifting lands?

"So why would a traveling charlatan, one who was reasonably well off but could have been rich beyond her wildest dreams, not sell such maps? Or not even want people to know about her ability to reproduce them?"

"Reproductions? She didn't claim them as originals?" Treval asked. The noblewoman shook her head.

"No. She never claimed that the map was an original. In fact she was most adamant that it wasn't. So I ask you again, why would someone not sell such maps if they were of great value? Why would she give them away to people like me? And why would one such as I, impoverished nobility, not use the map to reclaim the fame and fortune of my family?"

"I…" Treval started. The simple answer of 'I do not know' was on the tip of his tongue, but he held it back. Such a phrase was a coward's way out. The noblewoman who sat across the table from him was treating him like an equal, not assuming that just because he was male he had no mind to go along with his looks. She was demanding that he think before answering. The least he could do was try.

"She was a traveling charlatan. Not very rich, but could have been richer. You said she could reproduce the maps somehow. Wouldn't people demand to know where she got them? Might they not try and use her… knowledge by force? That would be why she never told anyone about the fact." Treval stated, speaking his reasoning and thoughts out loud. The noblewoman started to interrupt him, but he continued. "But if that were so, then why would she show it to you? Why would she give you the map?"

The noblewoman smiled. "'Tis that story which lead me to ask you here."

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Something Aki sent to me. I like that particular rant.

And now, with a brief bow and apology to Flidget for using her pitas page title as a title for my story, I present A snipper of "Random Acts of Cartography." (I normally wouldn't have used the title Flidget except it's absolutely perfect for the story).

Random Acts of Cartography (fragment)

"Come here minstrel." Treval looked up from his place beside the fire, from the first decent meal he had had in days, with great reluctance. The lady watched him with expectant eyes from her place upon the bed. Deep inside where no one could hear, the minstrel sighed. He knew that the promise of a free meal and a warm bed with no attachments had been too good to be true.

With a sense of inevitability, Treval slowly stood up and walked towards the bed. The thin blanket that had been around his shoulders fell to the floor. The minstrel had never understood why nobles had found him attractive. He was thin, tall, and a bit of a klutz. But in the past he had been grateful that whatever they saw provided him food and shelter when others could get none.

Now he just wished he was like all the other starving peasants in the world.

"Pick up the blanket and sit down here. I swear that shirt is so thin I could count your ribs through it." Treval quickly snatched the wool blanket back. Despite the thick thatching and roaring fireplace, the loose boards and thick bubbly glass of the inn let in too much cold for the minstrel's taste. Then he gingerly sat on the farthest edge of the sagging bed.

"Do you know what this is?" The noble asked as she held something out for Treval to inspect. The minstrel leaned forward, not quite knowing what to expect. It was a leather case, a round one, the kind that was used for transporting scrolls and such across long distances and hard terrain. Only this case was huge, nearly four feet in length. The leather was plain and dark. Only intermitted bands of iron broke its worn surface. "Well minstrel, do you know what this is?"

"A carrying case," Treval said. "It's a carrying case for documents and such. Why... why are you showing it to me?"

Instead of answering the minstrel's question, the noble lady asked another. "Yes, it is a carrying case. Quite unremarkable really. Why do you suppose it's so large?"

"To carry a large document." But before she could even ask, Treval found himself wondering out loud, "What document would be so large that it would require a four foot carrying case? Posters perhaps. Maybe a painting of some sort? Though I thought those were usually on stretched canvas."

"Good guesses all of them. And paintings can be transported rolled up in cases such as this. They are less likely to be damaged that way though re-stretching them on frames does it's own kind of damage. 'Tis not paintings I carry in here, but something infinitely more precious." Then the lady stood up, making an impatient movement with her hand. "The bed is no place to be laying out something like this. Fetch the table there, and I'll show my cargo in all its glory."

The command to fetch the table was said in such a way that it was obvious that the lady was use to being obeyed. For that reason alone, Treval drug the table over near the fire without thinking. Again, when she ordered that candlesticks or other implements be found to hold down the corners, Treval obeyed without question. In the end, the table was set near enough to the fire to provide light but not so close that it risked getting caught on fire. Two pewter candlesticks, an unused plate from dinner, and a heavy pewter spoon sat ready to be used as weights. It was only then that the lady undid the straps to the carrying case.

At first, Treval was too busy helping the noblewoman unroll the document to notice what was on it. The paper was thick, heavy slightly yellowish stuff worn soft around the edges. It had yet to brittle with age. Letters and lines were picked out with dark india ink, while the larger areas were filled in with pale washes of color: blues and greens, browns and reds.

