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On Thursday, June 27, 2002 at 08:20 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Sofia, that poem in Spanish has been driving me nuts. So I finally hauled out the old Spanish/English Dictionary (and with a little help from Google) and tried to translate the darn thing. So here's what I got. Probably not the best translation considering my last Spanish clas was over 7 years ago:

Heal, heal
Thorn of frog (?)
If it does not heal today
Heal tomorrow

Personally, I'm just happy I remember rana was frog. ^_^

So I've gone from helping some one understand the ins and outs of the marriage laws to finding someone an article on teleporting lasers to Panda porn to (badly) translating a Spanish poem. Welcome to the strangeness that is my brain. Thank you. Please drive through.

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On Wednesday, June 26, 2002 at 09:21 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Updated the links for blogs I read. Good-bye one link, hello two new ones. Fixed earlier error. Tsaiko no baka. And now to answer back the many responses I got from my last entry. *cracks knuckles* here we go...

Catt of course I wouldn't mind you posting an answer. I undertsnad about computer problems (boy, do I understand). I shall happily be waiting for your post.

Sofia, I've found that piecing the plot together on the fly works for me most times. Then there are some times when it doesn't. I have in my possession a 56 page story with a very loosely put together plot that whenever I couldn't figure out what would happen next, I simply added another character. Let me tell you, this is NOT the way to go. Of course, I keep in my this was written freshman year of highschool during my Health class in order to keep myself from falling asleep. It's purpose wasn't to be completed, but to keep me from being bored.

And there's nothing wrong with taking an already used plot and redoing it. Shakespeare did it all the time in his plays (like Romeo and Julie, Othello, etc). He took a very established plot and then put a new twist or told it in a new way. And nobody is pointing fingers at him. Also , there's been a trend among writers (Robin McKinley, Merecedes Lackey, etc) to retell old Fairy Tales. So reusing plots is a tradition.

As for your "stealth writings" I think I get ideas similar to that. It's usually when I ask a simple question. Ones like "I wonder if you can plausibly make Chichiri and Tasuki a couple?" Then out of no where, WHAM! Story. These are the easiest to create and sometimes the hardest to write.

Twig, editing for me is like re-writing the whole thing over. I chunk all the notes, fill in all the gaps, try to figure out why I decided to change the main character's eye color half-way through, and finally decide exactly how I'm going to spell something. And I think you write in an interesting way if for no other reaosn than you can actually stick with a series for more than three chapter and seem to write SO MUCH. You actually finish stuff. To me, that's impressive.

White Cat, first I shall have my small fangirl moment since the it was the Death Arc that first got me hooked onto YYH. Then I found your other GW stories. Then I recently found out you wrote Digimon. SQUEEEEEE! Okay, now that that's over with...

I've never found anyone who writes like me. I've found my roomie who tends to write in scripts and brief scenes and lots of action. Which is nice for me, because above all else I like detailing and fleshing stuff out. It's the reason why I have lots of descriptions of scenery alone sitting in my notebooks from when I wasn't paying attention in class. As for POV- if I write in third person (which is what I normally do) I tend to wander from one person's mind to another. Most times without even realizing it. When I write in first person I have the nasty habit of randomly changing verb tenses.

I have lots of problems writing linearly. I can and have managed to do it. Especially when I have something that wants to be written RIGHT NOW and is a short story. Anything longer I tend to want to write what I want to write. Which is the action/emotion/interesting (smut) scenes. Then I go back an connect them up. Like connect the dots ^_^. As for comments... mine tend to be stuff like (insert stuff here). Not nearly as amusing as a friend of mine who had such classics as something like (This character serves no real purpose. They're just here to look pretty)

You (I apologize, I'm not quite sure what to refer to you as. I always think of you as "girl who has the pitas page with the nifty chinese phoenix name"), don't feel bad about blankly staring at the questions. I had never thought about them either until I went to a Writer's Camp on summer. you kind of learn to ask these questions when one of your assignments is-
Instructor: Describe the inside of the Duke Chapel
Tsaiko: Okay!
Instructor: But do it as if you were blind.
Tsaiko: WHAT?
Assignments like that which really put your writing ability to the test teachyou really quickly to ask questions about your writing. If for no other reason than so you can figure out how you're going to do the assignment.