Occasionally, there was a small doodle to break up the background. Here was a winged unicorn dancing over craggy mountains, here a fanciful serpent coiled through the blue-black waters of a lake. A gray wolf chased the wind in the middle of the document, breaking up the monotony of myriad tiny lines of pale grass. There was an entire edge devoted to symbols and strange writing, though what their purpose was, Treval could not say.

"So do you know what this is?" the noble woman asked. Treval swallowed then feeling awe overcome him as recognition hit.

"A map. It's a map of... somewhere," Treval said straining to make out recognizable letters in the decorative archaic block lettering used in the title. "A map of the Drakeheart Province. I think. The lettering is so hard to read."

"Yes, it is. But you read it correctly. I must admit, I am surprised. 'Tis rare to find a man, especially a wanderer like yourself, that knows his letters. Though it makes me feel more justified in showing you this," the noble woman said. Treval barely noticed the cryptic statement in his excitement over the map.

Questions crowded his mind. Where is this place? Does this really stop the cities from moving? How big an area does this show? How did you get it? Finally, after several false starts, Treval settled on one. "Where... how... who made this?"

"You've heard of some of the more famous mapmakers, ne? Rivendell who maps the largest of cities. Silvermoon who travals from village to country village putting the streets a right. Fortwyrd who maps the rooms of houses. And the great Firesoul who maps roads and can sometimes map houses upon the road. This was done by someone more powerful than all of them. Look in the corner here. See this symbol and the signature? This was done by the Wyvern."

Treval stared at the small innocuous drawing partial covered by the noblewoman's pointing finger. It was a dragon of some sort. Its wings were outspread, and its neck and tail were twined in serpentine coils. The dragon's mouth was open mid roar, its claws poised for tearing. The signature beneath the dragon was in great slanted, looping script. Wyvern.

"What is a wyvern?" Treval finally asked.

"A wyvern is a type of dragon with wings and back legs, I believe. Before the Shifting, there were woodcuts made of them. The Wyvern got the name from them." Treval watched the noblewoman trace the curves of the wyvern's body with her fingers. "There are rumors that the beasts live in the highest, most remote mountains. They prey on the sheep of farmers, but are rarely seen. Just like the Wyvern, they prefer to make their presence known in other ways."

"Other ways?"

The noblewoman sighed. "Nobody knows who the Wyvern is. But the Wyvern is, without a doubt the most powerful of all the Cartographers. While others put small things in order, The Wyvern can map whole countrysides. Houses, rivers, fields, forests, mountains, all remain stable under the Wyvern's pen."

"I've never heard of…" Treval started. Then he stopped, suddenly ashamed of his lack of knowledge. Being male, he had never been required to attend school. All the knowledge he had obtained was gleaned from his travels as a minstrel.

The noblewoman paused then, but whether for effect or from needing to make a decision, Treval was never sure.

"There is… a rumor spoken in dark corners, and in soft whispers. A rumor that the great Firesoul was not the first. A rumor that the Wyvern taught the Cartographer Firesoul all he knows, but decided to remain anonymous from the world. In this way, the Wyvern avoided the heartache and grief that Firesoul went through. Supposedly, the Wyvern knew what was to befall the first Cartographer to try and present order to a world of chaos and so passed the task onto Firesoul. There were bitter words exchanged, and so, the Wyvern was left out of the Naming."

"That's why I've never heard of the Wyvern."

"Not many people have. Except when it comes to these maps." The noblewoman ran her hands over the fine parchment. "Do you realize the importance of these maps? If people knew how to read them they could go anywhere without wondering if they were lost. Without their families wondering if they would ever see them again. Journeys would take days instead of years. You could set up trade routes without wondering whether or not you could ever come back. It would be… amazing."

There were dreams and hopes in the noblewoman's words. And wonder. So much wonder that it filled the room with the possibilities of what might be. Just like in the tavern's common room, Treval could taste the emotions of others. Then with his next words, he shattered the mood.

"Do you know how to read the map?" Treval asked, tracing the small symbols on it with his fingertips.

"If I did, I would be a much richer woman than I am now," the noblewoman replied. "Sadly, while I have possession of this map the lady who gave it to me did not explain how to use it."

I know I've posted a snippet of this before. My how it's grown.