It seems that lots of people wonder how people write. I guess because it is something that you can only see the end result. It's not quite like painting where there's not a show telling you how to do it (everyone say it with me now, "happy little tree"). You rarely find anyone who talks about it in their books (Stephen King and Piers Anthony being exceptions if you care to read their Author's notes). But I know I'm intensely curious. It's nice to have others who are also.

And now, I go to read over the comments left in my LiveJournal. I may even comment on them later, when my brain doesn't feel quite so drained. I think this is one of the longest entries ever. Erg.

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On Monday, June 24, 2002 at 01:24 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Link of the day here because Miome recounted an old encounter from the dorm room. Nostalgia... I'm so glad I don't get it for dorm room life.

So I have spent the last two days writing almost nothing but Harry Potter fanfiction. There was a little Digimon in there (mostly one really GRAPHIC scene from Ken's dreams...), but for the most part it was all Harry Potter. Sirius/Remus, Remus/Sirius, and Draco/Harry. Three stories worked on in one weekend. Gah, my brain. Nothing finished because I am a SLOW AS HELL WRITER but good lord. I even started speaking with a British accent. this was not helped at all by the British show on TV.

As a side note, it's fun to write Draco. Especially when he's being obnoxious. I enjoyed myself immensely while writing that.

I've always been greatly curious as to how people write. I can see the end result just fine: words on the page that I try to inturpret to see if I can reconstruct what the author meant. But it's very hard to see how people write.

Do they do it all in order? Do they play connect the scenes like I do? Do they start at the beginning? The End? The middle? Where the action is and fill in the rest later? Do they write sentences at a time? Or paragraphs? Or pages? Or whole chapters? Or do they, like I occasionally do, sit down and produce a work completely from beginning to end? One sitting of furious typing and thinking and more typing to try and force everything down on the page? Do they leave notes for themsleves in the margins? Little reminders like "Add helicopter scene here" or "More detail needed" or "Look up what Hotohori's real name is."

I wonder what kind of thought people put behind their writing. Do they start with a story idea? A basic plot? An outline? Or do they start with a character idea? Do they come up with a description and then, like I do, struggle for the name? Do they start out with a name and the sturggle for an identity? A description? Do they occasionally write and feel the characters so vividly that before they know it the name and such is on the page and they are left with a strange feeling of "oh... I should have known that"?

Do they start their story with a setting? Or with a certain mood or feeling in mind? Do they plan it out, or start typing and see where the story takes them? Is it as much a surprise for them what happens next as it is for the readers?

I wonder about simpler things as well. Do they usually write in third person limited? Or third person omnipotent? In first person? In second? Why? Is there a difference in their writing style as they change from one point-of-view to another? Can they tell? Do they deliberately match up their writing style with the kind of story? Or do they just go with how the story wants to be written?

I've found very few people who even think about these kinds of things. I've found even fewer who are willing to talk and discuss them. I've met lots of people who want to tell me how to write, but very few who are willing to tell me how they write.

And I think it would be neat if I could discuss such things. Because sometimes when I'm working on something, I get the feeling that there has got to be a better way. That I'm reinventing the wheel over and over again when I don't have to. That someone, somewhere has stumbled across a solution but hasn't told it. Or doesn't think anyone would be interested.

I think that I would like to discuss writing with people. Not in the "Look at my story. C&C" sense but in the "this is how I build worlds" or "this is what I draw peices of the culture in my story from." I think it would be eye opening. I think it would be helpful. I just wonder if anyone would be willing to do it. Because you'd need a large group of people, and a large chunk of time, and you'd have to make people do it. I don't think many people would understand, and some would never get it.

I wonder abut such things, because writing is a lonely business sometimes. I just wonder if it has to be as lonely as we make it out to be.

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On Friday, June 21, 2002 at 10:07 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:


So, sorry for the lack of posting this week. Basically, people at my work have suddenly realize "Hey! She's only got one more week left. We have all this stuff we need someone to do. DUMP!" Also through mysterious devices I don't quite understand, my laptop will no longer connect to the internet. Which means only my roomie's computer will connect to the internet. Which means I cannot upload my new Digimon fic today when supposedly FF.NET goes back up. *clicks on link* Oh look, now the whole site is down as opposed to just the paid member area. Lovely.

Yes, Catt I saw the correction on your dog. So you have an Irish Wolfhound. Big doggy. One of the tallest at the shoulder (if not the tallest) in the world. If I remember right, they're sight hounds kind of like borzois and greyhounds. Only bigger and built for coursing through the woods, not open plains. All those people looking at me funny, understand that when I was younger I READ encycopedias. Especially those parts with many pictures. Like the sections on dogs. Or heraldry. Or interior decorating. So I can produce a lot of ecletic knowledge off the top of my head.

Oh no! I just found out that Twig is a "treehugging goddamn hippie." Who have I been talking to on-line? THE HORROR! My mom will disown my little Republican soul! I always find it funny when I tell people I'm a Republican. They look at me like I've grown a second head, or start backing away like I'm suddenly going to infect them with a disease. Though I swear, if my government keeps acting up and taking away my god given rights to be a complete moron, I'm going to vote Democrat next election with a clear concious. Stupid paranoia.

Yes, meia, I did read Jane Yolen's Dragon series. ABC (or CBS, it changed somewhere in there) had a show called StoryBreak where they did animated versions of various kid to young adult books. One of them was "Dragon's Blood." I only caught 3/4 of the show, but it fascinated me. I've never seen that episode again in reruns. So I went to my High school library and read the books. Sadly, I never got my hands on the last book in the series. The factory where they killed the baby dragons still gives me the creeps.

Flidget you should mention my pitas page more often. Because they day you did, I got about 20 hits from you alone. I don't know who's reading your pitas page, but they sure are click happy.

Lunar first rule about cats: nothing is sacred. I have seen on various occasions cats eat/drink bread, lettuce, envelopes, pictures (she liked the chemicals), powdered donuts, coke, sweet tea, and my personal favorite, a small paper ball. true, Peter thought at the time it was a piece of something edible that I dropped on the floor. But the fact remains he ate that sucker. So ignore the books and hide the strawberries! (and on a completely different thought... are strawberries considered a citrus?)

Have you ever looked through your referals and realize you finally got a hit from someone you linked to? Have you then looked at what you had on your pitas page at the time and cried? Yep, that's one person who's never going to link back to me...

And finally, the fanfic part of at The Happy Valley Puppy Farm has got me writing a Sirius/Remus story. Help me... help me....

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On Monday, June 17, 2002 at 04:09 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Again, one of those things that is so funny and so wrong at the same time. Warning: Yattta, yatta, yatta... do not watch if you are easily offended... blah, blah, blah... do not flame.

I see you have discovered the weirdness that is Bible slash. I think a lot of the stuff on Pit of Voles was written just to get flames. But some of it is genuine. Which gives me the creeps. I mean, I'm not exactly Christian but even I know not to screw with someone's religion or beliefs. The only thing about making people who write real people slash read it front of those they wrote it about, naked, is that some people would enjoy that -_-.

Twig, okay the rock entry is sponatneous. But when you study rocks for four years you start getting a little strange about them. I imagine those who study art history or law or anything else can regale you with some of the most amusing antecedotes ever. I have got some great stories from professors (who, I might add, were more than a few sheets to the wind) about being a geologist/paleontologists. So that's not all the impressive.

But the other rants and stuff that go up... okay, I admit ones like the (in)famous Possessed Toaster were written in fits of emotion. But a lot of them are made up of rants and thoughts and beleifs I've had for years. I've phrased them one way or another again and agin until they sound just right. Their like river stones. All the rough edges have been worn away. So please don't think I'm pulling these thing out of no where. They've lived in my head for years. It's just taken me until now to get them down.

Flidget I can honestly say I have never asked myself that question in my life. And dangit, that better not spawn a story idea.

Maybe I'm late to the party, but you have an Irish setter? I own and have read all of the Jim Kjelgaard series about Irish setters. Big Red, Irish Red, and all the others I no longer remember. Ah, nostalgia. And speaking of books i haven't read in awhile but still love, I present a list of books I read when I was younger and would love to read again. Strangely, it's in no particular order.