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It's amazing what people like and what I have read. On #AR channel we were discussing romantic erotic ghost stories. Don't ask. But someone mentioned that they would love to read one. So I asked if they minded that it was yaoi? They didn't. So I passed on the above link. And then I proceeded to read this fanfic again. It's a Ronin Warriors (alternately known as Yoroiden Samurai Troopers) fanfic, but don't let the fact that you've never seen the series scare you off. I hadn't seen the series in over a decade when I first read it... three years ago? maybe only two... and it didn't matter. I was and still is one of the absolute best ghost stories I have read.

Nobody ever writes ghost stories at this time of the year. When the earth has just barely wrested itself free of cold grip of bitter winter. When icy hail and blinding snow have given way to cold steady rains. When the very first of the spring flowers, the sunny yelllow daffodils and pale snowdrops, viney yellow forsythia and cream colored narcissus. You'll find stories set in dying autumn, when the leaves turn to the colors of the earth and the warm, howling winds bring with them the chills of winter. In Japan, you'll find ghost stories written in summer, when the unbearable heat and humidity slinks along the ground fraying nerves and tempers and turning all to rot as it goes. You'll even find ghost stories set in winter, in the season of icy death and frozen earth, monochrome land and sky.

But you never find ghost stories set in the spring.

There's something strangly fascinating about mortality and immortality. The concepts show up in all human cultures, the idea that we were once immortal or that we could have been immortal or that once someone discovered the secret to immortality. And in the end, we are reminded of our own mortality through human folly or avarice or forgetfulness. We are the tragic heroes set against the backdrop of our own lives and deaths. So what more perfect setting then Spring, a time of rebirth and fertility and life? What better irony than a ghost story set at this time of the year set aside to glorify life?

Maybe it's because we, as humans, don't want to think of our own deaths in anything but the most abstract terms. Other people dying? Oh that's fine. But not me. I am immune. I am immortal. That couldn't possibly happen to me. Just to those other people. And when people become fascinated by their own mortality, we begin to worry about them. begin to wonder if something up top just isn't... quite right. I wonder if it's because we can see our own deaths reflected in their fascination.

Or maybe not.

But in the end of every romantic ghost story, there comes a point where both the author and the audience realize that there can be no real happy ending. They are dead, most times through very violent means. They can go to a higher place to be together. They can be reborn and try and find each other a new. But in the end, there is no way for the lovers, ghost and human or ghost and ghost, to be together. Their chance in this life was over with their deaths.

So what does the author do? Does the ghost possess another so he can be with his love in the mortal realm? Do they go on their merry way in the same way that countless specteral couples have before them? Do they continue to haunt the place of their death forever? Or does the ghost story end, sad and sweet and unfufilled?

I hope to write a ghost story one day. One filled with hope and love and betrayal and pain. One that will tug at the heart strings, and make you wish and pray that in the end, things will be all right. In reality, in the end, somethings are never all right. But sometimes, it's better for them not to be. Happiness and faith can remain even with out the perfect happy ending.

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Hehehehe. I approve.

Life has been very, very busy lately. I mean very busy. So a lot of stuff has gotten put on hold. Like the Vagrant Story geology thing. And re-doing my webpage (I'm going to sign up with Dreamhost as soon as I get some info. from Chris about the domain her registered for me so I need a much neater, nicer layout. Work has been burying me. But last weekend I saw Rent, had a picnic lunch, wrote some, and visted with my family. I actually enjoyed the visit for a change. But that's not what I'm going to talk about today.

Today, I am going to talk about RPG Maker 2000.

As most of the people who read this page know, I am attempting to make an RPG using RPGMaker 2000. It's a downloadable program for the PC. It is crack for the writer's soul. Imagine getting to see your characters running around actually doing your storyline. The wonder! The glory!


You have to have a switch for everything. I mean everything. If you pick something up, that's a switch. If you don't want the characters to be able to pick it up repeatedly, that's another switch. And it took me for freaking EVER to figure out how to do that. You need a switch to move from building to building, and then back into the outside world. A switch for it to rain or snow. A switch for it NOT to rain or snow in buildings which has to be placed in EVERY SINGLE BUILDING. ARG!

What makes it frustrating is I know I'm going to miss something. I'm going to finish this thing, play through it, have my friends play through it, put it out on the web, and then discover that it snows in the main castle. -_-;; Or one of the rooms. Or I'm going to make a mountain pass which no one can walk through because it's too narrow (don't laugh, I discovered one such place when testing out a map last night). Or that I'm going to place a chest somewhere that it can't be reached and it will contain a very important item which you need to continue the game. My luck usually runs like that.

Soon I'm going to have to figure out how to get people to join my party. I haven't quite gotten that far yet. I'm working on many different parts at once. Though I am in the processes of making a more complete listing of weapons, items, armor, shields, etc. I'm thinking of imposing the book rule. Where you have to learn spells and such from books. I think it would be nifty to have in there. I'm also working on different monsters and monster groupings. I have a silver gryphon, many different colored slimes (green and red and blue right now. Soon I'll add gold and silver and white and purple and maybe a nice fushia slime...)

I'm actually enjoying this though it's hard to know when you're making the enemies too hard or too easy. That's what my guinia pig... I mean, roomie is for. Intial beta-testing. Here's some advice to people. Having monsters attack every 15 steps is real annoying. Instead of attacking every 15 steps, they attack every 5 to 15 steps. Way too often. I'm going to have to fix that.

The names are the worst. I have a hard time naming my characters in stories. Now I have to name them in my game? Arg! Can't I just call them A,B,C, etc? No? Crap. I'll be glad when I get done with re-doing all the faces. Why do most of the guys look constipated and most of the girls look clueless? So I'm working on graphics for my game as well as the game itself. This is always fun. Not. But it does let me customize various things (why do I have five different colors of horses running around? No reason...) And somehow, I'm going to put a unicorn in this game. I don't know how yet, but I will do it. I hope.

I now have a much greater respect for game designers. How do you know when stuff is too hard? Too easy? Too cheap? Too expensive? How do you compensate for people (like me) who click on everything as opposed to people (like my roomie) who want to click on nothing? How do you plan and do this kind of game?

And most importantly, how do manage not to make completely wrong typos at the most inappropriate times?

The world may never know...

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A small snippet from one of my novels The City Where Death Reigns. I had forgotten I'd written this part. I just find it vastly amusing. But then again, I'm weird like. This comes in mid-conversation. No, I don't know what they were talking about before. I haven't written that part yet.

Osiris leaned against the low stone, shooting the current Death a look. He moved his head carefully so not to disturb the heavy formal crown upon his head.

"I never understood that part of your relationship with your wife, Persephone. When you first met her, the whole thing with the pomegranate confused me. It seemed to hold more meaning for the rest of the court. Even Isis seemed to find some significance in the event that I could not." The elder Death shifted, causing the heavy gold of his pectoral to sway slightly.

Death gave the former regent a look. Then he laughed a harsh, bitter laugh.

"Were you in court that day? I don't remember you being there."

"No," Osiris said. "Though Isis was in attendance."

"Persephone ate three seeds. Exactly three seeds. No more, no less." Death saw Osiris' remaining confusion and continued. "Pomegranates were once used as contraceptives."

"I'm afraid I still do not understand." Death sighed at the former ruler's ignorance. He then set about explaining it in as plain a terms as possible.

"By agreeing to stay with me and then eating the pomegranate seeds, Persephone was saying that I was good enough to sleep with but not good enough to father her children." Ah, the joys of explaining modern court politics to an ancient deity.

"Oh," Osiris said. The two stood in uncomfortable silence, watching the nightmares play in the fields. "It almost makes me glad my marriage with Isis was arranged."

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I love this Power Point Presentation. How many of us have ever wanted to do something like this? Beautiful. Just beautiful.

So, I haven't been posting much this week. Why? Because I've been both busy and tired. Busy at work trying to get stuff ready for a class next week. tired because I've had to get up early to give my kitties medication. My cats (Kira and Nadia) had to go into surgery last Friday to get their teeth cleaned and a few really bad ones removed. This was the first round of medication. Then Kira got sick and had to go back into the Vet. Second round of medication. The second round of medication doesn't seem to be working as well as the Vet thinks it should. Third round of medication. I swear we're keeping this Vet in business just by ourselves -_-;;.

But in the good news department, I've been working on my novels. I have three which I think may actually get completely written. One because the story just needs to be told, another because I've worked on it too much to not finish the darn thing, and a third because I just think it would be a neat idea. And I might re-write the whole ANI thing and publish that. But then I would have to write the next book in the series. Erg. More work than I want to think about at this time... let's move on to other things.

I find it very hard to describe my stories to other people. This is something I've noticed for quite some times. Because my stories often start not with a plot in mind, but with an emotion or an idea. Then I work the plot around that emotion or idea. So when I start out with an idea, and tell people "I'm going to write about Tasuki and Chichiri as a pairing" people go "Yeah, that's going to suck." Well actually, they're polite and nod their heads but you can see that even if I wrote it they would only read it because I asked. But in my head, it works. In my head I can see how the relationship and realizations start, how they slowly build. I can see the agnst and the denial, the acceptance and the betrayal. I see the finished product rather than the idea.