Books I would love to read again:
1) Howl's Moving Castle, Diana Wynn Jones
2) Calling "B" for Butterfly, ????
3) Irish Red, Jim Kjelgaard
4) Dragon's Blood, Jane Yolen
5) The Grey King, Susan Cooper
6) The Fire's Stone, Tanya Huff
7) The Blue Sword, Robin McKinley
8) The Hero and the Crown, Robin McKinley
9) Moonwind, Louise Lawrence (I think she also did #2)
10)The Ivory Lyre, Shirley Rousseau Murphy

Remembering those titles took more out of my brain than I thought it would. Why is it I remember the plot and the characters (though not the names) long after I've forgotten everything else? Going to write now.

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On Saturday, June 15, 2002 at 07:27 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Per WhiteCat, happiness is finally finishing a fanfic, looking back over it, and then cackling over the insanity you have just wrought.

Happiness is not almost setting you kitchen on fire while trying to make potatos. It is also not then dumping your first load of insta-potatos on the floor and then having to clean them up.

Happiness is then eating the next batch of insta-potatos and then an entire little bag of mousse pocky. Mmmm... pocky.

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On Friday, June 14, 2002 at 12:40 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

And no, that link above is not to what you think it is. It's about owning a very demanding contrary cat who does what she pleases. That cat reminds me so much of my mother's cat Xana. Except Xana doesn't have any white on her. She's small, finely boned, solid black and rules the house.

Anyways, I was surfing around the web and came across yet another rant about writing characters in character. Big whoop. Same old, same old. The advice this rant handed out was "Don't fall into stereotypical plotlines" and "angst does not equal good.'

This got me thinking of a problem I ran into when I was trying to find tips on how to write believable characters. That is, you find lots of people telling you "Make your characters beleivable" or "Give your characters depth" but they never tell you how to accomplish this. Instead they do one of two things. Give you really vague advice that pertains more to the plot of the story, or they fall for the laundry list syndrome. They never address the real underlying cause of the problem.

The problem is that an author's characters have all the depth of a parking lot puddle. The underlying cause of this problem is that this author doesn't see these characters as actual people. They are idealized, perfect even in their flaws. And the root of this problem is that at one time or another these characters were based off the author.

Nobody likes to be seen as an idiot. Nobody likes to be the butt of the joke. Nobody likes to watch helplessly as the world goes to shit. Everyone wants to be the hero, the main character, the one liked, the one pitited, the one people weep for. No one wants to give an inch. No one wants to be left out. No one wants to die without leaving their mark on the world. It's why RPG's fail. And ultimately, it's why characters fail to be human.

I've seen the standard advice given in these situations. The Laundry list syndrome. Write down everything about you character from what kind of colors they like to what cereal they eat in the morning, from what they wear to what kind of toilet paper they wipe with. Basically, the author is supposed to know everything about their characters and somehow this will 'magically' make them be able to write their characters with more depth.

I think this is the stupidest advice ever. I don't know everything about myself. I sure as Hell am not going to try and learn everything about my characters. (Note: I do make short laundry lists of my characters inclduing stuff like age, height, eye color, etc. But this is only for stuff like ANI which I write in spurts and over long periods of time. Then they these things prevent me from doing something stupid like, say, changing someone's eye color because I forgot what I said it was). And in the end, it doesn't address underlying problem. Which is that some people refuse to let go of the fact that they are not their characters.

No matter what the situation, no matter how weird the circumstances or strange the encounter, no matter what happens if your characters need to react to it like normal people would. they need to scream, to cry, to wet their pants, to laugh hysterically, to feel pain, to feel joy, to feel regret, to feel love. They need to be human.

So how should you accomplish that? Look at the people around you. Study humanity. Watch how people talk, how they interact, how they act. Write things down, take notes. And use them on your own characters. Most good writers will tell you that they people in their head start off as based on someone they know. It might change and evolve, but at the core it's still that person.

And despite what some people will tell you, to fix the problem your main characters does not need to be sympathetic. What they need to be is real.

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On Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 04:09 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Discussion in the #AR channel (which I frequent) brought up conspiracy theories, specificlly that astronauts never walked on the moon. Kemmy found this webpage which debunks most of the points. Sadly enough, I remember that show. I remember the side saying we never went making some good points. But I also remember being really unimpressed with them showing only one side. Bah, talk about sensationalistic TV at it's worse.

In other news, is FF.Net always so flaky about being up and down? It seems to be going down a lot lately. Of course, I usually don't check it that much. But with all the stories I've been putting up lately, I've been kind of anxious to see what's getting hits and reviews. When I last did it, I was getting something like 41 hits for every review. Which is kind of pathetic. I think. I wonder what the average is? But I know it's shifting as I put new stories up.

Might actually reformat and put up some of my older GW stuff. Because Fortunecities is slowly driving me insane. One pop-up ad per page is bad enough. Multiple pop-up ads and ones that MOVE drive me up the wall. I am definitely taking my GW stuff off Fortunecities and moving it to as soon as I have time (translation: July).

Boy, the number of times people post to their LJ's and pitas pages is dropping wildly. I wonder if this is because the novelty is beginning to wear thin or if people over the summer have access to the web through a slower connection? Or maybe they don't have access to the web at all? I know I was in that boat for the longest time when I went home for the summer. No internet connection. I love my apartment.

On a random note, I think it is highly unfair that Discovery Channel show Great Chefs preparing such things as bread pudding. Because there's no way I'll ever be able to afford to go to a resteraunt that serves anything they make. And dangit, I don't even like bread pudding! But now I crave it. Mmmmm.... the kind he's making has bananas in it.


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On Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at 07:42 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Two new stories up on FF.Net. Both Digimon stories. Everyone Hurts, which was written in about 45 minutes tops. And a story I co-authored with Miome called Twisted Cage which is rated R.

You know, if I finish two more fics in the next month (a distinct possibility) I'll have set a record for myself. I'm usually never this quick. ^_^

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On Tuesday, June 11, 2002 at 03:16 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

A day in the life of a rock
(because rocks are interesting to)

By Tsaiko

NOTE: Keep in mind that a day to a rock is counted in terms of millions of years

Our story begins with a single peice of quartz. Now this peice of quartz lived deep in the earth, where there was nothing like water or air to make it form quickly. Which was fine by the quartz. Because quartz likes nothing more than to cool slowly, and make neat pointy prisms out of itself. Which really hurt if you are the geologist unfortunate enough to step on them, but that's another story. So out quartz piece was cooling slowly. "I'll be huge!" thought the quartz crystal. "I'll be the biggest crystal there is!" For this was the peice of quartz's dearest dream.

For awhile it looked like the quartz would achieve his dream. Becuase this particular piece of quartz lived in the country of Batholith which believed in letting it's crystals take as long as they wanted to (not like some countries *cough**cough*Lava*cough**cough* which required their crystals to form as quick as possible). Even more important, he lived in the city of Pegmatite. Pegmatite was the most free thinking of all the Granite states and so allowed it's members all the freedom they wanted.

Or so it seemed.

What are little piece of qartz hadn't counted on was it's neighbors. Before to long it found it's space bounded on all sides by the Feldspars. Much later our piece of quartz was to find out that the Feldspars were actually part sof two sepearte branches: Orthoclase and Plagioclase. But that's irrelavent. What is relavent is that our once free little piece of quatrz was not forced to conform to a most unnatural shape. But such is the price of growing older.

As the quartz sat around he began to notice something strange. It seemed the entire neighborhood was oving, being shoved upwards. Also one by one the Feldspars began to leave. The quartz grain tried to take advantage of this space, but found he could no longer grow. All he could do was sit. And sit. And sit. Soon all the Feldspars had gone (and good riddance, thought the quartz) leaving only a pile of other quartz to sit around haphazardly. But eventually the quartz decided that this just place wasn't the kind of place he wanted to be in. After all, the neighborhood had gone down recently. Time to find a new place to live.

So our piece of quartz began his long journey to the sea. He rolled and he bounced down the hill. This chipped away all the rough edges, broke away all of his flaws. Finally, after a heavy rain, the quartz was moved into a mountain stream. He was on one of the major highways to the coast. The water wore little bits of him away, until he was nice and smooth and round. Almost... perfect

The piece of quartz found he liked the river, one he got past all those nasty rapids. It was broad and smooth. The sound was soothing. So instead of going to the sea, our piece of quartz decided to become part of the river. Besides, if he stayed here, he was surrounded by all the other pieces of quartz: some big and jagged, some small and flat, and some winnowed away to just tiny grains of sand. The quartz found he liked all the company.

The quartz got his wish. One day a huge flood came through the river. All the sond was swept away, which saddened the quartz pebble. But as soon as the rushing waters stilled, lots of sand came to take the former grains place. In fact, so many grains came that they buried the quartz seperating him from the rushing water. There the quartz grain has slept to this very day.