I write rather than speak, because I find my words are much more eloquent that way. So how I do I put my stories into words people can understand without writing them?

It's worse with stories based on an emotion. How do you express an emotion? I could say anger. Or love. Or pity. But that's not quite right. Some emotions are not that pure. How do you described to someone hopeless love? How do you explain the despair someone goes through when they have a truly impossible love at least in their eyes? I remember my friend Robbie telling me about an old Irish legend. In it, there was a guy who knew that if he loved a deer that ruin would come to his family and the deer would never love him back. But he couldn't stop himself from falling in love with the deer. What kind of things was this guy feeling? And how do you tell someone what it's like without writing?

As you can tell, very rarely do I start out with a plot in mind or even work with a defined plot. Most times there's room for change in my stories. Sometimes the entire plot will suddenly shift from one direction to the next. That always adds spice to life. It's how I keep myself interested in them. After all, who wants to write something when you already know what's going to happen?

But having said all that, I do want to talk about my novels a bit. Not much because I do plan on publishing these things and to give away the plot would be BAD. The main reason is that when I mention I'm working on one, people won't keep asking me about it. I don't mind explaining about my novels. But having to do it repeatedly to everyone really gets on my nerves. So I'm going to do a brief summary of what inspired them and what they are about. No details. It will be just like reading the back of a book. Only not as cheesy.

The City Where Death Reigns: This novel was inspired by an piece of lyrical prose I am also working on by the same name. I've been adding bits for several years and a piece of it begins each chapter. This novels take the most time to work on because I have to do research into world mythology. And British titles and forms of address for royalty. Next time I decide to combine world myths, Death, and court shoot me. Because these titles make my brain hurt on a regular basis. Basically, it's a retelling of the Persephone myths. Only Persephone has disappeared long ago. So you have a Death on the throne that's coveted by most of his court, an absent Queen that Death loves but who never loved him, and a poor succubus named Amaranth who is trying to piece together the puzzle of Persephone's disappearance.

Dance of the Hours: This one changes titles on a regular basis. I think this is now the fifth one? Sheesh. This is based on an older idea (specifically the one my friend Robbie gae me). Impossible love. I started working on the plot of this one about five years ago and have actually outlined it some. And of course, when I started writing on it, I realized I could throw part of my outline out the window. It's all in first person about a girl. Who fall sin love with a guy. Who, as far as she knows, is very gay. Then you have the guy's boyfriend, who is an absolute trip, who then falls in love with the girl. Can we say love triangle? This novel is much more agnsty and brooding than what I usually write.

Days of the Willow: I think that's what this is called. I forgot what I exactly called it. This is based on a very weird idea I had. One that's going to be hard to pull off. Start out with a Oriental based society only is stead of being ruled and run by males, ruled and run by females. The trick is to make it more psychological than average. No Amazons or anything. I'm struggling with it, but at times it goes really smoothly.

Okay, this post is huge. I'm stopping now.

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Why is it not one day after Emily recieves a vibrating tare panda pillow somepeople start mentioning them on their pitas pages? I find this vastly disturbing. The pillow that is. There's something vastly wrong with the image of a tare panda vibrating across the floor. The Japanese label even had sound effects. Buru, buru. But that mental image is still not as disturbing as the Hello Kitty vibrator someone showed me one time. "Back massager" indeed. And if I accidently call tare pandas "melting pandas," this is why.

I find that I have no desire to do one of my typical rants lately. I find it much more enjoying to do social blogging now that I know people actually read my pitas page. And the reason I'm posting so much this week is because I like watching the stats on my stats page. Does this make me sad? Proabably. But... but... someone from Japan visted my page (as did someone from Sigapore, Australia, and one person from Canada three times in a row). I know the British people coming to my page. I think. I hope?

May I know one of those hits looking for my blog and getting your page was, in fact, me. You see, I am a desperate google-bater who checks Google at least twice a month to see who is mentioning me. And I know you have, and I lose the link to your blog on a regular basis. Nevermind, that I try and read it at least once a day. I still lose the link. So occasinally I will type my own nick into google to get to your blog. Sad, ne? As for the beta of my game, I get the feeling this line applies: "His men would follow him anywhere but only out of morbid curiosity." I'm not sure if people want to play my game for the quality of the game or out of morbid curiousity of what I'll do with it...