Don't mind me... I'm being weird.

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On Monday, June 10, 2002 at 03:32 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

I really, really hope someone with a Digital Camera gets a picture of this. One the corner of Hillsborough and Dan Allen of NCSU campus, there's is a cross walk sign. It's one of those little ones with a man walking, then counts down how long before the light changes, and then blinks stop. Only part of the number's is stuck lit up. So when the little man comes up indicating you should walk, it looks like he's holding a red lightsaber. I want a picture of this. This is one of those rare, stupid things that just screams "PUT ME UP ON THE INTERNET!"

I don't have a digital camera -_-;;

Short enty again for me today. I had a longer entry planned out, but I've been writing pretty good on other things and don't feel like doing a longer entry. Though I must ask, is Twig's entries not showing up for anyone else? Is she in the middle of archiving them? Because no words have been appearing all day long. Must... have... Twig... fix...

And speaking of Twig, and eating Twig brain crispies like the people at the Great Conjunction have in the past, I present twigs (you'll need to scroll towards the bottom to see them). "Koeda great tasting crispy 'twigs' of chocolate for everyone who wants a quick & light treat." Mmmmmm... crispy...

And now, I go to once again TRY AND GET FF.NET TO LOAD SO I CAN PUT MY FANFIC UP. Thank you.

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On Monday, June 10, 2002 at 08:39 a.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

To my piece of crap computer:

This is the "tab key". See it right here on my keyboard? It is labeled Tab with to funky little arrows on it. When I hit the "tab key" you are supposed to move from one little block in the database to the next little block in the database. You are NOT supposed to switch from one window to another. You have never done this before. I fail to see the point of you doing it now.


PS- See this key? The one marked Enter? When I hit it, the cursor is supposed to move down a line. You are not supposed to just sit there like a $1,000 paperweight. Just thought I'd clear that up for you.

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On Sunday, June 9, 2002 at 03:05 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Well, so much for that idea.

I posted a question/rant to one of the mailing lists I was on. I had hoped that it would spark some discussion. Maybe me even trigger some fic ideas in me or others. Because what I pointed out in the Digimon series really bothers me. Instead, I got a short, curt reply basically dismissing my thoughts. Then someone agreeing with said short reply. I can't help be feel like I've inadvertantly stepped on someone's toes. I can't imagine how. Maybe my slight humor towards the subject was not appreciated. Or something...

I feel bad about it but... oh well. I'll wait until tomorrow and if those two are the only responses I generate, I shall apologize and stick to fanfics. Because while the list is primarily for fanfics, it was my impression that other things were allowed and discussed. Especially if they might lead to more fanfics. Sigh. Note to self: Only send fanfics to this list. And since at least one of the Digimon ones I'm working on deals with similar issues to what I brought up on the list, I can expect criticism.


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On Friday, June 7, 2002 at 02:06 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Why is it that you always lose the remote just as the absolute worse thing on TV comes on the channel you were watching? Because right now an old Elvis movie has just come on VH-1 (movies that rock, my ass) and the remote is AWOL. Of course, while looking for the second remote I find the first remote. We lost the first remote in are old apartment. I now know that it was wedged in the chair. And I do mean wedged. As in, I had to wrap both hands around the sucker and yank. When it finally did come out, I landed two feet away on my butt. The first remote has no batteries. So I had to go to the TV to change the channel.

As soon as I did that, I found the remote that works. Figures. -_-

I love the cow. It's so cute. Makes me want to do a layout with them. Dance of the Hours: Prancing Cow layout. And I don't think they should sell the cows either. Personally, I think the cows should go to a special exhibit in a zoo. Preferably the Central Park Zoo if they can take them. Set up a special exihibit with the cows dedicated to the victims of 9/11. Let their calves and their grand-calves forever remain in the hearts of New Yorkers as a reminder of the gereousity of those around the world. If we can line the streets of Washington with the living gifts of the Japanese (aka the cherry trees), then we can certainly do it with this gift.

Why am I suddenly so much taller? What's this? A soapbox? Why am I on this soap box all of sudden? Better get off...