Miome's Theory of Fan-girl Japanese
(aka, Why my Roomie Thinks Japanese Words Show up in English Fanfics)

This is actually an old rant that I first saw somewhere on Talya's blog and then some later justification for it on White Cat's pitas page. But if I remember right, even she didn't know why she did it. The rant was about how a lot of newer fans to a writing will include random Japanese words/phrases in their fanfics. Rarely is their a glossary when these terms are used even when some of the phrases are less than common. Sometimes the phrases are even used incorrectly. Some people like Twig, don't mind it much. Others (I don't remember who) foam at the mouth when they see them. Still others find it annoying or in bad form.

Now while this was still a fairly new debate going around the blogs, my roomie came up with a very simple and I think accurate explanation for why fangirl Japanese occurs in fics. Since Twig brought it up, and I've been meaning to share it anyway, now is as good a time as any. Miome'll be happy, since I've been meaning to do this for awhile...

Okay, assume you're the typical Anime fangirl just starting to get into the stuff. You're watching the sub of a series you really like. You don't know much if any Japanese. So while the characters might be speaking Japanese while you're reading the English, when you remember the scenes or go to quote it, you will hear the scene in English. It's true. I haven't watched Fushigi Yuu gi in years and when asked to quote lines in Japanese I can come up with "No da!" When Asked to quote lines in English, I can give you chunks of the dialogue. Not just what happened, but word for word what was on the screen. And in my head, the characters are saying it in English with the Japanese voices. So while I heard it in Japanese the first time, my mind has translated it somewhere along the way into English.

Okay, so you've listened to subs for a while and you start reading fanfiction/hanging out with other fans. After awhile, you start picking up words and phrases. Kawaii. Koi. Sugoi. Oyasumi. Omae wa korosu. you get the point. Now, when you're watching the subs, you're hearing Englsih until you hit a word or phrase you recognize. Then you hear the Japanese word. The character for that one brief second speaks Japanese in your head. You know. You understand. All is good.

Now comes the third and final step. You start to write you're own fanfiction. If you are anything like me, when you're writing your characters are there telling you what to write or speaking while you frantically try to get it down. The point is, in your head, the characters speak fan girl Japanese. You hear them occasionally use Japanese words in your head. That comes out in your writing. It doesn't mean you're trying to confuse your readers or impress them. It simply means that you're writing what you hear in your head, and what you hear contains fan girl Japanese.

And sometimes, there is no good English equivalent for a word. So you use one in another language and hope for the best. So ends Miome's Theory of Fan-girl Japanese as translated and butchered by Tsaiko.

Now here's a line my mind produced today. I have GOT to write the story it came from/is about. "So let me get this straight... you missed graduation because you were off boinking your best friend's alternate personality?"

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For an explanation, click on the link above. I'm not actually going to do this am I? Oh hell, yes I am...

Things That Can Suck my Wang
  1. People who bitch about speeding tickets when they were speeding
  2. People who nearly sodomize my car proving their masculinity
  3. Drama queens
  4. Bandwidth theft
  5. Uncreative people
  6. Stupidity
  7. Bad web design
  8. People who don't close their tags
  9. Carbon copy fanfics
  10. SPAM-ers
  11. Censorship
  12. AOL
  13. Pop-up ads
  14. Struggling to find a job
  15. Down turned economies
  16. Over-hyping by the media
  17. The media in general...
  18. People who who don't give credit where credit is due
  19. People who can't settle their own problems
  20. Hatred
  21. Typo demons
  22. Willful ignorance
  23. Broken scanner
  24. People who don't understand that writing is an artform
  25. Voice mail
  26. Having to call total strangers
  27. The need for locks on doors
  28. Lack of respect
  29. People who call and expcet me to know advanced engineering
  30. People who want the best computers, but don't know how to use the "on" button
  31. Useless comments
  32. Stating the bleeding obvious
  33. People who think geology=archeology
  34. Urband legends that won't die
  35. Lack of faith in my abilities

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First, a little push for the link of the day. Project Gutenberg is an on-line resource of all the books that are public domain. That's right. Everything that is no longer fall sunder copyright law (aka most aithors over 40 years? in print) can be found at this site. Poe. Lewis Carroll. Dante. Want to read up on your classics for free? Here's the place to go. Special thanks to PinguTG from the #acidreflux. He's such a literary guy. Thanks Pingu!

Twig I'm glad you like the chobits picture. I was worried about it because I have the hardest time doing shadows. So if I rambled on about how not good it was in the email, that's why. Just ignore it. As for Weiss Krues, yeah you can say that it isn't that good. In fact, if I were going to write one of those little back of book blurbs about it, it might go something like this:

Florists by day, Assassins by night!

It's Weiss Kruez, a new anime fresh from the hard hitting streets of Japan. Four pretty boys pose as mild mannered florists while secretly fighting against an international organization of terror. Watch each week as the boys suffer from more personal tragdey than any human psyche can stand. Are they really affected? Of course not! They're to messed up already. Want to know who is going to agnst in this episode? Just look for that black trench coat.

Of course a lot of my cynicism about the show comes from three facts. One, I read the fanficiton before watching the series. Good lord I wish I hadn't. Two, I red a review of the manga describing it as "Half a book of actualy story followed by half a book of instructions on how to draw the characters properly for doujinshi purposes." Third, I watched the first four episode at 1:00am after having spent the day watching the entire series of "Flames of Recca." (THU-THUMP. What's that sound boys and girls? That's the sound of a flame master getting hit by a Buick). So needless to say, this might have colored my viewpoint of the series just slightly.

And now for something completely different. What's really sad about RPG Gamer is about ten seperate people have asked me if the game I'm doing is yaoi. No. Then they told me that when I start working on a yaoi game, that they would be more than happy to be beta testers. I've had one person out of the blue ask me if they could beta test my current game when I get it to that point. 0_o; So ummm... I have beta testers but no game for them to beta test. I guess this is a sign I should start working on it more.

A final bit of randomness here. What is up with my subconcious? I had the funkies dreams last night. Including one where Kemayo was making flapjacks in my apartment kitchen. And Laura and Will were there making sushi rice. My granfather and my sister were in the kitchen/There were other people there but I don't remember what they were doing. I'd go into greater detail about what happened next, but that would be way to personal for my taste. Suffice it to say, my roomie was an idiot in the dream. After wards my sister and grandfather left, but my grandfather returned. He kept telling me that my mom had taken his checkbook and medication away. Then I chewed him out, and puch him to the ground. He didn't get up so I went back inside and called the police. Then he got up and started attacking my door demanding that I give him his medicine. Strangely enough, I was more irritated by the display than scared.

In the other dream I had a husband/wife team was leading an army through medieval England to conquer a castle. Only the husband was a were-gorille o_0. He became a were-gorilla when his wife and him had lived in Chicago. A local zoo was opened that was really badly run. The wife was part of a animal rights group so the husband/wife team spent a lot of time at the zoo. They ate there a lot as well. In the dream, there are these people who have the potential of become were-animals. These people will become were animals when they bite or are bitten by a strange animal. For example they won't become a were-cow from eating hamburger, if they've eaten it al their life or become a cat from a cat bite if they've been around cats their whole life. But something new and different... yeah, that will change them. So it turns out that the zoo, in order to save on expenses, was using the animals that died as a source of meat for their resteraunts. Guess what guy had been eating? Gorilla burger. Hence he became a were-gorilla,

I think I should use this as a reason not to discuss dreams in the #acidreflux anymore...

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Today I am feeling literate! The above link is to a poem that PinguTG was quoting in the #acidreflux. He found me the link to the entire poem. Creepy, but good. I approve.

First, the bad news. There is a chance I will lose my job soon. The company I work for has been handed down a decree from the all-mighty university. Fill all your permanent positions, or risk losing them AND get rid of all your temps. unless you can justify them and give a time limit on how long you'll have them. No more indefinite one, which is what I am. Also, it doesn't help that the position I currently am in does not have a permanent equivalent. My supervisors are going to attempt to justify my position and keep me on until June. But there is the real possiblity that that may not work. Sigh. Here's hoping...

Now, the good news. So on Friday me and a few friends went to see Queen of the Damned. Very good movie. Dark and twisted, but with some of the absolute best humorous lines to be found. For example (paraphrasing because I don't remember the exact quotes):

Lestat: How did you manage to slip through the '50s in crushed red velvet?
Marius: I slept through the 50's.
Lestat: You didn't miss much.
Marius: Elvis.
Lestat: Elvis.

Aaliyah did an awesome Akasha. She was both seductive and scary at the same time. I really think she could have had an acting career if she hadn't died. Marius was okay, as were the other characters. They were beleiveable which is always nice. Not stiff or rehearsed sounding like some movies *cough**cough*Godzilla*cough**cough*. And the movie NAILED Lestat's character. Totally beleiveable. No wonder they call him the Brat Prince in the books. It also helped that he was VERY easy on the eyes. Don't talk Lestat. Just walk around seductively across the screen.