Thorne, I'm glad I made your day a little brighter. As for the killing this kids... trust me, if they're anything like me up until I was 14, they don't need your help. I agree with my mother. I'm amazed I've made it this far. Heck, I'm amazed that it took me nine years to break my first (and only, thank goodness) bones. Only took me six months to get my first set of stitches. I was and am a very accident prone person. For example, I managed to get myself stabbed today by a yucca plant. No wonder South Western Indians used those things as needles. Ouch.

I have to say, there is nothing on at 2:30 in the afternoon. Which is sad. Because I remember that this use to be prime cartoon time. Now.. nothing. Where have all the afternoon cartoons gone? This is sad.

Now, I'm going to go practice my drawing. Because lord knows, I'm out of practice. Then I need to get a scanner and scan these and other pictures. Of course, it would help if I wasn't going to lose my job at the end of the month. Oh well. No birthday coming up. No major holidays. Sigh. That's okay. I'll convince my family to get me one around Christams time. Then you'll get flooded by my art. WHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Note to self: All you have to do it type up the Digimon fic, Tsaiko. So make sure you do it sometime this weekend.

Until later

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On Thursday, June 6, 2002 at 06:56 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

Strangely enough, I make a pretty good South Park character. No really. I really look like this picture: (careful, it's a geocities link so you may need to cut and paste). The link of the day is the URL to the place where you to can become a South Park character.

Isn't it odd how something just imediately remind you of people? I saw this link to a yaoi Zax/Cloud doujinshi (WARNING! GRAPHIC!) and I instantly thought of Thorne. I can't imagine why... ^_^. But I must say this... Cloud is awefully prettyin this DJ.

Twig, I can honestly say I never thought that Brendan would be the uke. In fact, the thought of him as such nearly broke my roomie's. Honestly, your words nearly broke my mind, but that's because I read them in such a way that I thought Petra and Sebastion were getting together. With Sebastion as the seme. Lord... the mental images -_-.

But it makes sense in a strange way that Brendan would be the uke. Because I have the feeling that if you left advancement of the relationship up to Brendan, poor Sebastion would be celibate for the rest of his life. And that would just be cruel to the poor bishounen. *Imagines Sebastion in a corner rocking slowly back and forth whilre quietly repeating* "All work and no sex makes Sebastion a dull boy. All work and no sex makes Sebastion a dull boy." Besides, Sebastion has more... um... experience than Brendan does. It might be for the best that he's on top.

No mind, you may not write a lemon between those two if she doesn't. Yes, I know you could do it. No, I don't care.

I was supposed to do another post yesterday, wasn't I? I was supposed to talk about my vacation at some point, wasn't I? Oh well. I don't feel like. In fact, I feel like ending this entry right now.

Good night all.

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On Wednesday, June 5, 2002 at 12:37 p.m. Tsaiko was slowly going insane. This is why:

So I'm not dead. I've been on vacation. Which I realize, I forgot to mention in my last post. Tsaiko no baka. Short post. I'll do a more extensive on later (like, when I get off from my job. At 3:00. I could really, really get use to this). Just wanted to quickly comment on one thing, and then relate an amusing story about my co-workers.

Leareth I'm glad I'm not the only one bothered by the "-sama" ending being added to my name. I am not now, nor will I ever be, someone's -sama. Heck, I wouldn't even let my students back when I was a TA for Geology Lab call me Ms. anything. I told them you can call me by my first name, my last name, or TA. I'd even respond to "Hey you!" or "excuse me?" I was always brought up to be respectful to older people or people of importance. I don't classify myself as either, and feel vaguely uncomfortable that others do.

So I come back into work today and start playing catch up. Suddenly, I hear a phone ringing. I go and look. It appears that the fax machine, instead of receiving the fax, has been switched to the phone option. I start looking to see if I can switch it back (the manual for this thing was lost long ago). Suddenly, my manager and a co-worker appear. It seems that this has been happening the entire time I was gone. The co-worker informs me that wehn it rings, they've been picking it up but instead of a person all they've heard on the other end is a beep. -_-;;

The office manager then tries pushing random buttons. Then she looks for the manual. I tell her I'll call someone and have them look at it because the manual is missing. My co-worker informs me that someone from upstairs was messing with it and randomly pushing buttons because they didn't think it was working on Monday and I wasn't here to explain it to them. So after awhile it starts ringing again. I look at it some more, then hit one button. TADAH! Fax machine fixed.

These people are going to be in so much trouble when I leave.

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