Speaking of the books, I know the movie greatly deviated from the book even though I never actually got all the way through "Queen of the Damned" (or the "Vampire Lestat" for that matter). Because I know Lestat was at least a little gay in the books. I remember that much. But not in the movie. They managed to stomp every bit of that out of him. That was the only thing I thought was off in the movie. Which shows how little I remember/read of the books. ^_^;;

Now, since we're talking about vampires and we all know what other show deals with vampires, my mind had to go there. So I started wondering what would happen if the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Anne Rice's novels got together. This caused me much amusement at the time. Looking back at it, I think I may have been a little tired drunk.

If you like angst, just put Louie and Angel in the same room. Whine, whine. Poor me. Pity me. Listen to all the terrible things I have done. Listen to all the terrible things people have done to me. I mean really, it would be an angst fest! The two woudl soon start having a contest about who was more pitiful. Weiss Kreuz fans would be in heaven. Just stick the two in trench coats, make them florists, and then clone them both. You'd never know the difference.

Get the feeling Weiss Kruez is not my favorite anime?

After this depravity I then came up with the idea of sticking Spike and Lestat in the same room. Here would be the conversation.

Spike: I was made a vampire at the turn of the century. I've killed three slayers in my life time. Beat that.
Lestat: I was made a vampire in the late 1700's. I drank from the blood of the first Vampire, Akasha. I'm older and more powerful than you can ever hope to be.
Spike: Yeah. Well, you use to be a pansy noble.
Lestat: You use to be a bad poet.
Spike; My creator made sure I could still get shagged after becoming a vampire. When was the last time you got laid, old man?
Lestat: ... I don't remember.


So umm.... right. I think I'm going to stop now.

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On Friday, February 22, 2002 at 04:34 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Click on link above. Revel in my html skills.

Bored at work? Not really... why do you ask?

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On Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 10:10 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

I finally think I'm going to get my domain name off the ground. A friend of mine got the domain for me (thanks Sasami) but I've been lazy and haven't done much with it. But I finally have found a webhosting company I want to go with. I would accept your offer of hosting, Sasami, but you've got enough people begging for your help with computers and for you to do stuff. Besides, I want to learn how to do stuff on my own. Nothing will convince me to learn faster then having money at stake. So all I need to do is fork over part of my next paycheck to Dreamhost and redesign my webpage.

I just said I was going to redesign my webpage, didn't I? Which means going in and chaning every link because Geocities does funny things if you don't do the links a certain way. Excuse me while I go over to this corner and sob for awhile.

Archiving the last entires went over well. Yeah! That's always good. Last time I lost a whole bunch of my entries (including a really awesome fragment that I finally got just right). So I was much pleased when this time it went through without a hitch. Also, changed the counter. this one gives me more features, more otions, and more than just the number of people who click here for the same amzing price as the last one. FREE! I like free. Free is good.

Tsaiko: What's that sound?
Tsaiko: My free time? Where is my free time going?

What is that sound boys and girls? That is the sound of Tsaiko discovering RPG Maker 2000. It is pure, unfiltered CRACK. Especially to someone like me. Someone who writes stories, and has RPG ideas. Someone with basic graphic skills and who likes plot. someone who si going to make over five hundred items in this game. I have had it for over a week. I have made two towns. This thing is going to eat my life, yes it is. I have characters, and soon I'm going to unique tilesets. I'm already making ones where I change the expressions of the standard characters. My next attempt is the horses. Neigh.

I am still learning how to do stuff. Right now I'm mapping. Lots and lots of mapping. Cities and maps and houses, oh my! And making people. And comments. And I finally figured out how to make weather effects. Am I starting at the beginning and working my way through the plot? Umm... no. I really need to. It would certainly help. But the thing is, I've already got a large chunk of the plot done when I did my intial attempt at doing a game through html. It got hung up when I could get something to work right, but I still have the concept.

Yes, there will be yaoi in it. Mild, and implied, but still there. Maybe in my next attempt I'll devote the entire thing to yaoi. But this is an older concept that gets first priority. I get to introduce some characters that have been in my head for quite some time. Just need to figure out better names for them. Besides, I really like the main character in this one. A girl named Yuriko who has the dryest sense of humor. No, I'm not modeling her after me at all. Really. I'm not ^_^.

I want to type up two geology rants sometime this weekend. One I need to do research for. The geology of Lea Monde from Vagrant Story. Yes, I can do a geological analysis based on the video game. Does this make me pathetic? Probably. But in a geeky, geological way. The second rant is about questions or statements I get asked about geology that make me want to hurt someone. Maybe if I talk about them people will stop doing them.

Or not...

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